Amy L.

Sutton, MA

I am writing to you to let me know how impressed I am with your dog food (Venture Rabbit Meal and Pumpking formula). Rather ironically, I stumbled on this dog food amid a tour (I am a journalist) of Pet Businesses...What's more remarkable is the fact that after switching from a leading competitive brand to Venture, Lincoln is no longer waiting by his dish all day long - constantly hungry. The protein ingredients are filling him - a highly active dog - just the way the Gibson Manager described the food's purpose...I believe this food is best for my dog, Lincoln.

Bryan D.

I switched my dog over to Venture a week ago due to food sensitivities. She loves it. No more avoiding her food, vomiting, diarrhea, or digestive upset. So far a great start to a 10 week elimination diet. Love that its a true Limited Ingredient Diet (unlike some with 10 main ingredients) and combines a novel protein with grain, rice or potato.

Pamela M.

Fort Piece, FL

I am SO grateful for the Venture line of dog food!!! I have a 14 year old Toy Poodle that has gotten very very persnickity the past few years. We have tried just about every brand of dog food known to man. Out of desperation when I was at Bark Avenue in Vero Beach the other day, I talked to the owner of the store about our dog's horrible eating habit. She went straight for the Venture brand food. She gave me all 5 or 6 different flavors, explained how to test "Gary" (our dog) to see which one(s) he would go for. I went home and did exactly as she said. He went right for the Turkey and Duck. The store owner also mentioned to keep him on a strict feeding time, with no more goodies from the table to supplement. I have been doing exactly as she said. No more dog goodies, just the Venture food. He LOVES it. I am so stunned over this revelation !! I am also so so grateful. You probably saved his life. I will not ever give him anything else!! I am totally sold. THANK YOU!!!

Sue J.

My extremely allergic and very picky girl Maggie just tried the new Venture Rabbit formula. She is back to being part of the clean plate club! She said it's lip smacking good!

Christopher D.

Switched from a leading competitor's brand to Earthborn Holistic Large Breed. My boys love it, lost few a pounds, and are more active. Much thanks! Best wishes & keep up the great work!

Kate G.

Charlotte, NC

Hi! I started feeding my 2 year old cat your Wild Sea Catch holistic cat food a few months ago, and I have seen such changes in her since! After I adopted her from the shelter I wanted to find some better quality food to switch her to, so I tried your brand. Since we changed over she is more active, her long haired coat is softer, and she walks around meowing when her bowl runs out (something she never did on her cheap food). Gwen is a much healthier, happier cat for it and I look forward to trying the Monterey Medley cans next!

Sharon F.

East Lyme, CT

My girl is on Earthborn Weight Control and loves it. Her coat is shiny.

Jamie G.

Wellington, FL

Hi! So happy I switched to your dog food.. my Bailey ❤️’s it so much! I tried your Venture Duck & Pumpkin, but he’s more crazy about your Meadow Feast! So...Meadow Feast it is... so glad I found your company…


Grace loves her Mother Earth...and her Earthborn Holistic kibble.

Patricia M.

San Jose, CA

Your food is the best. With so many pet foods on the market. We were thrilled to find a great one that the dogs and cats love. Thank you for a quality product and for being environmentally friendly, it means a lot. We use several bags a month (two Golden Retrievers and two feral cats), so the UPC for Trees program gets many labels a year. Your food is the best. With so many pet foods on the market, We were thrilled to find a great one that the dogs and cats love. Thank you for a quality product and for being environmentally friendly, it means a lot. We use several bags a month (two Golden Retrievers and two feral cats), so the UPC for Trees program gets many labels a year.

Carolyn W.

Update on my sweet Angel. It seems that God knows how much joy she brings to me! I went to Wet Pets after she seemed to be so ill knowing that ou vets were having Easter weekend. I asked God to please spare her as we need that little fur girl right now. I asked about vitamins or maybe some senior food. Somehow, during the time Ken and I were in Baylor Plano I missed some news stories about the food I thought was safe for my previous dogs. I read online some horror stories. My smart girls were no longer eating that "food" I had placed in their feeders in good faith. The reviews on your Venture proudct we've used for years are shining!! The lawsuits told the real story. Thank God I talked to the employees about how Angel was acting and she told me to read online about the product. In just 4 days on this wonderful new food and a vitamin gel, she's her old self. Gretchen is a tough old girl; it didn't affect her, but she's loving her new food! I recommend Venture!!! It has helped Angel immensely. I thought we were losing her. God is good all the time!

Drew M.

Washington, DC

7 UPCs coming your way that Caesar has been eating towards for years now!

Cheryl K.

Cheyene, TX

Thank you for upgrading your package design with a resealable version. Love it. My sweet furbaby, Toto, an Affenpinscher loves your Weight Control formula. I'm excited that I now have 3 UPC's to mail in and know a tree will be planted!

Shayna B.

Ephraim, UT

A little over two years ago, my husband and I brought home a new member of the family; a Boxer puppy we named Jersey. You see, my husband I don’t have children so we knew this dog was going to be our child. The breeder told us he feeds his Boxers a really cheap food from one of the big grocery store chains. Our baby needed something better then that. So we decided to feed her an expensive pet store food made specifically for Boxers. After a few months her system didn’t agree and at that point we switch to another “commercially famous” dog food. After about six months, Jersey got really sick. She couldn’t keep anything down and anything she did eat went straight through her. We were constantly calling and taking her to the vet. We ran test after test, and performed a stomach biopsy but nobody could find anything wrong with her. Guess they could figure is she is allergic to something. My husband and I knew that if we didn’t do something quick, our baby might die. We decided to switch food again, try something different and with no chicken at all. But a big majority of dog food and treats have chicken in them. We came across your Great Plains Feast food in our local Tractor Supply store and decided to give it a try. She has been on this food for over a year and I promise you, it has saved her life. She is a changed dog, healthy and happy. We are so grateful we found your product. Thank you for providing a quality dog food!

Daniela Z.

Houston, TX

I just wanted to write and say thank you for making such a great product! I feed my dogs the Weight Control food and they have actually started to lose weight! One of my dogs Waverly, is a very picky eater, but with your food she gives me no problems...Thank you so much for your time! Good day!

Kay K.

St. Peters, MO

I would like to tell you how absolutely pleased we are with your cat food! We recently got a year and a half old, Maine Coon male, retired show cat from a breeder. We brought him home and all went well with acclimating to his new home and the 2 year old Maine Coon 'sister' waiting for his company. Unfortunately the food I had been feeding, and have fed my cats for years, did not agree with him. At first I thought it was probably the stress of a new family and getting acclimated to the food, but after two months, the litter box problems were not subsiding and he seemed to be losing weight. I contacted his breeder for suggestions of a different food to try and she promptly told me Earthborn, also stating it was what she fed all her cats. I visited your website and located a recently opened holistic pet store in my area that carries Earthborn. I visited them the next day and purchased a few cans to try and the rest is history. Both of our cats LOVE this food and the male cat has actually gained weight and is starting to get a beautiful coat on him. I've also noticed improvement in our female's coat and it's been a month now they've been on this food. I am telling all my cat owning friends about your food and encouraging all of them to try their cats on Earthborn. Thank you for caring enough about pets to produce the quality of food they deserve!

Michelle G.

This food has been a blessing!! I have working dogs in my home and this food has definitely kept their weight on them and no upset bellies! Thank you for a great quality food! Primitive Natural is amazing!!

Amanda V.

Enterprise, AL

I feed Earthborn because I can be confident in the quality of the food I'm giving my dogs. My two current dogs are the 4th and 5th dogs that I have given it to, they absolutely love it. I rotate through the grain-free flavors and they're never bored. I refer my clients to it constantly and have seen marked improvements in overall health. Thank you for making such a great food with wonderful programs behind it!

Cathy D.

Standish, MI

I have been using this product for over 3 years and both my dogs (Pomeranians) love it. It has helped the skin on my youngest one as he longer itches all the time and his coat looks great. Thank you for such a great product

Erica S.

TRULY THE BEST FOOD I HAVE EVER bought! I have two German Shepherd dogs who are very active and a Siberian Huskey pup and an 11 year old Chihuahua! They all eat the Puppy Vantage! Their coats have changed drastically! Their energy even picked up. I didn't think they could have anymore