Dwight’s Switch to Earthborn Holistic

Sometimes switching to the right food makes all the difference. Learn more about one of our cat food lovers, Dwight, and how pet parent Kristen made the successful switch to Earthborn after a long road of trying to manage Dwight’s health.

Before the Switch

My cat Dwight was a rescue kitten that was found by a friend abandoned by his mother under a car in a busy part of town. Once I saw him I knew he was mine. He has always been a momma’s boy and has a huge personality so you always know what he’s thinking, and he’s quick to give you a look if he doesn’t like something. 

One day when he was about five years old we noticed he was acting strange and trying to get us to follow him into the bathroom, he jumped into the bathtub and proceeded to strain while urinating, we noticed his urine was mostly blood. Immediately we rushed him to the ER, where we found out that he was severely blocked with urinary crystals, which is common with male cats. 

Luckily it wasn’t too late, and thanks to his connection with us and for how he communicated his pain the veterinarian was able to get him back to his healthy self and prescribed him a Urinary Tract diet food.

Not realizing how important nutrition was to animals, we previously fed him conventional (mostly dry) cat food all of his life prior to the prescription food and we didn’t pay any attention to the ingredients in either product.

A little after a year of Dwight on his diet of urinary tract prescription food he, once again, had to be rushed to the emergency room where they found he was blocked for a second time. This is when we decided to do our own research. I have to add that I am not a veterinarian and I’m not suggesting that this will work for you, this is just what I found works in our case and has helped to prevent him from getting any new urinary crystals.

A black and white cat looks into a basket filled with Earthborn Holistic Moist Pouch cat food

We finally decided to do some investigation into the ingredients in the food we were feeding him. We were shocked by the sheer number of ingredients in it that we’d never even heard of. We were left wondering why we were feeding him a food for so long with the first ingredients being “chicken by-product,” corn, and wheat gluten. 

Since cats originated from desert climates, they primarily get water intake from their food. Looking deeper into the urinary tract food we found the only difference between that and conventional food is more added sodium so they drink more water. Realizing the common denominator was just more water intake, we decided to switch from mostly dry to almost all wet food with small amounts of added water, although we still give him a little dry food everyday to maintain dental health and to keep him feeling satisfied longer, and again always keep fresh water available to your pets. 

The Switch

With this new knowledge we only wanted to feed him high quality food with ingredients we recognized with real meat being the first ingredient. We headed to our local pet supply store and spent way too long reading every ingredient in every food. We tried a bunch of new foods, none of which he seemed to really enjoy. 

When we were frustrated and ready to look at another approach, we found Earthborn Holistic and bought him some of their different flavored cans and pouches. We loved the ingredients in them, the fact that they’ve never had a recall, and that they are environmentally conscious. Upon arriving home to an eager and hungry Dwight, we were excited to try out his new food. 

The second we opened the can, he was hooked more than any other food he’s ever eaten. Now we’ve tried every single flavor in the wet and dry line and there’s not a single flavor he doesn’t enjoy. His all time favorite though is the Mackerel Dinner with Shrimp in Gravy

A black and white cat sitting in a front of a table with Earthborn Holistic cat food surrounding the table

After the Switch

He’s now been eating nothing but Earthborn Holistic wet food (with a tablespoon of added water mixed in) for 3 years as his main meals, and gets a little bit of their dry food daily as well. He hasn’t had a blockage since we made the switch, and has been so much happier and more playful. 

If you want only the best for your pets and their health like we do and want to feed them food with ingredients that they were designed to be eating, the switch to Earthborn Holistic is an easy choice!

While Kristen is not a vet, we always recommend talking to your own vet about any medical conditions your pet may have before switching their food. If you and your vet decide that Earthborn may be a good choice for your cat, you can find a retailer here or send us a message if you need a little more help with your decision.