Diane B.

Clifton, New Jersey

"Today I visited a new pet store, Corrado’s in Clifton, NJ. I spoke with a representative of your products and he explained your foods. I have a 14 lb. Lhasapoo and use Innova small bites that I mix with FreshPet food because he usually doesn’t eat just the dry food. He also doesn’t eat it all at one time - it takes hours for him to eat the whole bowl. To my surprise, when I served the Earthborn Holistic® Small Breed food he gobbled it down! Not only that, but we had my son’s Lhasapoo who would not eat for days and he also gobbled it down. I only bought a 1 lb. bag just to try it, but now I will need to buy the bigger package. It’s really great to have the $3 coupon on the package for a larger bag. Thank you for a very nice product that I feel is good for my little angel."

Kelly S.

"I am so happy with your Puppy Vantage that I had to write in and thank you. My dog was on Iams Puppy food for about a month when he started getting serious itching problems. He would gnaw on his hindquarters for 15-20 minutes at a time trying to relieve the itch. After a bath in oatmeal shampoo didn't help, I called the vet & they gave me Revolution to apply topically and suggested Benedryl 3 times a day. I had him on this for a couple weeks & the itching got a little better, but not much. Since I hated seeing him so uncomfortable & I didn't want him to be on drugs for the rest of his life, I decided to price shop some dog foods I had seen on an "A" list chart because I had heard stories about dogs having wheat allergies and such. While I was at Mounds in Fitchburg, WI on Saturday, your sales rep started up a conversation with me. When I realized she was an in-store rep and not an employee, I immediately went into my "ugh, here we go" mode because I hate the spiels I get from reps. However, by that point, she had already heard my problem & immediately showed me your product. I was surprised how easily she won me over. With the coupons she had, the price was too good to pass up trying a small bag, plus I was pleased to see that the actual price of the food was comparable to others I had been looking at. I gradually introduced it to my dog and by Monday, he was eating it 100%. I decided to stop the Benedryl to see what happened. By the end of the 2nd day he was already done itching & hasn't had any problems at all. Instead of itching, he now uses that energy to find things to tear up in my apartment :) He is a much happier puppy."

Leigh B.

Maricopa, Arizona

"I wanted to take a minute and thank you for your great product and more importantly the UPCs for Trees program. Our family has 2 Boxers that have food allergies. Our youngest Kahless is so bad that he has lost a lot of his fur. We have tried so many different foods for him. Yours has been the best. He has started to re-grow some of his hair! When my 6-year-old Emma found out that we could send the UPCs from the bags in and your company would plant trees she was so EXCITED. She said Mommy they are doing something good for our dogs and something GREAT for our planet! She loves cutting out the UPCs and collecting them to mail in. We decided to send in 5 at a time. We just sent in our first 5 labels. Thanks again for a great product and program!"

Adam M.

Lancaster Pennsylvania

"My dog loves your primitive natural food and since feeding it to her she has lost weight and put on muscle. She also has skin problems that have completely cleared up."

Tonya W.

Corydon, Indiana

"I just want to say thank you for making the Primitive Natural line of food. My dog, Shakespeare, is a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix that I adopted from a local shelter in October 2008. Since the first month I brought him home, he has had seizures on a monthly basis. I started him on the Primitive Natural in January of this year and he has not had a seizure since. He is now starting his fourth month of being seizure free. He used to constantly gnaw on his feet, back and everywhere else. Sometimes, he would have patches of fur missing or spots that would bleed. Since starting this food, he barely scratches and we have no more issues with his skin allergies. He is really thriving and I just want to say thank you! You have no idea what this food means to me."

Robert W.

"I just want to thank you for this wonderful product. My APBT, Kane, has many allergy problems. Since switching to Primitive Naturals, his skin looks better, and his eyes are brighter. We had tried some many dry foods that only led to him breaking out into hives. Keep it grain free!"

Rebecca R.

"I was in the pet store 3 weeks ago to purchase dog food. A very nice gentleman started telling me about your product. My dogs (3) have been on the same food all their lives. One dog had a skin problem and one had really bad breath. The gentleman told me your food would help both problems. I was nervous about changing. My dogs had no problems at all with the change no loose stools and they loved it. No more bad breath and no more constant itching. I have told several people to give your products a try."

Julie H.

Phoenix, Arizona

"Yes, the fact that the "old bat" will eat it [Primitive Natural] from start to finish means a lot in our books. She's turned down some good foods only to pick at them through out the night. Our youngest (2 years in may) Border Collie rolls after dinner if she really likes it. Rolls every time with your foods :)"

Robert H.

"I happened to be in local Ace Hardware store and was glad to find your products...and our dogs devoured the 'Primitive Natural'. We will continue to purchase it…now that we've found it! Thank you for making it available for our dogs!"

Deb E.

"First I must thank you for making such a fantastic product. I have 3 dogs (soon to be 4 with a puppy on the way) that absolutely DEVOUR your Primitive Natural food. And they are picky eaters! Excuse me...WERE! Second, I must admit regretfully, that in the past few months, have I been doing my research on dog diets & food supplies. I have been so ignorant. I had no idea what I was pumping into them! I am a critical care nurse and over the years have come to appreciate the benefits a wholesome, raw food diet gives us humans, so I began my search, applying my focus on canines. Your product is spectacular! Better yet you are located right here in Indiana!! Finally, great quality...LOCALLY! You better believe I am promoting it amongst my pet-loving friends as well!"


"WOW!! My very picky 12-year-old Aussie Cattle dog chowed down on your Primitive Natural formula today. This is a dog that insists that her dry food has to have something added to it to for her to eat it. We bought the small bag just to "try it"; we're going back tomorrow to buy the big bag!!"

Amanda P.

“I am writing you from Arizona. I just wanted to let your company know that I LOVE your product. I adopted 3 dogs from the Humane Society and they each have picky eating habits and do not seem to like any dog food I had tried to give them. My one dog loves the soft dog food, while the other likes to play with their food while eating, then finally I tried your product from a local pet and feed store after going through at least 10 different dog food products and they each adore it! I even tried a mini taste test with another dog food and they pick your product! Just wanted to let you know that this is a fantastic product!! Thank you!”

Sheri A.

"I have a 3 year old boxer that has the worst food allergies in the world. I have spent countless amounts of money on vets, tests, and a million different dog foods. We have tried every dog food on the market. I went into my local feed store Leos in Cedar Lake Indiana and talked to the owner and he highly recommended the ocean food. I gave it a try and the first time in 3 years Sadie is healthy she in not licking her paws as much and is back to her playful self again. You guys have given me my dog back and you have no idea how happy this has made me. Thank you guys so very much Sadie is back."