Protecting Our Resources

Land and water conservation is vital to the preservation and overall health of our environment.

Land conservation protects habitats, forests, and natural landmarks and affects the quality of the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. With a constantly growing civilization, development into new areas is necessary; it is unnecessary development that is causing problems.

Water conservation may not sound important, since water covers 70% of the earth. But the majority of the earth’s water is saltwater, which is unusable for humans. Fresh water accounts for only 3% of the planet’s water, and the vast majority of that is frozen as glaciers and ice caps or is located under the ground we walk on. That leaves rivers, lakes, and annual rainfall to provide water for the world’s more than 6.7 billion people—making water conservation extremely important.

Find out what others are doing and what you can do to protect our planet’s land and water.

The Nature Conservancy

Use this carbon calculator to find out your impact on the environment; find out how the Nature Conservancy is working to preserve plants, animals, and natural communities all over the world

Conservation International

This organization works to maintain earth’s natural heritage by focusing on climate change, forests, specific species, communities, land use, oceans, fresh water, and ecotourism

Land Trust Alliance

Focused on land conservation in the U.S., the Land Trust Alliance is focused on efforts to increase the pace, quality, and permanence of conservation and to change the way land is developed in America

Conservation Fund

With its partners, the Conservation Fund conserves land, trains leaders, and invests in conservation; since 1985, it has helped protect more than 6 million acres

Water Use It Wisely Campaign

Learn more than 100 ways you can conserve water; includes links and resources for more information on water conservation

H2ouse Water Saver Home

This water conservation website from the California Urban Water Conservation Council offers a water calculator, garden guide, and tips for how you can conserve water at home

U.S. Geological Survey

Information on the earth’s water supply and how it is allocated, giving a better idea of why water conservation is necessary