Jan S.

Hudson, MI

I believe wholeheartedly in what you are doing on giving back and sustainability. My animals eat lots of your dog and cat food. I have collected lots of UPCs over the years, almost enough for a forest!!! Happy planting!! Our earth needs the trees.

Audrey F.

Westbury, NY

I love your cat formulas. I have had all 4 of my cats on it for some time now and it pretty much cured my 18 year old cat's diabetes. I know carbs are not good for pets and yours are the lowest carbs on the market. This is what cured my cat. I love Earthborn and tell everyone about it. I always recommend this product. THANK YOU!

Hayley G.

Today we took our American Bulldog, Petey, to a Woofstock event for the local shelter. While we were there someone stopped us and asked what we fed him because his coat looked amazing! Of course we told her that we feed him Earthborn Holistic. Since switching from another brand foods he has had no issues with hot spots or losing fur, has maintained a healthy weight, and his hip displysia has gotten so much better. He can actually run and bounce around like a pup again. He's a whole different dog. We will never go back!

Paula S.

Alma, MI

Hi, I just found out about your product today and went to the local pet supply store to check it out. I bought the Puppy Vantage formula and tested it out on my puppy. He likes it. So, I am getting rid of the other brand I started him on and am going back to get him the Earthborn Holistic treats tomorrow. I also like the idea that the UPC's/bag can be turned in to help plant trees and recycle! Just wanted you to know that my puppy and I are "happy campers" with your products. Thank you.

Courtney W.

Windsor, PA

I wanted to reach out to you and let you know how happy I am to have found Earthborn Holistic pet food. We have 3 dogs and 3 cats ranging from 1-8 years old on your grain free formulas. They have all experienced more energy, healthy weight loss, clearer skin, and shiny coats. Our oldest dog in particular has done a 180! He was diagnosed back in 2014 with mast cell cancer. He had a tumor removed from his rear end, and hasn't really been the playful pup he once was ever since. Once we started everyone on Earthborn Holistic's grain free, I noticed an immediate change. He's more up beat and he actually plays again! He also has hyperkeratosis on his nose which I'm noticing is slowly clearing up the longer he's on this diet. He actually salivates while I'm filling the bowls. I couldn't ask for a better food for my pets and I'm so appreciative of your company and the earth friendly approach you take to running your business.

Carrie C.

My boy Ryder is fed Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast. He has a healthy, shiny coat and is full of energy. He is currently in the AKC conformation show ring. Thank you Earthborn.

Tracey S.

Just wanted to show you how good my foster "fail" is now. We got her looking great by feeding Earthborn. I also have my two working dogs on Eartborn as well. Wyatt Earp competes in frisbee and Josie Earp dock dives. Thanks so much. They love to eat and their coats show how good they look.

Linda H.

I have been a pet groomer for over 35 years and have seen a lot of dog foods come and go. I started using Earthborn Holistic dog food when my Shih Tzu Stewart had some health issues and my rough collie Flynn had stomach issues. Earthborn was recommended to me buy a client; now I'm recommending Earthborn Holistic to MY clients. I'm a Mobile Groomer so I do not have room to sell Earthborn but I will still recommended it to my clientele. Thank you for helping me keep my pets and my client's pets happy and healthy. Linda of the Clip N Go mobile pet grooming

Pam C.

Noblesville, IN

We tried Earthborn because I heard it was great for dogs with allergies and I just wanted to let you all know how much we love this dog food. My daughter has a shepherd (Sheba) that lives with us because she can't have it where she lives and Sheba had ALOT of allergies and we have tried ALOT of different dog foods and found none that would help her until we tried Earthborn Holistic. She can only eat certain things so we only feed her Coastal Catch. She is a happier dog now! We love that we can return the bags to the pet store and help the environment at the same time. So, Thank you! from Sheba and her pet owners.

Jennifer P.

Belleville, MI

Hello! I just wanted to thank you for making Great Plains Feast food. I have a pug named Jake that is turning 9 years old on May 16. Since the end of last year he's been experiencing problems with his anal glands not draining properly. His vet told me to change his food to a holistic diet. I have a life threatening allergy to any sort product containing fish and seafood products. I did a lot of research and came across your product. I purchased it and he loves it! It's helping recondition his anal glands, his coat feels like when he was a puppy and he seems to have a lot more energy. I even switched his treats to the peanut butter and chicken treats that you make at that time too. So he only eats your products and it has changed his life!! We just want to say thank you!!!

Mike J.

Went to Tractor Supply 2 weeks ago and a gentleman introduced us to Earthborn Holistic Dog Food..Absolutely love this product. Our pup gained 10 lbs. in 2 weeks - even the Vets were in shock..kuddos to you and your team for making an excellent product.

Jack B.

Grand Haven, MI

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your products. I use the salmon Coastal Catch formula. I have a German female Rottweiler and have been feeding it to her since she was a puppy. She is now 4 years old. Her coat is very shiny and a great show dog. I tell everyone about your food. Thanks.


Colorado Springs, CO

I have two cats who have officially fallen in love with your Chicken Catcciatori. One is a grey/white tabby - almost 7 years old. She was either born with one kidney or somehow lost one early on in her life. Either way she has had a sensitive stomach ever since. Nothing, NOTHING can go in her that she doesn't throw up. And these aren't hair balls. She has thrown up dry and canned food nearly all her life. I feed both of them another leading dry cat food now. That seems to be working. I had not been satisfied with any canned food products from my local pet store. A friend told me about Natural Grocer's here in Colorado Springs. I tried a few different brands (keeping her dry food the same) of the canned food. She threw up. They were pate' so no need to cut them up. Still she threw up. Then I tried Earthborn Holistic Chicken Catcciatori. She has not thrown up. Wow! Her fur is luxurious. It may cost a bit more, but I'd rather pay for something of quality and see her actually keep it down, than pay less and watch her throw up all the time. If Earthborn Holistic makes dry cat food, I might be persuaded to try it. So far I've not seen it. Thank you to all involved in the process of this food. I just wanted to stop and thank you for this food. These animals mean so much to me. Being able to keep them fit, happy, loving and playful has been a challenge. Maybe now she can keep more in her than on the floor. ~ Thank you so much.

Tiffany H.

Good afternoon..I wanted to share our story and how Earthnorn Holistic has been the nutrition answer for my "extremely sensative" pet. MY GSD, Piper has been a giant puzzle since she was 9 months old. We have tried 4 different foods trying to find something that would reduce her itching and help with her terrible hair loss. Last fall Piper almost died from a reaction to immunizations. At that time she was on a fish and pea food and while she was recovering, her hair growth did begin to improve and itching began to decrease. However, after she was released from Vet care for this issue her itching and hair loss resumed. This lead to mama to continue searching for something to help our 4 year old. We had fought too hard to save her not to find food she could eat. We tried numerous different foods (including a previous Vet recommended prescription diet). I was not happy with the cost; and there was no change in itching or hair loss). I spoke to our new Vet and several people who were specialists in pet food. I settled on Earthnorn Holistic Great Plains Feast. I could not be more pleased with the outcome. My girl is finally comfortable in her skin and in the 2 months since we started Earthnorn she has finally gotten hair back around her eyes and down her nose. Thank you Earthborn Holistic!!

Channing D.

Wilmington, NC

I have spent a long time trying to find a brand of dog food that I trust and am completely happy with. Over the last year I have been through multiple brands only to find that they have numerous recalls or are not a good fit for the health of my dog who gets frequent UTI's. I found Earthborn at a small independent pet store in Wilmington, NC and have been happy ever since. My dogs love Coastal Catch. I want to thank Earthborn for it's dedication to clean and affordable food and for their commitment to my furry family.

Teresa J.

Lisle, IL

Just wanted to tell you how much your UPC for trees means to me. Today I sent in 9 UPCs for 28 lb Weight Control bags which my 3 dogs love! I have big dogs and 2 bags a month is what I need to feed them. I am so glad a tree is planted for each one. They have been on this food for a few years now and with all the recalls out there I am so glad Earthborn is here! I hope there will be and another weight control flavor in the future? Again, thanks for all you do to keep my dogs healthy. One dog has lost at least 20 lbs already!

Erin S.

Mineral, VA

I just wanted to contact you this morning with how thankful I am with your products. I've been feeding both of my boxers Earthborn grain free kibbles (Meadow Feast is their fave!!!) One of my boxers has just turned 10 and we had a senior workup done at his vet's last week (bloodwork, checked his urine, etc.) And his tests all came back beautiful. Bloodwork results of a puppy!! I take great care in what i feed my dogs. This breed is prone to all kinds of health issues so I do what I can on my end to keep them healthy. I attribute a great deal of his perfect test results to feeding your good quality food. Thank you for creating a great food that I can feed to both of my furbabies in different stages of their lives. I'm truly thankful for you guys! Just wanted to let you guys know a senior boxer and his family in Virginia are very thankful.

Kelli S.

Cove, OR

I LOVE EARTHBORN HOLISTIC DOG FOOD!!!! Is what my Boxers would say if they could talk. I have been feeding your dog food kibble, wet food (on occasion) and the Earthborn Holistic dog treats from the day my local feed store began carrying the line. Let me just start by saying, I have yet to find a better quality food than Earthborn Holistic that provides all the health benefits for my Boxers that feeding your grain-free kibble and treats does as well as the company itself being very earth friendly and environmentally conscious as your company is. Leaving the smallest carbon footprint on the planet as possible is more important then most people realize and for a company to take such great strides as yours has is impressive and is a guiding factor in keeping me brand loyal and for me to encourage all my Boxer puppy buyers to continue feeding their new puppy the Earthborn Holistic line of products. I'd like to tell you how Earthborn Holistic helped me heal and rehabilitate a Boxer, named Rocky, I rescued from a violently abusive owner. The Earthborn Holistic food helped heal this boy inside out and he went from being 30 minutes away from euthanasia to a healthy adopted boy. I thought he was too far gone with internal injuries to survive. He couldn't eat without passing blood and needed a bowel resection which I was fundraising for him to have. Now he is a happy health boy and has been adopted to a new family for about 3 years now. It took me a whole year to get him to the point of being healthy enough to be adopted and I have to give EH a lot of the credit. We really did heal him on the inside.

Denise M.

We have been feeding Earthborn Holistic Large Breed to our German Shepherd for the last year. It was recommended by the Arctic German Shepherd Rescue where we got her. It is the only thing they feed their dogs after writing to you and getting the list of ingredients. Because we lived in Alaska at the time and it was hard to get up there I have to admit we did feed her another "quality brand" for a month or so. During the time we switched she developed allergies, and started pooping twice as much and eating her poop. We switched back to Earthborn, her allergies stopped, she stopped pooping as much and stopped eating her poop. And BONUS, she has nearly STOPPED SHEDDING! If you have ever had a German "Shedder" you know what a big thing that is. Her coat is shiny; I only brush her once a week even in the spring and I hardly have to sweep. I love Earthborn! It is definitely worth paying the extra money because it has saved me at least as much in vet bills and inconvenience. Thank you for making such a great product I can trust.

Amanda K.

Our cat has suffered from allergies for years. She's always been itchy, and has had hairloss on her belly and between her back legs. We've recently made the switch to Earthborn Holistic cat food, and honestly her hair is growing back and she's not itching nearly as much! And it's only been 3 weeks! Wish we would have started her on this sooner! Sincerest thanks, from one satisfied cat...and owner :)