Kati P.


My dog was sensitive to every food we tried. He would throw up to the point of having to get IV fluids. Nothing worked until we found Earthborn Holistic grain free. Now that's all he eats and have recommended to many others who have dogs with severe food sensitivities. I don't know what would have happened to my baby if we wouldn't have found Earthborn.

Carole C.


Our German Shepherd Kirra was itching like crazy and lost a great deal of her hair on her tail and back. She had no fleas or health issues. We were stumped! We switched her to Earthborn Holistic & she looks amazing! Our 8 yr old girl acts like a puppy again! We will never feed anything else. Thank u

Nicholas U.


Hello! I recently moved from the evil empire of another leading brand to Earthborn. We couldnt have made a better choice! My dog Beans LOVES the Coastal Catch. His coat looks great and i couldn't be more pleased. Thank you for the healthy and tasty dog food! Nick and Beans :)

Margie B.

Ballwin, MO

I just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of your pet foods. My dog has food allergies and your food supplies a healthy food without chicken or beef. I also use the cat food you make in the fish formula. Thank you.

Sue Y.

Naples, FL

We rescued a dog 7 years ago; he had many skin/allergy issues. I went to my local pet store during their grand opening where several vendors were on hand. I met the Earthborn Holistic vendor who was very knowledgeable and I purchased the Meadow Feast (grain-free lamb formula). I am forever thankful that i found you because it has made such a great impact not only on our dog, Dunkin, but on us, his caretakers, as well. The fact that you provide emails with a discount coupon frankly has helped me continue to provide this quality food for our pet. I love the new addition of recyclable bags plus the UPCs for Trees program. You are a great role model for all companies no matter what product they are selling. Thank you for all you do.

Brent S.


Hi, I just wanted to write and let you guys know that I thank you for the excellent high quality dog food products that you produce. I have an 8 year old boston terrier and a 4 year old American Bully that love your food and thrive on it. I went through several brands trying to find one that both dogs did well on and yours was it. They have been on it for years. So again I just wanted to commend you guys on caring so much about pets and not cutting corners just to make a few extra pennies.

Sandra D.


I came accross you dog food by accident, and decided to try it on my 10 year old mixed lab dog. His hair kept falling out in big clumps; we were always trying to comb it out. It was a never ending situation with shedding. Then I started using your Coastal Catch dog food and within a short period of time of 6 month to a 1 year his hair has stop shedding to the point that he looks very good for his age. I am so glad I found your food for dogs. I am now starting my cats on your food too. Thank you for such a good food.

Teresa M.


I just want to thank you for providing a great, high quality dog food. My Boxer and Irish Wolfhound love it, they look so healthy ever since I switched to it a year ago with the help of one of your representatives. My two dogs are full of energy and their coats are nice and shinny. I also was able to get other family members to switch over, and they are amazed by how much less food they go through also that their pets stool samples have decreased dramatically. Thanks to my local Theisen's for carrying it, otherwise I would have never known about it. Again Thanks for such an amazing dog food.

Erin G.


I switched my 6 yr old cat to your Primitive Feline formula a few weeks ago and I am amazed at how well she is doing. She has tried most high end dry cat foods and none of them have ever given the results I have gotten from your food. Id like to thank you for making such small kibbles! She almost never throws up anymore, her energy and alertness is incredible and her fur (for the first time ever) is shiny. I literally didnt think her coat COULD shine. I am so impressed by how great my cat is doing on your food that I am seriously considering switching my 80+lb border collie/malamute mix (Tiki) to one of your formulas as as well. She is currently eating another leading grain free lamb and lentil formula. Thank you!!

Diana B.


I just wanted to let you know my 14 year old cocker spaniel has been on your Coastal Catch food for 8 weeks now now. He suffers from numerous skin cysts and tumors. Since he's been on Coastal Catch his skin has changed. I gave him a bath today and realized the tumors on both ears and the top of his head, which bleed often, have disappeared, They've been there for years. His other small cyst seems to be shrinking and his energy level is like a puppy. He had to have some of the large tumors and small skin cysts removed last year surgically. These are disgusting; they get the size of a marble and they burst and bleed with fluid for months or years until they heal. It is miraculous his skin has healed and his fur is growing or these 2 year old cyst. I truly believe it is due to the food and the great nutrition he is receiving with the Omega 3s. Thank you so much for your product!! I also have a 4 year old Cocker whose fur is like silk now. Both of them no longer have cocker stinky ears thanks to your product. Thanks!

Erikka S.


I just wanted to give your company a MILLION THANK YOUS! If it were not for Earthborn Holistic my dog would still be suffering. We changed to Earthborn after another leading brand was literally killing my dog. After the switch his hair came back and his skin became vibrant again and my best friend was returned to me. Thank you so much!



Dear Earthborn, I first want to say thank you. Thank you for providing me a dog food that has helped my dogs with food allergies and sensitive stomachs. Flash, my 8 yr old basset hound developed food allergies when he was young and could not eat anything chicken, pork, duck, lamb, or venison. After my Veterinarian recommended Earthborn Holistic brand dog food, I was Skeptical in trying other food but I am so glad I did. He hasn't had any episodes of an upset tummy or skin allergies for 8 years. When we got a new basset hound puppy, we started his puppy food with your Puppy Vantage formula and he loved it!!! They are both on the Ocean Fusion and they are loving it! My bassets never had any ear infections, their coats are so shinny and never dull and my mom who is also their dog groomer says that their nails are super tough and not brittle!! Your nutrition in your food shows in my dogs!!! And it is wonderful!

Shalin H.


I just wanted to say I love your company and dog food! I have been feeding my Golden (Charlie-1.5 YO)Earthborn since she was just a few months old! I was having to order it online, but my local Tractor Supply has started carrying it and I couldn't be happier! She has the silkiest fur and we always get compliments on how healthy and shiny she is! Until visiting the site I didnt realize you sold treat as well- I would love to give those a try! Thanks for providing such a high quality product that I feel good feeding to my girl!

Pamela S.


Thank you for taking the time to reply to my message! I love Earthborn and Midwestern Pet Foods for not only making an outstanding product, but for your consciousness and dedication towards saving our precious resources on this planet. You have a customer for life!

Ronnie H.


Hi. I have a two year old Weimaraner named Kimber. She is 2 years old. She has very bad yeast infections in her ears!! To the point it was almost a liquid instead of a thick gel like yeast. It's taken me two years to figure out from cleaning twice daily it was worse with chicken. Everything that is on the market that doesn't have chicken in, if you get towards the end of the ingredients you will find poultry fat for added flavor. It's very hard to find a dog food for her! And I came across your food! I just want to thank you guys! Within a month her ears cleaned up 100%. I didn't clean them for about 3 weeks and looked at them and they were absolutely clean! I've put her on your lamb, bison, and salmon! She loves them all! You have a customer for good! Also I'm picking up a German short haired pointer in 6 weeks. She will be on your food too! Keep up the good work! You all deserve a raise! Thanks so much! You have also saved me so much money! I have spent thousands on her for tests and special foods! I bought an $80 10 lb bag of kangaroo food for her! Can't afford that weekly!! Thanks again!

Deborah C.


About a year ago, I switched my 3 dogs to your Grain Free Bison food. One of my pups is a 14 yr old cocker spaniel. A visit to the vet this week produced blood work results that were almost unbelievable! My vet said the old girl was as healthy as a 3 yr old...and her blood work, which was very good last year, had improved even more over the year. It must be attributed to your excellent dog food since no other changes were made over the course of the year.

Mel H.


Hello! I want to express how much I love your wet cat food. The quality is awesome and my cats who have sensitive stomachs love the Catalina Catch and Monterey Medley! Even my picky cat loves your food! I love that I can see actual fish and shrimp in the food. Seeing that let's me know that I'm feeding them awesome ingredients. Thank you for making awesome products!! Mel



Hello, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the quality of dog food that you make. I have a cattle dog and it took us so long to find a food that didn't bother her stomach. She absolutely loves her food now, so much that we catch her trying to hide it. I am so happy that we found your brand. Keep making great quality food! THANK YOU! :)

Amy S.

Saint Lous, MO

I am writing to let you know how ecstatic I am that I discovered your dog food. I don't often write reviews or companies, but, your product has changed my dog's life! My one-year-old hound/pit mix Ozzie, has suffered from skin issues since I rescued him at 9 weeks of age. He was chewing and itching incessantly and was dealing with frequent diarrhea (and a very sore bum). He was miserable. We visited numerous veterinarians, tried a myriad of medications and resorted to the realization that we'd just have to have him on steroids, antibiotics and a weekly ritual of bathing in medicated shampoo and topicals. Even our vet was stumped! We tried several different dog food brands until I came across reviews of Earthborn Holistic. Before we even got through the first bag of Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast, Ozzie's skin had improved. Now, just a few months later, his skin is PERFECT! He doesn't itch anymore, chews paws, or get skin infections. He is off ALL medication and no more yucky diarrhea. I have even noticed his coat looks better and he sheds MUCH less. I also volunteer as a foster "mom" with a local dog rescue and have many dogs in and out of my home. I have recommended your product to our vet, other foster homes and the adoptive families countless times. I order through chewy.com and they have been nothing short of FANTASTIC, as well. I am so, SO glad I discovered your brand. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Penny C.

We SERIOUSLY LOVE Earthborn Holistic!!!! or we should say, our dogs do!! We have 5 dogs and at times, rescue dogs coming through our home. I do home visits for 3 Boxer rescues and I always recommend your food. Thank you so much!!!