Erica S.

TRULY THE BEST FOOD I HAVE EVER bought! I have two German Shepherd dogs who are very active and a Siberian Huskey pup and an 11 year old Chihuahua! They all eat the Puppy Vantage! Their coats have changed drastically! Their energy even picked up. I didn't think they could have anymore


Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch Dog Food is our go to food to keep our therapy dog happy, healthy and ready for visits.

Jenny F.

Corrie loves her food so much she naps with it!

Barbara J.

Inverness, FL

I just want to tell you that I have been feeding my four Miniature Schnauzers the Great Plains Feast for years! They love it and even eat as treats! I am so happy

Amanda S.

Shrewsbury, MA

Service Dog Corporal Gunnar and Scout have never been healthier since we made the switch to Earthborn food and treats over 18 months ago. At 1 year old Scout began having seizure and medication made him anorexic, Earthborn helped us get us back to a healthy weight again. Beyond that, your moist treats are the ONLY treats that truly motivate and excite Gunnar. From the day he showed up he was never treat motivated until we discovered you. (The dog trainer in PetCo opened every single brand of treat and food that they carried and he turned his nose at all of it, including people food like hot dogs, cheese, steak and chicken!) We are so grateful to have such an amazing and health product that I can TRUST to keep my boys healthy and can give me piece of mind knowing that there has never been a recall due to your extreme care and diligence for our animals and our environment! THANK YOU!

Sage C.

Moo loves him some Earthborn!


Dunedin, FL

I just had to write to tell you how much my two cats LOVE LOVE LOVE the pouch formulas (Moist Grain-Free Holistic Cat Food Pouch Formulas)! They LICK the plate clean and want more!!! I have to say that all the flavors are their new favorite food, and they are very picky, especially Darla, the female! Thank you, and don't EVER stop making them!

Ivey T.

Toledo, OH

My 3 do this every time I bring their food home. They love their Earthborn Holistic and so do I. My babies look great and very healthy. Thanks Earthborn!

Sarah S.

Swanton, VT

My 2 male cats absolutely love the cat food pouches especially Autumn Tide. My younger male has always liked can foods, but my 4 year old male never cared for it at all. Trying to find a high quality grain-free wet food that they would both enjoy has taken years of trial and error and money. When I saw the pouches come out I immediately bought them a variety and they have loved them so much. I was so thrilled that they could both have the same food and the price is so perfect.

Karla J.

I have a 6 yr old large breed Pomeranian and 8yr old Bernese Mountain Dog. Pom is allergic to eggs, fish and corn..... We were so happy to find Meadow Feast last year, the dogs share an always full dish and love it. In the last year, the overweight Pom has lost two pounds and the underweight BMD has gained 12 pounds all by eating Meadow Feast...Thank you Earthborn Holistic!

Erin I.

Sayreville, NJ

I wanted to write this e-mail to say how grateful I am for your grain-free Weight Control formula for dogs. My dog was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis when he was a year old, and even the prescription dog food did not control his pancreatic levels like your food does. We just got back from his annual check-up, and after being on your food for almost a year now his levels are perfect! The vet was amazed by his results. Just wanted to write and say please do not ever change this formula, it has been a life changer for my dog as well as myself! Thank you!

Mary L.

I have a rescue German Shepherd mix that had digestion issues since we brought her home a year ago. Vet labeled her "sensitive." Your Great Plains Feast has been fantastic! No stomach issues since we started with this food. Our cattle dog also loves it so much he dances at mealtime. Thank you!

Kassandra M.

Earthborn Weight Control has worked wonders on my overweight dog!! The vet recommended the prescription weight management diet and after feeding him that for a while I saw no change in weight. I started him on the Weight Control formula and he has been shedding those EXTRA pounds. My other two, are they type of dogs that will not touch their kibble unless I have added something to it...I got a sample of the Meadow Feast and offered it as a treat and they loved it! Definitely will be purchasing this recipe. Thank you:)

Natasha W.

I bought some soft cat food pouches to try for my fussy cat who is known to only lick the gravy off of soft canned food and then run. He actually ate this stuff! That's never happened before with any other brand. And it actually smells like regular tuna you would eat yourself, not something gross. Will buy again!

Doris D.

Huntsville, AL

I began feeding my cats your cat food about 2 months ago. Before I did these two cats (one is 14 years old and one is 13 years old) would not even be in the same room and the white cat would stay hidden now they are both very social and tolerate each other. #miraclefood #earthborn

Ivey T.

Toledo, OH

My 3 boxer love your Earthborn Holistic grain-free dog food. I like to mix Coastal Catch with Meadow Feast plus I throw in the puppy food, too. I also feed them your treats and I love the way that it keeps my dogs' coats nice and shiny, almost oily feel to it. I believe my dogs look very great and are very healthy eating your products I enjoy them very much...Thank you from a very satisfied customer.

Cherie L.

Week 4 on switching our Danes over to Earthborn Holistic and I cannot say enough good things about it. Wow skin and coat looks great and no more itching!

Andrea J.

My two large black Standard Poodles love Earthborn! I would never think of purchasing another product! They get so excited when they see the bag that I know they are truly "Earthborn fans''! Thanks for an excellent product and keeping my 2 four-legged kids healthy! Andrea Alex J., MOM to Mr. Beau J' Angles, age 10 years and 9 months and Ziggy Stardust, age 2 years and 2 months.

Heidi B.

I worked as a Veterinary Assistant for years & I would recommend Earthborn. I feed my cats the Primitive Feline formula.

Laura S.

Tulsa, OK

Thank you so much for the cat food kit that you gave to Igor. He devoured half a can and I am saving the other half for tomorrow. He is resting and feeling sleepy right now. May your company prosper in all that you do! One happy cat and one happy cat owner, Laura and Igor