Moist Food: The Cherry on Top Your Pet’s Dinner

If you’re someone who thinks plain kibble might be boring for your pet, you’re not alone. While kibble is a nutritional option for your cat or dog, it’s easy to wonder if your pet would like to switch it up a little sometimes.

Luckily, there’s an easy solution to ending food boredom: moist food! With wet dog food or wet cat food and multiple ways to use both, it’s easy to give your pet’s meals an occasional kick and keep them coming back for more.

Whole Meal

One way that you can feed moist food is probably the most obvious and it’s feeding it as your dog or cat’s whole meal. In most cases (and in all cases with Earthborn Holistic), wet food is made complete and balanced which means it’s adequate enough to be fed as your pet’s sole nourishment and that the food gives your dog or cat all of the nutrients it needs (if you’re curious about how to tell whether or not your pet’s food is complete and balanced, you can read this blog post about how to read a pet food label for more detailed information).


If you’re not wanting to switch from kibble entirely, you can also feed moist food as a topper. To do this, pair it with your pet’s favorite kibble and simply put some of the moist food on top of the kibble. 

A main advantage to using wet food as a topper (or, to be discussed next, mixers) is the increased palatability it adds to your pet’s food. If you have a picky pet who sometimes just doesn’t feel like eating, it might be worth a try to incorporate moist food into their meals every once in a while to mix it up a little and get them excited about dinner time.

A tan cat stands over a variety of Earthborn Holistic Canned Cat Food and Moist PouchesA tan cat stands over a variety of Earthborn Holistic Canned Cat Food and Moist Pouches


Using moist food as a mixer is very similar to the idea of using as a topper, but in this case you actually mix the moist food into the kibble. If your picky pet still isn’t eating all of their food with moist food as a topper, mixing it all together may help your cat or dog to eat more of it if it’s covered in the moist food.

Frozen Treat

Another fun way to switch it up for your pet without making a commitment to switching their food entirely is to make frozen treats out of wet food. To do this, find an ice cube tray or mold, pour or scoop some of the food into the tray, and then freeze for a few hours before serving to your pet. 

We have a tried and true method using our cat moist pouches, but the general idea works the same with wet dog food or our canned cat food as well.

Depending on the size of your mold, you can make quite a few treats to last you a while! This also allows you to switch up flavors more often to really make your pet think you’re treating them to something different.

A mini Australian Aussie standing in the mountains licks out of a Earthborn Holistic Moist Tub dog food with hiking gear in the background

Earthborn Holistic Solutions

Now that we’ve talked all about moist food, you’re probably wondering where you can find some! Lucky for you, we’ve got several varieties of solutions for your pet’s moist food cravings.

K95 for Dogs

Our K95 cans are great options for dogs with allergies to specific proteins, as all five of these recipes are made with single proteins that make up 95% of the recipe. They come in five grain-free flavors (Beef, Turkey, Duck, Chicken, and Lamb) and also contain healthy vegetables, vitamins, and minerals to keep your pup in top shape. 

Moist Tub Dinners for Dogs

If you’re looking for a more travel-friendly option, our moist tub recipes are a great option. Each of the five grain-free recipes come in a resealable tub that’s perfect for packing along on a hike or road trip with your dog. 

Canned Dinners for Cats

For the picky kitties, we have seven canned dinner options with proteins ranging from tuna to salmon to chicken to beef–a flavor for every taste bud. Each can is also packed with fruits, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals to make sure your cat is getting ultimate nutrition. 

Moist Pouches for Cats

Last but not least, we also offer six different moist pouch recipes for cats. These pouches are grain-free and come in flavors with pumpkin, chicken, mackerel, and more all mixed together in tasty gravy. 

A white cat stands next to a bowl of kibble while her owner's hand pours an Earthborn Holistic Moist Cat Food Pouch into the bowl as a topper

Dinner Time!

Whether you’re switching to moist food entirely or just wanting to switch it up a little, wet dog and cat food are the perfect addition to your pet’s diet. From cans to tubs to pouches, there’s so many options to choose from that your pet is sure to love.

Sold? Find an Earthborn Holistic retailer near you to pick up your pet’s new favorite treat!