Sarah S.


I breed goldendoodles and poodles. Raising these breeds usually means dealing with yeast issues (especially the ears) and skin sensitivities. I feed Earthborn Holistic, Great Plains Feast and I have not had one single yeast issue or skin problem! What's even better is they LOVE it! I really like the "all life stage" aspect of it as well because I no longer have to switch foods between puppies and adults. The real "cherry-on-top" is that the bags are 100% recyclable! Top notch all the way around! We love it!

Mary M.

Nyhree has been eating your Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch since a pup. She's happy super healthy, with bright clear eyes, pink skin and clean ears. She's busy every day swimming, walking, playing ball and sticky. and I can say at eight years acts like a pup. I've told others and they've been using the food and are extremely happy with the results. I'll continue feeding and recommending your food. You are the only company to express interest in our planet...thanks for the very small recyclable bag and the UPC's for trees, I've sent them for 8 years!!! Again great food and company.

Deb K.

Tampa Bay, FL

Toby loves your cat food (Catalina Catch). He will sit by his bowl after finishing the amount given him, until we add a little more. This is one happy cat. He's a Catalina Catch Cat

Mary Anne A.


Earthborn has made such a difference for my two dogs. They are actually eating and enjoying it,not leaving even a morsel in their dishes, which is highly unusual for these two. Their energy level has increased, and I am grateful to provide them good, healthy nutrition. Thank you for providing an excellent food product for the pets we love and share our lives.

Lynette B.


I just want to thank you for a great dog food, I have three Rottweilers all of which are very athletic. Rottweilers tend to have food allergies but I have never had any allergy issues with your food. They maintain great muscle tone and their energy remains high during competition. I recently had a litter of puppies and they were raised on Earthborn Holistic and looked beautiful with their shinny coats and muscle tone. Dexter is a dock jumping dog and is very competitive as a Rottweiler, he is one of the furthest jumping Rottweilers at 19'3" and the highest jumping Rottweiler at 6'3" however I know he can jump higher. Thanks for a great food.

William R.

Surprise, AZ

Our Mini Schanuzer FRITZ has been on your High Quality kibble for over 4 years. Always cleans his bowl never any problems, He will be 5 years old on New Years Eve 12/31/16. We believe in buying the best dog food available, Earthborn is the BEST !!!!!

Michelle D.


We have three German Shepherds ranging from 4years old to 3months old, two males and now a female who is the baby. My 2 yr old Teddy had issues with skin and bowel on many, many brands of food including taking probiotics to help. We slowly switched him over to Earthborn Holistic Costal Catch and are amazed at how well Teddy is doing. No more skin issues or bowel problems and off probiotics too. We have all three on Earthborn and they LOVE IT!! Teddy's coat is so silky and shiny now and the Vet couldn't get over how beautiful my puppy's coat is. They are all healthy and at a perfect weight with no inflammation of hips. Yay!!!!! Please keep the coupons coming and we will keep buying, Oh and love how environmental safe your company is.

Joy B.


Hi. Just wanted to thank you for making such a fantastic food. My cats LOVE it. I first switched to the Primitive Feline dry food and they were in Heaven. My male cat Pepe has tummy issues and must have grain free foods. I switched him to your wet food as well, Harbor Harvest, and I kid you not, he now begs for his food. Here is a link to prove it :-) I soon will switch my female cat Penelope as well as soon as I finish up with my stockpile of her food. Thanks again, Sincerely, Joy B.

Joanne R.


I have a year old female German Shepard that had an awful itching and vomiting problem. I switched her to Earthborn Holistic and couldn't be happier. Itching and vomiting has stopped. Her coat is now shiny. She is very active so it's hard to get weight on her. Very, very good food.

Jamie S.


My dog was diagnosed with Urinary Incontinenceā€Ž at a little over one year old. She was put on medicine that helped the problem; we were concerned that she was so young. A family member in veterinarian school recommended a seafood diet. After the switch to Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch - grain free her problem went away and she no longer needed medication. With my story most of my dog owner friends have switched over to your food too. Thank-you! - Jamie & Bella (black lab)

Catherine H.


THANK YOU! My local pet store, Chaps Feed Store in Livonia MI now has a recycling box for your dog/cat food bags. I know they are short on space but so glad I don't have to throw away my monthly 28lb bags!

Andrew R.


I am very impressed with your dog food! I have never had a food affect so many different factors in my dogs health. Their skin is healthy, coat shines, their teeth are shiny and build up free and their overall health is wonderful. My female struggled as a pup due to grain allergies and since we switched her to Earthborn, we have had no issues. I would highly recommend the Primitive Natural to all dog owners. In fact, We have began our recent litter of pups on Earthborn!

Tony A


Just wanted to let you know i bought my first bag of earthborn dog food today. My two dogs are very picky about what they eat and i have tried many and i do mean many products. Today i brought home the bag of Earthborn Holistic and they were grabbing mouthfuls as i was pouring it into the dog food storage container. After I closed the lid they were scratching at it wanting that food. At dinner time tonight they both ate every drop of food in their bowls. Just want to say thank you for making such a great product.

Lucy J.

Of course, EARTHBORN is the best! My two very, very large Standard poodles, Ziggy age 11 months and Mr. Beau J' Angles eat nothing else. Your wet dog food is very much enjoyed by both as well. Thank you from the Zig and the Beau for making a superb product!!! Sincerely, Andrea Alex Jeans, and poodle kids

Kayla M.


I had gotten a new cat and was looking for a food that was grain free and natural that I could feed both of my cats. My one cat has a grain allergy so I had to find a great food that was grain free. My new cat had been fed another brand and had horrible dandruff and had dental disease so he needed a high quality food that had smaller pieces so he could eat it easier. The Wild Sea Catch is perfect for both of my boys. Its grain free has small pieces and the fish helps their coats. Emmett and soft kitty love earthborn holistic cat food.

Roberta S.


I adopted my 6 year old pitbull Alice several years ago. She had been abused, starved and unloved. It took a while to get her healthy again but she is the sweetest thing. However no matter what I tried she continued to have severe skin and ear infection problems. One day my local holistic dog food retailer suggested Earthborn Holistic dog food. We've been using it 6 months now and she is a new dog. Thank you for a wonderful product



Love Earthborn for my dogs. My Tyson had allergy issues and horrible nails that were always breaking and splitting. Now he is happy and healthy boy.



Love Earthborn Holistic for my dogs. Helped my Tyson who is a pitbull. He had allergy issues and bad nails. Now he is happy and healthy. Thank you!

Jan E.


Good morning. I have been purchasing your Chicken Meal dog biscuit treats for my older Mini Schnauzer ever since I saw them at my local store. Pasha truly enjoys them and they are perfect for a schnauzer's finicky digestive system. But your marvelous treats have an additional benefit in our house ever since Pasha went blind. As an adjustment aid, I use broken pieces of the treats to mark safe pathways around the house. He's doing very well these days...and so I thank you so very much!!

Inti W.


I have tried many of the top grain-free brands and Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural has been the best food for my dog. Just wanted to show my appreciation and let you know how great your food is. Thank you.