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Earthborn Holistic


Hello, My name is Igor, I live in Russia!
With the advent of a kitten
We have become fans of your products
Very high quality, large assatriment
All at the highest level!
Our kitten really like
Thank you for your work, producing great products!
I sincerely wish you prosperity of your company, more satisfied customers!
We will recommend your products to friends and acquaintances pet lovers.

Igor S.
Belgorodskaya Oblast,  Russia

I just wanted to thank Earthborn for being such an amazing food! I work in a pet store and I am an advid seller when it comes to spreading the word about this wonder food. I had a customer come up to me two days ago, and thanking me for recommending this food to her brother. It's changed his dogs life! And she was so convinced she bought not one, but TWO 28 pound bags for herself, and her mother. I love selling this food, as well as feeding my dogs, and cats such a healthy meal.

Mandi A.

Thank you so much for providing a quality product! My pets, even the one picky dog I have, love the food. I love that it keeps them lean and healthy. Thank you for being a badass company and implementing a program like "UPCs for Trees." Keep doing the awesome things you're doing, and I'll keep buying your products.
You all rock!

Allie T.
Charlottesville,  VA

We live with a 75 pound, 11.5 year old male Labrador Retriever. He had experienced intermittent bowel issues (colitis.diarrhea). He was on metronidazole (250 mg twice daily) for some type of bug in his large intestine. Otherwise, he is very healthy, active, and in good physical shape.

The veterinarian recommended that his food be changed to a prescription diet .... which, of course, he also sold. The reason is the controlled amount of ingredients and lower fat content. We are not fans of this brand of food, and were convinced that Bo would do fine on any good food that takes into consideration his more sensitive system. He will eat anything that does not move faster than he does, so he is not fussy that way (He's a Lab, right?).

We tried your Adult Vantage with mixed results. He improved, but still had issues. Again, the vet talked a lot about potential colitis and the need to put him on one of the prescription foods. We resisted this because we know it is not quality food, the company has experienced recalls, and it is expensive.

So we put Bo on your grain-free Weight Control formula almost three months ago. He is a different dog. He has had no bowel issues and is more lively and energetic. The change was a transformation.

Interestingly, our neighbor's dog has recently had issues. The vet thought from the tests and symptoms that it was pancreatitis. It was recommended that the dog be put on a prescription formula as well. I talked to our neighbor and shared all of our research into dog foods and producers. We gave her a gallon baggie of your grain free Weight Control for her to try. In 48 hours her dog was back to normal ... happy and healthy ... and continues to be so today.

These are both pretty good testimonials for Grain Free Weight Control solving issues in two dogs of about the same age. Thanks for producing a great product.

Jerry B.
Green Valley,  AZ

Kota loves Earthborn and snow!

Hi. Our 2 year old male Rottweiler loves your Coastal Catch dog food. He does very well on your food. His coat shines and overall he's very healthy

We have used another leading grain-free in the past but was too rich for his digestive system.

Thank you for making quality dog food!

David H.

Libbie and her first bag of Earthborn Holistic

My 12 yr old Libbie has a large fatty tumor that won't be removed due to her liver problems. Doing some research I decided to switch to your dog food. Here is what happened when I put the first empty bag on the floor. Good to the last drop! Thank you!

Jodi A.

Thanks for great products. Your rep in Tuscon, AZ Pet Club on NW side of town is great. We have a Standard Poodle and Dandie Dinmont male dog. They are very picky eaters. I've just started them on your Ocean Fusion and they seems to like it best. They don't eat as much of it as they did other leading brands. Thanks for supporting the environment with your tree planting efforts.

M. K.
Tucson,  AZ

Hello, I wanted to write in and give Earthborn dog food some feedback. I have had six dogs thus far, however, my two current dogs are high energy, working dogs that compete in dog sports. Part of keeping my dogs fit and active has to do with their diet, I have tried four different kibbles and even have done a partial raw diet. Unfortunately, like most dog owner's I am not rich, but I love my dogs and care a great deal about what they eat, even when it breaks my wallet. They have been on a previous half kibble half raw diet for a while, but when my friend mentioned she feeds Earthborn and wouldn't go back to her old dog food I had to try it after seeing how shinny of a coat her dogs have, there muscles, and the lack of stinky breath. I have to say... as someone who puts their all into keeping their dogs in tiptop muscular shape, this food is amazing. I thought I was happy with my other dog kibble, but Earthborn is great! My dogs love it!

Natalka N.

After countless hours worrying about by staffordshire bull terrier, Zoey's concerning skin allergies, I sought help from my local veterinarian. She recommended a blood test to determine my pup's specific allergens. When faced with a list of ingredients that had to be cut from Zoey's diet, I was anxious and concerned. How would I be able to afford a dog food that did not include chicken, corn, wheat, and soy for my 50lb. dog on a college student's budget?

Fast forward a year; I've tried a number of different "approved" dog food brands and flavors, however nothing was really sticking. Zoey was only interested in these other brands for a month or two. It was extremely frustrating...until I found Earthborn Holistic dog food at a small pet boutique! I was excited because it fit all of my requirements, specifically the Coastal Catch formula. It was free of the ingredients my pup could not eat. I bought a small bag to try at home and she LOVED it! This was about two years ago. I've been a diehard customer since then and I recommend the Earthborn brand to anyone who will listen! I also make sure to point out the UPCs for Trees program. I work at an environmentally focused elementary school so this program definitely adds to the allure of using Earthborn products. I am helping the environment just by purchasing a product I plan to use anyway!

Overall, I just wanted you to know that my "fur baby" is healthy and happy thanks to the work your company does making great quality dog food! She runs to her food bowl excitedly at each meal and has never turned her nose to Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch!

Alyson M.

I have 2 dogs, both of which have kidney or bladder problems. Due to these issues I have been cooking my dog's food for 20 years. On several occasions due to my health, I found it necessary to place them on store bought food. I've tried several different brands, all of which caused at least one of my dogs a health issue of some sort.
I was at Zoo City Pharmacy with a friend and was looking around as we waited when I came across your food. So I looked over the ingredients and nutrition labels, and found your food had all the ingredients mine had plus some extras that helped in supporting the bladder, kidneys and immune systems so I purchased a bag. My dogs enjoy it and are doing very well on it, and I would like to keep them on it.
I love the UPCs for Trees program and your pledge to the environment and I fully believe we need to protect it in every way possible.
Yours truly is an excellent company.

Terrylynn M.
Asheboro,  NC

My dog has been eating your food for years. I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful foods for our dog.

I participate in your UPCs for Trees program too; its great!

Sylvia E.
Laurel Hill,  NC

I have a few UPCS to turn in and I also wanted to take the time to say thank you! My cat Leon absolutely loves the Earthborn Primitive Feline and I love that it is good for him! Thank you for making a great quality pet food and for giving back to the environment! I think it's wonderful, so keep up the great work!

Alexandra E.

We purchase your Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural dog food. I would simply like to reinforce what we see as the core values intrinsic to your product whose value cannot adequately be explained on a product label:

1. Longevity of the company
2. Family owned, private, not just another product line of a stock company answering to Wall St.
3. Quality, including a history of no recalls for Earthborn
4. American made and to the extent possible, American, Canadian and
non-China sourced ingredients

I know you folks advertise these, but I wanted to take a moment to reinforce that the message is getting through. They dovetail perfectly with the "farm-to-fork" and "buy local" cultures (even though I am in Virginia, I feel the company is "local" because it is family owned).

Keep up the good work. Concerned pet owners will be loyal to you as long as you can maintain these attributes.

David W.
Purcelville,  VA

My name is Albert G, I just wanted to commend you on your amazing product. I have a two year old Australian cattle dog that I recently adopted. She loves the food and seems to be much healthier than when I got her and I attribute that to the quality of food she is receiving from your Meadow Feast formula..

Albert G.


I thought that you might like to see our handsome Yuki "dressed up" to make his weekly visit to the hospital. Yuki and my husband Frank are a pet therapy team and visit the hospital weekly. In this picture, he is preparing for his Christmas week visit. His favorite Earthborn dog food is the Ocean Fusion fish flavor.

Candace G.

We (well, the dogs, not me) tried your new Oven-Baked Bison Recipe treats and love them. We enjoy giving treats to our dogs after walks, trips to the dog park, and play sessions, and the smaller size of the treat is important. And judging by their reaction, the flavor and taste must be good too.

Gary C.
Crown Point,  IN

Our Ashley is a huge fan of the food and we are so glad that you make something for our picky eater. She finished off the big can of stew this morning with just as much enthusiasm as she did when we opened the can last night.

We just wanted to share with you how much our 19+ year old, 4.6 lb cat loves Earthborn Holistic canned cat food. She is a picky eater, but loudly and vocally demands that we give her cans of your food. We just bought a can of the RanchHouse stew this afternoon. She started eating the food right out of the can, before we could even put it into a bowl. The only things she does not like in any of the flavors are the peas. When there are peas, she licks them clean and arranges them in her bowl.
Thank you for making such a great product.

Sister Briana C.
Ferdinand,  IN

I am writing this letter to compliment your dog food and my local pet store, All for the Pet. All for the Pet is located in Severna Park, MD. Both of my dogs love your dog food and it has significantly reduced some skin allergy problems they were having. Mr. and Mrs. Morris at All for the Pet recommended Earthborn Holistic for my dogs when I explained the problems my dogs were experiencing.

Mr. Morris provided me with exceptional knowledge about your dog food. We talked about the ingredients and how those ingredients could help my dogs. He also explained how some of the ingredients in the food I was using were not what I wanted to be feeding my dogs and why. His ability to share the information about Earthborn with me was impressive.

Both of my dogs have considerably improved in their skin and coat. My female dog, Rosie, no longer has skin allergies. My male dog, Spyro, is notably improving every day. His allergy situation is much worse than Rosie's and I believe it will keep improving as time goes on with Earthborn Holistic as his diet.

Both of my dogs look forward to meal time now. Before Earthborn, they would turn up their noses when I set their bowls down for them. Now, they let know when it is time for them to eat. Spyro and Rosie are enjoying mealtime and I am pleased.

Thank you for your attention. Earthborn has made a meaningful and noticeable difference in the health of both of my dogs. I could not ask for a better resource than the Morris' at my local pet store, All for the Pet.

Laura S.
Arnold,  MD

We started using Earthborn Holistic food 3 years ago by recomendation of a small dog natural pet food store here in Wisconsin. Over the years we have been avid users of Earthborn products and I'm always telling everyone how satisfied we have been with your products. Our pooch's coat looks much more healthy, she loves meal time, she's holding onto weight, we have not had any vomiting accidents as of yet. I just wanted to write a note on how pleased we are with your products. Thanks.

Amanda D.
South Milwaukee,  WI

I bought a bag of your Earthborn Holistic Meadow Feast for my itchy, stinky, hair-dropping lhasa-poo. He smelled yeasty and I decided, after some research, that a grain-free diet might be the cure. Well, I have to say that after one 5-pound bag that the transformation has been amazing. His hair, which when it is long, used to drop out in little clumps all over the place, is staying in! I shampooed him with a medicated shampoo too and he does not smell. The scratching is no longer continuous. What a relief for Buddy and us! Thanks for a great product.

Kathy M.

I just wanted to say thank you for producing a high quality food for a reasonable price. I am the foster coordinator for a small rescue organization in eastern Washington state. We feed your dry cat food formulas exclusively at our shelter and at our foster homes. Our primary mission is providing low-cost spay/neuter assistance to low-income pet owners, but we also have a shelter that houses anywhere from 40-60 adult cats at any given time, and a handful of foster homes where our kittens are housed. Most of our residents are strays and come from less than ideal circumstances and it often takes time to get them into healthy condition. Although we could get cheaper food, we would rather not compromise by feeding lower quality food. We are very lucky to work with a local small business who sells us your foods at a great discount. Keep up the good work!

Glenna M.
Pawsitive Outreach Spay/Neuter Alliance,  WA

Best food I have ever given any of my dogs! My current lab-border collie mix thrives on the Coastal Catch. He has endless energy, but then he is only 3 years, trim and very fast! Keep making quality food!

Michael F.
Prescott Valley,  AZ

We have two dobermans. Our male just turned one and weighs near 100 pounds. Our female is 3 1/2 and weighs about 70 pounds. She has been spayed, he is intact.

We were feeding another leading brand for about 6 months. Our male was developing a skin irritation.

We were in our local Tract Supply recently and the lady helping us suggested your food. We have been feeding it ever since.

Not only do they love the food, but the bumps are going away. Their energy levels have increased and they are running our acreage all the time now.

Gerald J.
Lovingston,  TX

Good morning!
I switched to your canned cat food for my overweight cat 2 years ago and I am happy to report that he is now down 5LBS!!! He looks so much better and loves your food. I have always bought the dry food for my dogs and they are very healthy with amazing coats! Thanks so much.

Tracy W.
Fairfield,  ME

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful foods.

My 12 yr old cat had eaten another leading wet food for her whole life but recently stopped eating it. Over the years I have repeatedly tried to get her to eat higher quality wet food, but she had always refused everything I offered. So when she started refusing her wet food, I tried a variety of different brands.....and the only one she ate immediately was your Earthborn Holistic Monterey Medley. We were shocked but very pleased that she finally made a switch.

I was a veterinarian technician for almost a decade and I know the importance of high quality food. So, it bothered me immensely that she had refused to eat any wet food but the other lower quality brand. I did contact them when she stopped eating inquire if they had recently changed their formulas because it even smelled different to me. They denied it.

Thank you again for offering high quality foods for pets.

Cynthia R.

My dog loves Earthborn Holistic!

Attached please find a picture of my dog enjoying Meadow Feast. She cant get enough!

Rhonda B.

Hello Earthborn,

I am extremely pleased with the result found after switching my 5 year old Golden-doodle food to Earthborn Holistic- primitive natural formula. Lily began having seizures at the age of 4. These seizures were increasing in frequency to approximately weekly and becoming more intense. Upon recommendation from a local animal house, I switched to a high protein, low carbohydrate food. Miraculously, the seizures stopped completely. It has been 8 months now that Lily has been seizure free. I could not be more pleased in the results, opting to change the diet versus medication.

Thank you for having such a wonderful product available!

Lisa K.
Oshkosh,  W.

Hi Earthborn!!

My name is Nicole N. and I am so in love with your grain free primitive feline food. I have two cats and three ferrets and all are addicted to it! I have a 17 and 9 year old cat who adore your food, and whenever my ferrets are loose in the house they are constantly eating the food out of the cats dishes. I have since compared your nutritional information to the food they are currently on, and was shocked to find that your food is significantly better for ferrets than any other "ferret" food sold at my local pet store. I tried mixing your food in with my ferrets food to use up the last of their old food, and they actually pick out all the pieces of your food and refuse to eat their old food. Not only do they enjoy the food more, but my older rescue ferrets are actually finally starting to gain some weight after being skin and bones for over a year. I would absolutely love it if you would consider making ferret food as they are the 3rd most popular pet in the country. The only issue I have with the food is that fish makes ferrets have more odor. I will continue to love your food, and would love to try the different types of wet foods as well to see if that helps my skinny male gain some weight.

Nicole N.
Menasha,  WI

Hi Earthborn team!

My husband and I are unapologetic advocates of your brand - we converted all our foster pups and our furbaby Harvey to your brand after 2 years of searching. Thank you for being the only one that our very allergy prone and sensitive pit bull could handle. I cannot tell you how many things we tried- you guys are awesome. And thanks for your commitment to excellence for both our pets but our world.

Sarah D.

I began purchasing your product in March 2015. I live in Canton, Ohio, and my dog is 9 years old. For 8 of the years we have had her in our family she has had horrible allergies usually beginning in June and continuing until November. She has had to take Benadryl daily along with steroid shots at least twice per season. Last year she was still dealing with the reaction to the allergies until after the new year. In March we decided to try your dog food. We have her on the Weight Control formula. It is September now, and for the first time Annie has had very little issues with her allergies. She is still scratching some but the difference is phenomenal. She has not had to receive one steroid shot or had to take any Benadryl.

I thought you would want to know. Thank you.

Diane W.
Canton,  OH

Ella and I love your product so much; that we would love be your spokensperson. Oh, did I say that she has over 8,000 friends/followers?

I have an 8 month old pug, who at the age of five months, started having skin problems. She basically had hives and was constantly scratching, to the point that I could not sleep. I took her to two veterinarians trying to figure out what the cause was. Nothing that they said ever worked. It wasn't long before I took her to my local pet store, and was given a referral to an "old school' veterinarian." Through the examination and interview process, he asked me what "protein/meat I was feeding her. I told him my pug was on an all organic/holistic diet. I wanted nothing but the best for my baby. But then he asked me again what meat she was getting. I told him chicken. At that point, it must have been like a light went off. Because he told me that he believed she might be having an reaction to chicken and chicken-by-products. I went to my local pet store and they suggested your product.
What can I say... Within two weeks her skin was back to normal: no bumps or itching. She loves this food so much that when she sees the bag, she sits next to it, No I didn't pose her: she is just a puppy. But she knows what is good.

Jeanette T.-U.

Hi Earthborn:
We have a german short haired pointer female named Maggie. She is 16 ½ yrs old. Last winter we thought we were going to lose her due to old age.
We were feeding all 3 of our dogs another leading brand. I thought there had to be something to help her as she was losing her ability to control her back end.

I went to Dog Food Advisor and found that Earthborn foods would be perfect for all of our dogs.

WELL! Let me tell you about our little Maggie! She is doing GREAT! She has much more control of her back end. She can even bounce down off the deck to go potty and bounce back up on the deck again.
She has energy and all of her bodily functions are working well. Will we EVER go off of Earthborn?-------NO!!

Thank you for such a healthy food for our beloved pets!

Colleen M.
Johnston,  IA

I just recently purchased Primitive Earthborn and my dogs love it! The finicky tummy issue one has had no tummy gurgles or desire to eat grass since we switched! His yeast infection smell is gone-one week! I tell him his food is good for him -yummy in his tummy- and I believe healing him from the inside out, as his bald spots have hair again and he's getting back to himself!!

Barbara H..

My name is Michael R. and I have been buying your dog food for several years now. My family and dogs absolutely love your products. We highly appreciate the thought and care you put into them.The quality of your food is outstanding and it's great to know we can trust in Earthborn. When we feed our dogs Earthborn we know we are feeding them quality food that is good for them and doesn't put them at risk like some other dog foods.

We also love the UPC for tree's program and have been collecting UPC's for years now. We care a lot for the environment and really appreciate that Earthborn does as well.

Again thank you for providing a quality product with a green conscious. It's great to know you're planting trees and making the world a better place for our children. Our dogs love your food and it's one of the only brands they'll eat.

Michael R.
Alhambra,  CA

I recently changed to your pet foods for my dog and cats. They love both your dry and canned foods. My cats especially are looking better. They are getting older (17, 18, and almost 19 ) and their fur was looking dull. They weren't eating the dry food at all that I had out and were leaving most of the canned food behind. Despite check ups, as they got older they lost a few teeth, so I made sure they always had canned food. I first put this down to their age but since I changed to your food they have been cleaning their dishes of canned food! Their coats have their shine back. I also bought a small bag of dry food for the cats in the hopes that they would eat it as i always have dry food out for them. I was really hopeful when I saw how small the kibbles were. When missing a few teeth large kibbles can't be swallowed whole. I did a happy dance when I saw them eating that as well! My old folks are looking pretty darn good. My little dog isn't shedding like crazy anymore. He also has his shine on and no more soft stools. So, happy with your food. I did my homework before trying your brand and its working out. Thanks so much from myself and my pets!

Anja S.

Just wanted to tell you how great your dog food is. We tried it for our two dogs and they love it. We use the Great Plains Feast for them. We were introduced to your product by a new Pet Supply store that opened in our area after our Vet suggested grain free due to a possible allergy the dogs may have had to their food at the time, again thanks.

Garry D.
Rockaway,  NJ

I recently switched my dogs to your food and treats after exhaustively trying brand after brand to find something that suited their nutritional needs. I am the proud owner of a loving miniature poodle, Mila, and a loyal German shepherd, Fritz. Since my dogs are the family I was able to choose, I do the best that I can to give them the highest quality of life possible and I think that I have found that with Earthborn. I've done extensive research on which brand is the best to feed my furry family and nothing has given me the results that your dry dog foods have.

About a year ago, both of my dogs began losing weight and experienced decreased activity levels while being fed Wellness dry food. My 4 year old (now 5 yr old) miniature poodle was already a bit on the lean side, as she is a finicky eater and terribly anxious as the result of an abusive home before I she became a part of my family. My shepherd was not even a year old at the time and should have been gaining weight, not losing, as he was expected to reach around 100lbs fully grown. I took them both to the veterinarian and spent a small fortune testing for everything that could have possibly caused this weight loss. The only thing that could be concluded was that I should try switching foods and decreasing the amount of excercise they received each day (Less exercise for a pooch? You must be kidding me).

Since then I have tried [many leading competitor's brands] before finally making the switch to Earthborn. While there were no digestive issues with any of these foods, I found that with some of the foods, my dogs were not excited to eat, and with all of them, they continued losing weight. Not only that, I found many of the brands had questionable ingredients or questionable sources/production and I was not satisfied that I was doing all that I could to keep my dogs healthy. I eventually stumbled across Earthborn and [another leading brand] but found [the other brand] to be more expensive than I was able to afford and decided to give your dog food a shot. I couldn't have made a better decision.

Within three months of switching my dogs to the primitive naturals dry food, both began to gain weight, enjoy meal times again, have more energy, and their waste matter was smaller in size and more regular. My poodle who at one point had dropped down to just 9.5lbs is now 13lbs and at a perfect size and in perfect health according to my veterinarian. My German shepherd (who is still growing as he still hasn't reached full maturity) had lost a total of 15lbs originally and has now gained all of that back plus an extra 6lbs and is back on his way to full development.

I can honestly say that I am truly impressed with the quality of food that your company puts out and at a price point that does not break the bank. It is worth the little extra I spend and the special stop I make at Pet Supplies Plus versus what a "normal" pet owner would spend on commercial dog food they can purchase at a grocery store. Your company has TRULY WOWED me and I will continue to be a loyal, happy customer for as long as you decide to keep up the great work.

Heather M.

Thank you so much for your amazing products. I have two rescue cats. Both had fur like straw and were very thin. I started them on your wet food and wow, did they take off. Their fur is so soft and silky and their bodies are lean and muscular. They have lots of energy and feel great.

Earthborn wet food is also great for kittens. I foster underweight kittens and feed them your wet food. It doesn't take long before they put on weight, have silky coats, and have lots of energy. It feels good to know these kittens are getting a good start in life before they find their forever homes.

Earthborn cat food really rocks.

Brenda K.

Thank you for making food that makes my 8 year old puppy happy and less itchy!

Sarah B.

I'm so glad I took a chance and purchased this food. I have a 19 year old, hyperthyroid cat. She likes most any food, but not everything agrees with her. She absolutely loves this food! And I love that it is abundant with vegetables. Some brands advertise vegetables but only contain a couple peas or carrots. So, thank you for a great product that I will continue to buy and recommend.

Leanne M.
Charlevoix,  MI

My husband and I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with Earthborn Holistic Dog Food. We have a 16 year old 60 lb mixed breed. For several years he has been having severe skin allergy problems - fur falling out, itchy, very sensitive to any touch. We had to wrap him in a sheet to get him to relax. He had also become very thin. Since, we started him on your food all itching and sensitivity has gone away. His fur has returned and he has filled out. We can pet him and he does not need to be wrapped up to sleep. We have always fed him high quality food like other leading grain-free foods but none of them helped with his skin issues.

Thanks for a wonderful product! Out cats like your cat food too.

My husband is from Evansville and he is pleased that such a good company has its headquarters there.

Rita B.

Donna's happy fur babies.

Just wanted to say my "babies" LOVE this food!! I am constantly bringing samples for my friends to try with their babies! I have one that has really bad allergies and HAS to have the grain free! He's loved every one of the choices you have!!! Thanks for making so many choices in grain free food and treats!!! Having this made locally is such a plus too!!! You shouldn't be afraid when buying food and treats for your fur babies! You keep doing what you do and I'll keep spreading the word!!

Donna T.

My dog is new to your food. He is 13 years old and a cancer survivor. I recently switched to your food after feeding Buddy another leading brand. After over a year of no issues he became very I'll. The other leading brand caused his calcium levels to climb. I was so disgusted when I went online and read of how many dogs were suffering with the same symptoms. I have not found any recalls on your food and that makes me very happy. Buddy has improved daily since stopping the other brand and eating your food. Thank you!

R. P.

Thank you for doing this UPC for Trees program! I think it is so important and I really appreciate you caring for both my dog and the environment. I am so happy I came across your dog food and have recommended you to everyone I know! Thank you and keep up the great work!

Abigail W.
Syracuse,  NY

Since my 2 setters have been on Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast, there have been NO ear infections. It is the only food I have found with NO potatoes. They have both had bladder crystals and potatoes is the main culprit. So had to get them on something grain free with NO potatoes, white or sweet. Thank you.

Gail K.

Hi. My name is Mimi. My best friend is a 13 year old corgi named Oxnard. Since meeting him I've fed him everything from the worst to what I consider the best (Earthborn) and I've come to be an Earthborn girl. I love my pets. My dog is my main love with my husband taking second. He's tried ALL foods. In 2012 my baby started losing his fur. He began hiding from people when he's always been the most sociable dog. I started him on Earthborn Holistic soon after starting my job at Pet Supplies Plus this March. Since the switch he's grown his hair back and has more energy. I credit your food for giving me the rest of the time I have with him. I love your food and how it's changed my dog's life. He's been my best friend for 13 years and seeing him as healthy as he is has made my life worth while. I will stand by you, recommending you to every person who asks. Please know how appreciated you truly are. Thank you for improving my dogs and my own life. Keep it up. Xoxo Mimi and Oxnard until time bids us to part.

Mimi V.

I like to share a couple things with you I have two Abyssinians. I adore them and give them what I think is the best of everything. They turn their noses up at it. LOL. I happened upon
your product recently and they are gobbling it down.This is what I find interesting. They have Indian names which both mean earth. How is that for fate, irony, coincidence or whatever. My little female Tuwa probably has inflammatory bowel disease. I am hoping and praying she will at least gain some weight. Optimistically maybe her little stools will improve. No one knows of a sure cure but management is the key. Again thanks -you have two new customers. And it looks good enuf to eat! Lol.

Carol B.

I wanted to take the time to thank you for an excellent quality food and an experience that may help others. After 2 years on another food our 4 year old rescue yorkie poo began vomitting at 4 am several times each week , her skin began to itch, flake, weep, and an odor developed. Even increased eye goop occurred. Our vet performed a complete physical and nothing was found. She was placed on prescription food and since food allergy was suspected we began searching for a new food. It was very hard work but ultimately we narrowed it down to only companies without recalls, a slim list indeed. Then a very knowledgable manager at out PetValu helped us choose the Earthborn Small Breed. Well, nothing short of a complete transformation occurred! Our precious furbaby has no issues now at all, her fur is soft and shiny, she has no skin flakes,eye goop or odors and most importantly no vomitting. She is perfect. Thank you for developing such a high quality, safe product we can trust.

Eileen G.

Our very happy and healthy Earthborn dog, Koletin.

Hello, My name is Allison Ridinger. I have a 2 year old black Labrador named Koletin. He has horrible food allergies and your dog food is the only dog food that he doesn't have a reaction to. I am emailing you to thank you for what you do and your devotion to pets everywhere.

Allison R.

I wanted to extend my gratitude to your company for completely exceeding my expectations, and of course making my pets very happy. Our family has 3 cats, ranging age 2 to 16, a rescue dog who is 6, and a seven month old puppy; all of which are on your food. I feel comfortable saying "food" because you use real ingredients that I feel safe giving to my pets. My animals are truly members of my family, and I love the improvement I've seen in their energy levels, coats and overall health. Keep doing what you're doing; you've got yourself another lifetime customer.

Rebecca W.

Thank you, My cat has diabetes and the vet told me to give him another brand with his Glipizide. I followed his directions but my cat was not responding well. When I took him back in to the vet he kept pushing me to put him on insulin. I told him I couldn't afford it. Finding out recently that all cat food at the grocery store is crap, I decide to take it upon myself to see what I could do to help out my cat. I went to my local pet food place “Petway in Pleasanton, CA” and they recommended your product. Since I started him on Earthborn 2 or 3 weeks ago, he has gained 1 lb and his energy level is up. He is playing with toys and our other cat. Thank you for making a product that is really healthy, something I can feel good about giving my cat. Your product has worked perfectly with his Glipizide.

I went to the vet and gave him my findings. I can only hope he will refer this product to his other diabetic patients.

Deanne V.
Pleasanton,  CA

My dog wanted to let you know how much he loves your dog food and also want to say thank you.

Before we got him he was in a bad way and ended up unloved and in the dog pound. He was in the last hours of his life when we found him. ( they were about to put him down )

Now he looks great and everybody loves him.
And it all comes down to the food he eats.

So from the Choppy dogs and his human family.

Thank you!

Justin C.

Rosey and Marcelle, what a team!!!

Rosey and Marcelle are healthy and happy thanks to the folds at Earthborn Holistic.

JoAnn S.

Thank you for making Great Plains Feast!
Our Piper is a rescue dog. She weighed only 18 pounds when we found her.
We struggled for a year to get her healthy and finally found out that she has numerous food allergies.
I understand that this is common in dogs that have been in her situation.
Great Plains Feast does not contain any of the proteins that Piper is allergic to.
She has thrived on this food and is now a healthy 40 pound dog!

I don't know what I would do without Earthborn Holistic!
You are going to be planting a lot of trees with my UPC labels!

Beth K.

I just wanted to send you folks a Thank You for providing wonderful food for my kitten and dog.

Our dog Early, who is a 5 year old Blue Tick Coon hound, was having some issues prior to switching to your food. He had some mild skin irritation, and some very stinky dog skin. Once we switched him to Earthborn, the problems went away within a month. Thank you so much.

As for our kitten, he was a rescue. We got him from our local SPCA, and he was under weight. The representative at the shelter said that he was a very picky eater, and they could not get him to put on much weight. Well when we made the trip to our local pet store, I did not know that Earthborn also had a feline line. So I figured since it worked for Early, it may work for our new kitten. Yeah, it definitely did. Our kitten has double his weight in just two weeks! The veterinarian said "Boy, your kitten must like his new food". That's putting it lightly. He is ALWAYS ready for his scoop of food, and eats every kibble. Thank you again.

I know a lot of people may take their animals nutrition for granted. Well as a nutritionist for over 10 years, I can tell you that is not the way it should be. Animals and humans have nutritional needs, and Earthborn has the pets covered. Thank you, for the millionth time, for providing great food with great ingredients.

Alee A.
Clearwater,  FL

I just wanted to thank you for your advice. I put my wheelchair pug, Franklin, on the Earthborn Meadow Feast per your advice. He is doing great on it. We’re on the 3rd huge bag now. I’ve filtered everyone over to it. I have to closely monitor his urine levels…the protein and ph have to be at a certain level for him due to having had sand/stones and him not being able to void his bladder on his own. So far, so good for him. They all love it. I put Ruby (my other wheelchair dog) on the Small Breed, and she inhales her kibble…loves it, too!! I can’t thank you enough for your advice and guidance on this. It’s most important that they are on a premium quality food, and they’re all thriving on Earthborn Holistic.

Karen M.
Elizabethtown,  KY

I have been using your product Earthborn Holistic sea catch kibble for years with my cats.
I started using it with my second cat Cooper and quickly realized I should have been using it with my very first cat Chevy who struggled in the end of his life with digestive problems due to hyperthyroidism. Coopers coat, skin and overall health was amazing until he passed away from FIP. That was devastating to me. I felt the need to give back to the feline community in tribute to my Cooper kitty so I started fostering a cat who had a rough start in life. Surrendered from a hoarding situation, ringworm, and a mysterious ibs situation (diarrhea) that the shelter couldn't get into control for close to 6 months. Those six months in confinement took a toll on his legs (atrophy in the muscles). During those six months we tried al kinds of foods, herbs, acupuncture to get his ibs under control. Finally it settled down with freeze dried foods.
I got Simba/ Peanut about a month ago, just after a couple of semi-normal bowl movements. The freeze dried food worked sort of oaky with a lot of monitoring. Either he strained with constipation and dried out bloody stool or a bit of the other depending on how he was feeling and how much water was used to rehydrate his food. I slowly started to integrate small handfuls of the Earthborn into his diet, and it was amazing how it effected him. His bathroom situation became normal, and I attribute that in part to your food. In addition to that his fur and skin became so much softer and healthier. He had been sick and not taking care of his cleanliness, now he so soft and much more fit feeling.
He is also getting around so much better, running up and down the stairs and his confidence in jumping on things is improving too. I also think that Earthborn had a hand in that as well. A well fed and loved cat is a healthy cat.
I love your product and what it stands for.
Thank you for developing your product, you are changing the lives for better of many wonderful animals and their guardians.

Sabrena K.
Madison,  WI

My mom has been feeding her Irish Setter's your dog food since summer of 2014 and her dogs love it. One of her dogs, Stark, has very bad food intolerance and cannot eat most foods because they irritate his ears. It's very uncommon for Stark to eat any type of dog food for a long time. I don't know if he gets bored with the taste or if it makes his ears hurt so bad he knows that the dog food is doing it to him so he won't eat it but with this food he has shown tremendous improvement. Her other Dog RJ has diabetes and can't have a lot of the things that are in other dog foods and with the Earthborn Meadow Feast his blood sugar has stabilized and he has been able to gain weight and reduce his insulin! They love your dog food so much that I decided to try it with my Chocolate Lab. With her old food she was itching a lot and her ears were starting to accumulate gunk. So far she loves it and wont leave her dish until it's finished. I have only been feeding it for about a month so hopefully great results to come like my mom's dogs!!

Thank you so much for what you do for the environment and all animals!

Stacey H.

Thank you for you coupons! My dog loves your food coastal catch and eats it without additives or other canned food. It's that tasty. I tried it before I gave it to her and it's not bad really!
Thanks for the upcs for trees! I'm collecting a bunch to send you! We need more companies like yours who really care about our Pets, environment , and the good old U.S.A!!!

Mary M.

Otis in the fall of 2014 and today Spring 2015 after his comeback.

I just wanted to write to tell you how much we love your cat food. Back in 2013 in April one of our rescue cats, Otis, became ill. At first it presented like an inner ear infection but 2 weeks later I found him just sitting on the sofa staring into space. That was the beginning of May 2013. Otis spent 22 days at the vets while they ran every test they could think of and a few that other vets suggested. Otis came home with what is still an undetermined neurological problem and a prescription for strong steroids. We tried a wide variety of foods for him but the only thing he really liked was Earthborn Chicken Catcciatori. The steroids began taking a toll on his well being over 2014 causing his ears to flop over, his skin to become tissue paper thin and would tear very easily. Because it was so thin stitching it was impossible. His fur changed from blue-grey to a pinky brown fell out on patches and got very course and dry. He also developed diabetes and corneal ulcers. I met a wonderful woman, a homeopath, in the summer of 2014 and she prescribed some maintenance medications for him and I started a long slow process to take him off the steroids. I’m including a photo here showing Otis at his worst in October 2014 and today March 2015. He’s been steroid free for 2 months now, his fur is back & beautiful, his eyes clear, bright, ears up and his skin has returned to normal along with his blood sugar. We don’t know if he’ll have a relapse or for how long he’ll be with us but for however long it is he’ll be eating your food because he loves it and we feel it was a part of his come-back. BTW he has a healthy appetite and eats 2-3 of the 5.5oz cans daily.

Cherie P.

Hello I just want to tell you how much I love your grain free food for my dog. We just recently switched her because my nephew heard we were having issues with food allergies and he recommended your brand. Well she loves it and her skin is clearing up. I will definitely tell everybody I know about your great product!

Sharon G.

About a week ago, we switched our two dogs to Great Plains Feast. The response was amazing. We have a Goldendoodle and a Maltipoo and both of them have been “snackers.” We put down food, they nibble here and there and eventually finish. That makes it challenging to schedule bathroom breaks and it means that when I’m traveling and my husband goes to work, they often barely get enough breakfast in them before they have to go in their kennels.

We put this food down and they lost their minds. Full concentration, did not look up until every kibble was gone and the bowl was licked clean. At first I thought this was just because it was new food and just a novelty. But I have to say, it’s been more than a week and nothing has changed. They LOVE this food! And on a more functional note, we’ve been seeing smaller poop size, so they are digesting more of what they are eating for sure.

I have to say, my husband and I are true converts. Wish I had made the switch must sooner!

Sarah H.
Columbus,  OH

Hello, I just wanted to send you all a little message and let you know how much I love your products!!!! I am the proud owner of two 12 year old rescue shih tzus that I rescued from a puppy mill 8 years ago. They had never been out of a crate their entire life! These two are my babies!! I recently have had a few skin and health issues with them due to their age and was looking for a new food for them. I came across your food at the Pet Food Center in Evansville (which the sales person directed me right to saying you were the best!) and I almost immediately saw a difference in my dogs. There hair and skin is so much better. My male had recently been losing weight and the doctor told me it was age and etc.. But much to my surprise after feeding your Small Breed dry food with the moist food mixed in he has gained his weight back. They are both more active and love your food! I don't know if anyone ever tells you but your product is the best and I recommend it to everyone that I know. The nearest place for me to purchase your food is a hour drive away from my home in Evansville but it is well worth it. I will be a lifetime Earthborn user! My family has just recently been adopted by a stray kitty that has decided to live with us, so I am very excited to try your feline products. Thank you all for such a great job and amazing product from the bottom of our hearts!!!!

Christina and Sascha, Daisey Mae and little kitty Lollie Anne P.

Thank you for your great holistic pet food products. Our 4 year old collie "Rocky" has enjoyed your dog food since he was a puppy. Your representative covering Lawnside, NJ, has helped me during the time my dog was having some skin allergies. But mostly, thank you for your conscious effort in giving back to the environment. For all my dog loving friends, I recommend your product constantly.

Rosalie H.
Haddon Heights,  NJ

I wanted to write to your company to let you know how highly I think of your product.
I started feeding my 17 month old boxer/pitbull Earthborn Primitive Natural...she LOVES it! I also have noticed that shes more excited to eat, her anal gland issue has subdued, her energy level has evened out...overall a seemingly happier and healthier dog. Thank you!

Jess P.

Here's a picture of her highness :-). She's a golden retreiver/chow mix.

I just tried a small bag of Coastal Catch because I'm trying to reduce my dog's allergies (she seems to get lots of eye discharge after eating). So far she has done well on the food, with still a little discharge, but much less. So far Coastal Catch is the best she's had, and would love to find other flavors from your company that work for her.a picture of her highness :-). She's a golden retreiver/chow mix.

Loren K.
Plantation,  FL

Hi! I just wanted to let you know how much I love your products. My dog has had so many food related allergy issues, and Earthborn is one of the only lines that is safe for him.

Christina D.

Grace...age 10 who was trapped as a wild dog at age 3 months, Sam, who was caught running free at age two, and Annie, who survived the Henryville tornado and came to us as a one year old)

I just want to compliment your products. We have three dogs...all rescue...who love several varieties/favors of Earthborn, and as an owner, I am especially happy with your packaging (the closure strip) and pricing. With three 45-75 pound pups I buy two bags at a time, so although price isn't the determining factor, it is important. Just a note from a happy customer, and encouragement to keep on keeping on:-)

Dennis and Judy R.
Louisville,  KY

Happy St Pat’s Day from Southwind Kennel. OurTOP winning dogs eat Earthborn !

Diane S.

Our beautiful Earthborn Holistic Champion

Every one yells feed (Another Leading Brand) to be a winner yet we beat 159 champions most that are fed (Another Leading Band) and our shelties eat Earthborn!

Diane S.

Mia, before and after Earthborn Holistic.

Mia, my rescue foster, made a transformation in one month on your product. As a rescuer, our group relies on a food bank to assist us in pulling hundreds of dogs annually from high kill shelters in WV, NC, MD and PA.

I was fortunate enough (or Mia was) to be given 4 bags of your grain-free Meadow Feast when Happy Hounds Homeward Bound pulled her and 50 other dogs from Logan, Mercer, Wyoming and Mingo shelters. She was debilitated, just a bag of bones, no muscle at all on sunken hips and backbone. She was pulled one hour from euthanasia. I know you hear this a lot.....but I think the attached pictures say it all. Tuesday she goes to her forever home sleek, muscular, energetic and playful. She looks like best in breed at the Westminster Dog Show (she's a boxer).

My other rescue that I just adopted - Cooper - was tethered and dragged by a truck with a global degloving of his hind end. That destroyed one hind leg, and all 4 feet. After 4 months in an ICU and multiple surgeries, he is recovering. That left him very finicky and he has a sensitive nervous stomach.I relied on home cooked meals for him until I tried Earthborn Holistic when I fostered Mia. He goes wild when he gets his bowl of Earthborn now and even beats the other two in cleaning up. Impressive. His facebook page is Super Cooper the dog with nine lives and his story is pretty incredible.

As for now I am feeding only your product to my own dogs (both rescues) because I'm personally sold on it.

Courtney O.

I just wanted to let you know that we absolutely love your dog food. We have 2 Golden Retrievers that are going on 11 years old this year and they are very happy and healthy in part because of your great product. They have been enjoying your Meadow Feast dog food for over 5 years now, and they love it!

Michael and Jeanne B.

I just wanted to thank everyone at Earthborn Holistic for making such a great quality dog food. My boxer pup had the unfortunate luck of being diagnosed with a severe case of colitis at an early age. She was stuck on a strict raw diet until her issues were colmed and manageable. Due to work schedules and other issues, the raw diet was only temporary. We tried many other brands after her raw diet but Earthborn Holistic was the only open that worked for her! She loves the taste and has never been healthier. And how her coat shines!!! We have since switched her Boston Terrier brother over and haven't looked back! We are so thankful for finding your product because I truly feel that without it we wouldn't be sitting here today with our beautiful boxer girl.

Jerame & Amanda S.

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your product is. My Oliver – a 2 ½ shih tzu has been on the Earthbon Holistic small breed since we received him at 6 months old. We have had other shih tzus that ate other food and have always had skin allergy and eye problems. When we first received Oliver, who has a white face, he had the staining and discoloration around his eyes. Only after a couple months on your food, it has totally cleared up and he has never had any skin allergy issues. He is regular, happy and healthy. I just wanted to share with you how wonderful your product is.

Liz H.
Vero Beach,  FL

Cooper and Harley - Happy Earthborn Holistic Dogs!

I just wanted to tell you that I have been feeding Earthborn Coastal Catch for about 8 years now to our older dog and the puppy formula to our puppy. They both love it and look and feel amazing. They also enjoy the wet food every now and then and the treats. Keep up the great quality!! I have attached a picture of Cooper and Harley being very happy and good dogs.

John and Nichole P.
Boise,  ID

I just want to tell you that my boxers love your Meadow Feast dog food. We were recommended this food by a friend after one of my girls got sick from another brand. I have to tell you that I am on a boxer site on Facebook. Other owners complain about their boxers shedding, smelly breath, smelly fur and tear stains. I always tell them what food to use and how great it is for me. Thank you so much for keeping my girls healthy.

Candice P.

I wanted to reach out and thank you for making such an amazing product. I recently discovered your brand, and I will never change. My cat loves, and I mean LOVES the taste, quality and nutritional value in each can that I give her. Each day, she demands that we giver her your food and will stand by her bowl, or will meow and lead me into the kitchen until I give it to her.

Thank you for making a difference in our lives.

Christopher B.
Colorado Sprints,  CO

Thank you for your wonderful pet products. I was using another leading brand for my cats but switched to your food about 3 years ago. My mom soon followed by buying your products for her 4 dogs and many MANY cats. I live in Bloomington, Indiana, so I was happy to support a local business. Thank you again for your wonderful products. We appreciate your care for animals.

Brianne J.
Bloomington,  IN

Good morning and we hope the new year will be a good one for you and Earthborn.

We recently traveled to FL to compete in a 3 day event. Storie finished 2nd overall out of well over 70 dogs in distance and she was #1 in the Catch-It competition. We head back to Novi, MI on Jan. 15 for our first AKC event with North American Diving Dogs at a dog show. This will be Storie's 4th year of competition and we are hoping for another successful year. It will be hard to top 2014 since it featured several records being broken, another national title, two Purina Incredible Dog Challenge appearances (and podium finishes) and most of all the Letterman show appearance.

We continue to be asked about what Storie eats and are proud to say it is Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural. Both her coat and physical appearance are top notch and with the exception of a little grey on her chin, she looks phenomenal. Our vet indicated she could do an anatomy class on Storie's physic. The owner of two Golden's asked us the other night about food and when she saw my Earthborn shirt she asked if I sold food. I was happy to tell her that we feed Earthborn and we feel it is a big part of what makes Storie the exceptional dog she is.

If you are interested you can see Storie on Jan. 17 on NBC from 3-4 EST in the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge National Championship. This is what we attended and finished 3rd at in late Sept.

Thanks again to you and Earthborn for your continued support and for the great product we feed Storie.


Thank you so much for making such a great and magnificent type of dog food. Both my furry children Bosco (11 years) Golden Retriever and Duchess (6 1/2 years) German Shepherd, enjoy the good quality, tasty Meadow Feast.

I am confined that both of my dogs are getting the right amount of nutrition within each of their meals.

Maureen G.
East Windsor,  NJ

Dear Friends, I am writing you to say THANKS for making a great dog food that is truly healthy for my boy MickeyBo. I am a professional pet groomer here in Hendersonville TN. My company All Good Dogs & Cats takes a humane, holistic and healthy approach to pet care. My boy MickeyBo has had a hard time over the yrs with skin problems and it sure seems that since he's been on EBH Meadow Feast, his coat is doing great. I have recommended it for several of my client's dogs and everyone is very happy, and all the dogs are loving it. Once again thanks for keeping our Pals healthy.

Paul R.
Hendersonville,  TN

Our dog is the current Longcoat Australian Champion Dog and everyone comments on his coat which we believe is a result of your product.

We are a family here is Australia and our dog was scrathing a lot. We transferred him across to Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch and it has been a big improvement. Here is a couple of pics for you.

Tony P.

Our beautiful Surrela!

I just wanted to show you a picture of my girl who is healthy because of Earthborn Holistic! Her name is Surreia and she just turned 2. I think she would look incredible on one of your product packaging.

Sanford C.

What timing!
I just returned from Pet Supplies Plus with TWO big bags of Earthborn Meadow Feast and was thinking about writing to you to tell you how PLEASED I am with this food.

I have three rescue dogs (2 goldens and a pug). Male golden, Zeppelin, has allergies. I had him tested and after learning what he is allergic to, had a REALLY hard time finding a food that he could eat and not lose all his hair, itch and get brown rings around his eyes. I tried foods that were recommended by the lab who did his allergy testing, but they were mostly another leading brand (I’m not a fan of food that’s first ingredient is CORN – enough said there). One of his big allergies is to yeast (also beef & potato). I had a heck of a time finding food that didn’t have these three ingredients. Then I found Earthborn Meadow Feast!

Zeppelin’s coat is soft & silky and there are no longer bare spots. His itching is gone (except during the late summer/early fall because he also has some environmental allergies). Stools are consistent and half the size as with other foods. I could NOT be more pleased.

Our other golden Hannah has a little bit of a sensitive stomach so I try not to change her food unless there is a problem, however, after seeing how well Zeppelin did on Earthborn, I decided to switch her over. Her coat, though always very nice, is like mink!

Our pug, Nitro, who will be 10 next month, was recently taken off a prescription diet designed for urinary issues and I was told by my vet to use the Earthborn for him. He is doing great on it as well!

Between food recalls and dogs with “issues” – finding a great dog food was no easy task, believe me! And I hope you stay around for a long, long time, because as long as I have dogs, this will be my ‘go to’ food.

So.. you can see why I buy 60# at a time! I appreciate the coupons very much and always watch for our favorite pet store (Pet Supplies Plus) to have it on sale.

Thank you for caring about the dogs enough to make a great food that is healthy and SAFE!!! I love that you’re in Indiana!

Marcie G.

I wanted to send an email to let you know how happy we are with your products.

I have a 4 year old Cocker Spaniel. March 2013 she began having seizures but did not have another one until November 2013. From then until March 2014 she had one about every 5 weeks and, even though we did not want to put her on medication, we were getting close to having to make that decision. A friend of mine had posted a link on social media about by-products and fillers in dog food and the nutrition that dogs need to be healthy. So, to make a long story short, I began my research. I decided to give Earthborn a try to see if changing her diet would help. I am very pleased to say that she has not had a seizure for 8 months now and I can only attribute that to your product. Thanks you!

Karen M.

Azalea now and when we first brought her home.

I just wanted to share with you the amazing success that I've had feeding Earthborn Holistic. I rescued my 16 month old Afghan Hound, Azalea back in March. She and 11 other Afghans were severely neglected and starved to the brink of death. Anyway, I immediately started feeding her a high quality kibble. She gained weight and was looking good. Approximately three months ago, a co-worker of mine suggested your food. She had some pretty positive results feeding it. So we gave it a try! Not only does Azalea love it but so do my other three dogs. I've attached some before and after pictures, to show you just how well she's doing on Earthborn! The first picture is what she looks now and the second picture is how she look upon bringing her home. The difference is AMAZING! I couldn't be happier with the results!

Yvette L.

I just wanted to thank you for providing such a good product. My Weimaraner, Megan, was diagnosed with autoimmune disease several years ago. About two years ago, I stopped giving her tap water and started researching dog foods. Since giving her Earthborn, I have noticed an upswing in her overall mood, and a major decrease in the frequency and severity of her flare ups.

Thank you for improving my best friend's quality of life!

Francis Z.

"Miracles do happen....even on dog food! I have a 5 year old pekingese who suffers from environmental skin allergies and yeast infection that covers his entire body. He would get so itchy he would itch to the point of drawing blood! He had ear infections time after time. His skin was red, inflamed, swollen, and he had little crusty's everywhere. I switched him to Earthborn Holistic Meadow Feast formula. He no longer itches miserably. He no longer goes to the vet all the time. He doesn't smell like a stale Lays Frito anymore. He doesn't bite himself or pay any attention to his paws anymore! He feels good now and lives a healthy happy life. I didn't know a dog food could be so amazing! I have tried dog is also a finicky eater and he loves the lamb taste! I am a dog groomer and I recommend this food to every client. The clients who buy this food literally want to kiss me for recommending it!!! I suggest you at least try it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Thank you, thank you, thank you Earthborn! My and my dogs life would be incomplete without you!

Chevaun J.
Irvine,  CA

I just wanted to say thanks for making a great product. Both me and my one year old Husky love your food. She is an extremely picky eater and I have tried many different brands of dog food but she loves yours and it has made her so soft and fluffy. Keep up the good work and know that there are a lot of people here in Nashville that love your product as well.

Jonathan L.
Old Hickory,  TN

Just wanted to say I love your food and so do my cats and dog! And we love that you are helping the environment.
We live in the middle of Castlewood State Park and love it so much. My husband operates the park and works for the Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources. We do our part to help the environment by recycling, using cloth shopping bags and my husband helps with "Operation Clean Stream" to clean trash up along the Meramac River. We love the earth and try to get others to do their part too. Thanks for doing your part.

Margie B.
Ballwin,  MO

Blue Ribbon JoJo

We have had extreme success and satisfaction using the Earthborn Holistic Meadow Feast dog food since JoJo had been diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia at 1 yr old. Unfortunately, we did not know he had been eating moldy dog food, which, when we did find out, produced maggots in the storage closet in the house! What a nightmare. After this diagnosis, and thousands of dollars later, I was determined to do my research and find the best dog food on the market for JoJo. And, I did. He is now almost 3 1/2 and looking AMAZING. He is turning heads, as my handler would say, at the dog shows these days. We have decided to special him next year, going for the #1 Rhodesian Ridgeback in the country. We/he could not have done it without the Earthborn dog food. He is healthy, strong and looking quite studly these days! So, I wanted to share my story with your company.

Jane H.
Spring Valley

A very happy Gabby and Gio

I had to write you to let you know how much I love your product. I have 2 rescue dogs from Suncoast Animal League in Palm Harbor, FL. My Pomeranian Gabby I have had for 7 years. She has had extensive health issues and dental issues. I have tried to find a small breed dog food with a very small kibble that she would eat. I tried several all-natural, made in the USA brands and none of them seemed to really interest her. So as an alternative I started cooking for her. A year ago I adopted a puppy from the same rescue group and I was shopping at Pet Supplies Plus in Clearwater looking for the perfect puppy food when one of your sales reps approached me. She explained how Earthborn Holistic was a family owned and operated business with quality ingredients purchased in the USA and she handed me a $3 off coupon so I thought let’s give it a try. My puppy loved it so I went back a few days later and bought a small bag of the small breed food and gave it to my pom Gabby, she loved it. They have both been on your food for one year and this is the first year since I have had Gabby that she has not had any digestive issues or health issues beyond her annual vet visit. I also really appreciate the fact that your company cares about the environment with your UPC’s for trees program. Thank you Earthborn for having a product I trust for my dogs that I know is providing them a healthy life.

Maria P.
Palm Harbor,  FL

Tucker and Ollie


My name is Ashley. I am 25 and I live in Massachusetts with my boyfriend and our 2 dogs: a 3 year old Australian Shepherd mix and a 2 year old Schnauzer mix- both rescue dogs from down south. Typically we had been feeding them "another leading brand" until something happened yesterday.

We had run out of dog food so we ran to "Pet Source" in Stow, MA. When we walked in there was a man set up at a table with brochures and we quickly walked by him, hoping that he wouldn't rope us into some speech about a product we had no interest in (being from MA we automatically have the attitude "we don't care what you are selling and we don't want to buy it"). Luckily, we slipped right by him and walked down the all-natural dog food isle to buy a new bag of "another leading brand". While we were choosing which flavor to buy, we were approached by the same man we had just worked to avoid, Bob. Oh man, I thought... here goes some hard attempt to sell us on a product we have no interest in. Boy was I wrong!

Bob took the time to get to know what our needs were before he even mentioned what his product was! I really appreciated this because it showed that he wasn't trying to shove this product down our throats but rather educate us. He explained in such great detail how this was a 4-generation family run business, has never had a recall and that all ingredients are from right here in the U.S. (with the exception of a lamb meal from Australia or New Zealand, and flaxseed from Canada). This met all the criteria of what we look for when buying a dog food- US ingredients and no recalls! Bob then sweetened the pot when he offered us a $3 coupon and let us know we can sign up on line to get the coupon each month. This all sounded great, but what if we bought the dog food and our dogs hated it? That would be money down the drain. Bob told us if our pups won't eat it bring it back in for a full refund. Wow! How could we not try it? We were already pretty interested in trying the product but Bob's enthusiasm and knowledge really convinced us so we bought a 14lb bag of the Great Plains Feast with Bison.

We brought it home and the dogs loved it! This morning they couldn't wait for their breakfast. So today, I went online and signed up for the monthly $3 coupon. Needless to say, Earthborn Holistic will be the new staple dog food in our house. I have shared this information on Facebook and have told my friends, family and coworkers about it. I just want to thank Bob for approaching us and having a conversation with us, rather than trying to just sell us. I hope Earthborn Holistic realizes what an asset he is to your organization.

Ashley H.
Boxborough,  MA

Bandit and Rock - 8 months old and 85 lbs. each.

I just wanted to contact you saying my pets and I love Earthborn! I have four cats, all of whom eat the Primitive Feline (ages 1.5 - 14 years) and absolutely love it as well as 3 dogs (two 8 month old St. Bernard/Boxer mix puppies and a 13 year old coonhound mix) who eat the grain free Primitive Natural. The dogs definitely like eating; they eat 4 bags a month!. I've never had a problem getting my pets to eat anything made by Earthborn and it keeps them happy and healthy. Thank you for making such great pet food and being such a wonderful company!

Brooklynn S.

I wanted to brag on how great this food really is. My Boston Terriers and Boxer love this food. We typically purchase Ocean Fusion. One of our Boston Terriers just turned 10; he is very picky. He always has been. However, he can't get to this food fast enough. Also, he has always had itchy and dry skin but since changing to Earthborn, it has completely cleared up. All 3 have very shiny coats and overall seem happy. Very impressive food and I thank you all for providing our fur babies a natural and healthy choice.

Christy P.
Charlotte,  NC

Sweet bundle of fur!!

Just wanted to write that I love your grain free cat food. I feed my cats both the wet and dry and they love them!! Thanks!!!

Jennifer W.

Mighty Thor the awesome service dog!

I just wanted to share the joy and the health of my service dog, Thor, with you. I've been feeding him Earthborn Holistic Large Breed since he was 10 lbs. Now he's a healthy 65 pound, nine month old! I have post traumatic stress disorder and am working to train Thor on my own. Thus far, he's done wonders for me. Here's a photo of my guy in a helmet he has yet to grow into.

Jamie O.

I purchased a 5 lb. bag of your food and my cat loves it!!!!! and so do I. The tiny kibble-bits are really easy for him to eat and believe me I have used every major brand with limited ingredient food on the market. I also purchased some of your canned food that he will actually finish!!! So please keep up the good product. I am going to buy another flavor in the dry grain free food to try. I also really like your environmentally-conscious business model.

I have the most gorgeous orange Maine Coon Cat (23 lbs!) and he is 4 years old and his name is Romeo and he is as sweet as butter so he deserves your great food!!!

Joanne M.

Here's Finn at 8 weeks and 6 and a half months.

Thank you for making such a high quality food! Our 6 month old lab, Finn, is thriving! He has grown up on your food, eating both the Great Plains Feast and Meadow Feast. We brought Finn home as an 8 week old, 10 pound puppy. He is now 6 and a half months and he weighs a healthy 70 pounds (his dad was a big guy and Finn seems to be following in his "paw steps"). Our vet praised our choice in food and always comments on how healthy Finn is and how he has grown so big and strong. Thank you once again, from Finn and his Puppy Parents (David & McKensie).

McKensie W.

Just wanted to send a note saying your food is awesome and UPC's for Trees is a wonderful program. I am a foster home for Recycla-Bull Terrier Rescue, and most English Bull Terriers have grain allergies. My dogs and foster dogs do great on your food and they love the taste! Keep up the great work.

Jenna P.
Myrtle Beach,  SC

I just have to tell you. My cats from the same litter are 10 years old and for the duration of their lives they have had sensitive stomach issues. The vet told me to try a bunch of different foods. Although they were throwing up, they were not losing weight so the vet was not overly concerned. I recently found your product and after trying everything on the market from high end natural to specific diets with no luck, I figured I'd give it a shot. They have been on your feline cat food for over a month without throwing up once!!! I love your product and am so glad I finally found a good product that helps with their stomach issues!!!I will never use anything else again.

Ashley G.

I just want to say how much we value this food! We switched all of our dogs to this, and what an improvement we had seen! Their coats are shiny and sheen. They also don't ask for thirds, cause the first 2 times they eat they are stuffed! We only have one store in our area that carries your food, so we make sure to stock up. I love the fact it's all natural ingredients, no fillers. Real natural meat and they absolutely love it. Thank you very much for thinking about the animals, with a green product like this, it's helped them in so many ways. Thanks again!

Julie M.

Thank you, thank you! My aging kitty was diagnosed with diabetes in April. My vet recommended a prescription low sugar food plus insulin injections twice daily along with a weekly blood sugar test. Besides the exorbitant cost of treatment, I live alone and cannot manage holding the cat and giving the shots by myself. Then one day I took a sample from an Earthborn representative who had a table set up in front of my independent pet store. I began feeding Earthborn. Before this, my kitty was understandably lethargic, emaciated, his fur was dull and the light had gone out of his eyes. I did not expect him to live long. After 10 days of his new holistic food, there was a noticeable improvement. After 5 months the results are impressive and exciting. He has regained his feisty spirit and is back to chasing lizards and annoying the dog. His fur is glossy, his eyes are bright and alert and he is slowly getting stronger. Although I would be curious to i know what his blood sugar reading is, I cannot afford the test. I am so happy that he is feeling better that it does not really matter what the level is. The important fact is that I have my kitty back! My pit bull is also enjoying Earthborn. Thank you for providing a quality product.

Allene G.

I just have to tell you! I have tried every dog food on the market. From every price point, and my dog has pretty much only eaten it as last resort. I met one of your reps today at the local tractor supply. She was great and knowledgable. She talked me into a bag of the coastal catch. My very picky dog LOVED it! I put a little warm water on it to release the scent, as the rep suggested, and she ate 3 -1 cup servings! She kept asking for more! Her tail wagged the whole time she ate! I couldn't be happier! You have definately found a new customer, plus I like supporting an Indiana business! Thank you! I volunteer with the local pet pantry and I often discuss pet food with people. I will be sure to pass on info about this great product.
Thank you!

Vanessa B.

I just wanted to tell you that I have a German Shepherd who has an extremely sensitive stomach. It's not due to just her breed but also due to her past history. She was weened from her mother too early, 4 weeks to be exact, so she lacked the nutrition from her mom's milk that she needed. We've had her since she was 6 weeks old and she is now 2 years old. She absolutely loves Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural. I have tried her on a few other foods, but she just can't handle it... this is one of only two dog foods that I found that she can actually consume and hold down. Thanks for a great food.

Carol R.

Thank you, Thank you! My aging kitty was diagnosed with diabetes in April. My vet recommended a prescription low sugar food plus insulin injections twice daily along with a weekly blood sugar test. Besides the exorbitant cost of treatment, I live alone and cannot manage holding the cat and giving the shots by myself. Then one day I took a sample from an Earthborn representative who had a table set up in front of my independent pet store. Before this my kitty was understandably lethargic, emaciated, his fur was dull, and the light had gone out of his eyes; I did not expect him to live long. After 10 days of his new holistic food there was noticeable improvement. After 5 months the results are impressive and exciting. He has regained his feisty spirit and is back to chasing lizards and annoying the dog. His fur is glossy, his eyes are bright and alert, and he is slowly getting stronger. Although I would be curious to know what his blood sugar reading is I cannot afford the test. I am so happy that he is feeling better that it does not really matter what the level is. The important fact is that I have my kitty back! My pit bull is also enjoying Earthborn.
Thank you for providing a quality product.

Allene G.

I couldn't wait to write to you and tell you how happy we are using for dog food. Our dog is only seven years old but developed diabetes two years ago. We tried quite a few well known brands but we were unhappy with them. We were at our local Agway Store and saw your food. We read the entire back of the packages with all of the info and we decided to try it. I has been wonderful and we will never switch to anything else. Thank you so much for providing us with a great product.

Marge T.
Middletown,  CT

We have been using Earthborn Holistic food for our two toy poodles for a few months. We came upon it at Moneta Farm Supply in Moneta, Virginia. We have a house at a nearby lake and often shop there. A representative of Earthborn was there and was personable and persuasive and we bought a bag.

We realized some time later that, not only were the dogs thriving, but we were having an unexpected benefit. Our sweet buff colored poodle was no longer having tear stains from his eyes. We had opted not to use the "Angel Eyes" product that involved daily antibiotics. And so we were living with a little dog who always had dark eye stains and always looked depressed because of it.

He does not look that way now. His eyes are completely clean, his fur is lovely and clean. It is clear to us that Earthborn Holistic is the reason. Thanks.

Paula J.
Moneta,  VA

I decided that I needed to contact your company. I'm amazed at how much my cats love your food. I adopted two kittens 3 years ago, black and white, DSH, brothers. I used to feed them a combination of dry and canned but have been slowly transitioning to all canned, recommended by my vet.

These cats are the most finicky I've ever had. There were some canned foods they sort of liked - they would pick at it but never finish it. Then there were others they would not touch - in fact they would smell it and then try to cover it up! I'm assuming it did not smell good.

I must say that I did not buy them the cheaper foods either. I've tried only top of the line foods. Finally, I picked up a few cans of your Earthborn from PetsPlus. They devoured it! In fact, they licked the bowl clean, literally. Now, as soon as I open the cans, they both come running to eat. That has never happened before. Manx, would usually meow to be fed and then his brother, Medi would saunter in after Manx was done picking at it. Now, they trip over each other to get to the food. My parents have 2 finicky cats as well. Gak is an 18 year old Himalayan and Mumford is a 7 year old DSH. I gave my mother a can to test and both of their cats loved it too!

Earthborn Holistic is one of the more pricey brands but I'm probably saving money now that I never have to throw anything away.

My last 2 cats lived until age 15 and 18. Both would have probably lived longer, one had urinary issues and the other developed diabetes most likely a result of dry food. I learned that canned food is the better choice - I'll just have to have their teeth cleaned more often. You definitely have a customer for life. So thank you and my cats thank you too.

Tonya M.
Quakertown,  PA

Storie does not live on water, nor does she have a pool, the only diving practice she gets is at the actual competitions. Storie has been eating Earthborn Primitive Natural for 2 years now.

This past week at the National Cherry Festival in Traverse City, MI, Storie set two new Ultimate Air Dogs records for the long dock. The previous record has stood for 4 years and was 29'1" On Friday Storie went 29'4" and then on Saturday she broke that again with a jump of 29'6". Our Earthborn banner was displayed and mentioned when she jumped. We finished 2nd at this event but had the best overall jump by well over a foot. We had a tie in the Finals jump and then lost the tie-breaker by 2 inches.

We went onto win an event in Maumee, OH, yesterday.

We continue to get asked about food and know people who are now feeding Earthborn based on hearing about it from the association with Storie. We are proud to associate ourselves with such a great product.

J.D. M.
West Milton,  OH

I rescued my Rottweiler "Franco" almost 2 years ago from Animal Control in Trenton, NJ. Franco was having a very hard time digesting and processing his food and he weighed over 120 pounds. My sister, Stacey, told us about Earthborn Holistic dog food and Franco has had a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE with this product. All of Franco's issues have been resolved from the day we started feeding him the Earthborn Great Plains Feast product and he is holding a very healthy weight of 114 pounds!. We both thank you so much!

Vince S.
Trenton,  NJ

Good Morning. My dog Alexis (Lexi) was a rescue. She was often sick and throwing up when I first got her and I was thinking she might be a sickly dog. But after blood tests that the vet recommended we found she had many food allergies. They gave me a "list" of foods that could possibly help. But on a recommendation from a very close and good friend I learned of Earthborn Holistic. I went to my local country Max and purchased the Ocean Fusion. After filling her bowl for the first time with Earthborn she was twirling and wagging her tail. She knew (I don't know how) that is was a different brand from what was making her sick. To this day 4 years later (she will be 5) she still loves her Ocean Fusion and has NEVER been sick again. So Earthborn, Lexi and I thank you!!!

Jeff C.

I just wanted to send a message to you and thank you for this food you've developed. My oldest cat was diagnosed with diabetes 2 years ago and put on a dry food that he would not eat. I found your product in the pet store I patronize and began giving it to him. He has now put back on the weight he lost and shows no signs of diabetes since he began eating this food. I cannot tell you how overjoyed I am. By switching him to this food his condition has reversed itself.

I now have all 4 of my adult cats eating this food as well as a new kitten. I just had to thank you.

Ellen B.

Thank you. I am a widow and every penny I can save is good. I had 26 labs when my husband passed 11 years ago. We loved to travel and show them at the shows. I have many champions and also siblings in hunt and field trials and shows from my girl's offspring. I am very happy to be able to say I have had a very long love for this breed and will continue on as long as I can. They are great dogs.

Bear about runs me over when it is feeding time. He loves this Earthborn food and is eating it before the bowl goes into the holder when I am putting it down and he nudges my leg when I am getting the dishes together. I am happy to see him enjoying the food. He was one that was not really interested in his previous food. Thank you for a great food and I will send the UPCs for Trees.

Louise K.
Mansfield,  PA

I've been using your dog food Coastal Catch for the past three years! I find it to be the best natural dog food ever. Being in the dog business for the last 35 years, I feel your product has the most integrity of its kind right now. I've let others know about your food and they are very happy with it, though the price is a bit high. I thank you for the great job you do for our pets and the environment in producing this product.

Mary H.

I want to thank you for all the info that you passed along to me about your dog food. After my dog was diagnosed with a heart murmur and prescribed a low sodium diet, finding a nutritious, low sodium food was really hard. Just to pass along the info I got about what Vets are looking for in low sodium food in different stages:
No sign of heart disease/beginnings of heart murmur, mild restriction: 0.35 - 0.50% DM
Early heart failure, moderate restrictions: 0.10 - 0.35% DM
Advanced heart failure, severe restrictions: less than 0.10% DM
(High sodium diets are considered to be food/treats that are higher than 0.50% DM)
According to the values your food has, your food definitely falls into a range of food that is heart healthy for my dog, my four-legged child, and is still full of nutritious ingredients. Thank you again, And our dogs thank you too.

Jason D.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

I adopted a border collie puppy with an unknown skin condition. By nature, a border collie is already highly energetic, so the overwhelming urge to itch pushed his hyperactivity off the charts! He has had to suffer small painful lesions and some hair loss. The itching is sometimes so painful that he acts as if he's being bitten, often spontaneously contorting himself into strange shapes to attack it. Since his adoption, his doctor and I have tried scientifically to find a solution to the problem but with no answers. Facing steroid medication as the only solution, I decided to approach the problem differently....from his food. So two years ago, I began changing one food out for another. To date, I have tried seventeen different foods (some very expensive) in search of something that would help. FINALLY, and somewhat unexpectedly, I met an enthusiastic sales lady who recommended Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch to me. I sent for some immediately! Even during the recommended transitioning period of gradually adding Earthborn to his food, I noticed a calmer dog. He has now been on Earthborn Holsitic for over a month and although there is the occasional itch, they are no more frequent than an average dog. His hair has filled in and the red sores are rare, almost nonexistent. Thank you. Thank you, Thank you!

LeAnne B.
Salt Lake City,  UT

I have to tell you about my experience with your dry dog food. I have 5 dogs and for being such big dogs they are VERY picky when it comes to their food. I have tried pretty much every dog food on the market and mixed it with canned or boiled turkey and rice. They all would eat just a couple of bites and then walk away. I have never seen dogs as stubborn when it comes to food as these. I was then told by the pet food store clerk to try Earthborn. I was skeptical but I bought a bag and fed the dogs. They gobbled it down and were pushing to try and get in each others bowl. I was never so happy, for once I got to sit back and watch them enjoy their food. I want to thank you so much for making such a WONDERFUL food. I also love your UPC for trees program, what a wonderful idea! My first UPC (the first of many) is being send out today. Again thank you on behalf of Till, Ava, Zeke, Axel and Tesla (named after Nikola).

Diane S.

Hi - I just want to let you know how much my very fussy yorkie/chihuahua, Lexee, loves the Primitive Natural dry. Over the past 4 years I have tried just about every dry food on the market, also have tried dehydrated and raw and I can honestly say that this is the first dry food she will eat without me having to add other foods to it . Thanks again for a great food.

Sharon C.
Calgary,  Alberta, Canada

(This is a love letter from my GROWING pet family!

I've been so impressed with your Coastal Catch recipe that I started buying the biggest bag twice monthly to feed my large rescue dogs. When I first changed to Earthborn, I only had two dogs (one with allergies to almost everything except fish), but I've since rescued a bonded pair of boys. They sure do love mealtimes at their new home! My local Tractor Supply in Anniston, Alabama, always has Coastal Catch in stock, and that's extremely important because I don't change/upset my furbabies' diets unless absolutely necessary. Recently, I sent in some UPCs for Trees. What a great program! Also, I mention my recommendation of Earthborn Holistic in every conversation possible.

Donna L.
Anniston,  AL

I just wanted to let you know I believe you saved my boxer's life! Daisy, my boxer is now 9 years old. She has several health issues. The most overwhelming problem is her allergies. After she turned one and her mother's immunities wore off, everything just fell apart. She would vomit, have diarrhea, and her hair fell out leaving large bare patches on her flanks, chest , and belly. She scratched, licked, and chewed her feet and ears. She and we were miserable! We tried many dog foods. Good grade dog foods. I also tried the food my vet sold for dogs with problems. Sometimes it even got worse! We finally had the full range of allergy test run. Not only is she allergic to grass, but many many foods. The worst offender was fish. My vet said he had never seen a score that high! 1134 might as well be off the chart when my vet says they get excited at 150. She is also allergic to whey. These two are in every food. Fish meal or fish oil and whey make the food like poison to Daisy. I had been unknowingly poisoning her!

My vet suggested I make food and he would find a supplement for her. It took a lot of perfecting and it was like walking a tightrope to get it right. I made food for six 1/2 years. Brown rice, beef or chicken, a supplement made with Norwegian kelp for omega 3, and tumms for calcium. Did I mention I have a commercial rice cooker? She also takes medicine for her allergies. Any changes to routine or stress sent her into a tail spin. If we went on a trip, whether she went with us or she boarded at the vet, it was an ordeal bagging up meals premade. During the last year, Daisy began to drop weight, vomit several times a week, and have loose stools again. She went from 60 pounds to 45 pounds. She looked terrible and you could see she felt terrible. I just knew I was going to loose her! At 9 years old, with her health issues, I was afraid I was at the end of the line.

Recently, our groomer for our other dog, a Yorkie, mentioned her dog had allergies. Without any real hope, I asked what she fed them. She named a brand I had never heard of so I asked where she got it. Tractor Supply! I did not even realize they had dog food. With Daisy's allergy report in hand, off I went. I checked the ingredients list on her brand only to stop at potatoes. I decided to check more bags since I was there and had never seen some of these. That is when I found "Earthborn Holistic, The Great Plains Feast!" No fish, no whey, no grains, no gluten..... When I got to the bottom of the ingredients list, I had not run into anything that was on her allergy list! I brought a bag home and began to mix small amounts in to the food. It took 11 days to complete the change over while watching closely for a bad reaction. She has now been on the food, which she loves, for three months. She hasn't vomited since we started it. Her stool is normal, her coat is beautiful, she has great energy for play again, and she gained back 15 pounds! Now, if it could only take away the gray face..... Well I guess it can't do everything. I am so thankful to you for giving me more "quality" time with Daisy.

If you have a allergy problem dog, I recommend Earthborn Holistic. If you have a dog at all, I recommend it as it is a quality dog food.

Marie S.
Stockbridge,  Georgia

Our beloved Fitchy!

We rescued our Fitchy 7 years ago. Fitchy was the poster dog for rescue. He was abused and very scared. It took him quite some time to trust us. About 2 years ago, Fitchy started to have seizures. While they weren't severe, they were still very concerning to us. Luckily, we have a wonderful Vet who believes in Holistic treatment, when possible. Rather than charge us crazy money to find out what was causing these seizures, she simply suggested changing his food. She suggested Earthborn Holistic. At the time, we had 4 rescue dogs and weren't weren't crazy about the added expense, but we ultimately knew we would try anything we could to help our boy. We started Fitchy on Earthborn and the seizures stopped! We were elated. Thank you for caring enough to help and promote healthy animals! We are try big supporters and are always suggesting Earthborn to our family, friends and even strangers. We purchase Earthborn from our local Pet Supplies Plus here in Kokomo.

Andrea F.
Kokomo,  IN

I would like to share with you how your food has helped me all the way here in South Africa.

A few months back I moved house together with my 2 cats and changed their food for financial reasons (was suddenly living alone again).

About a month later the one cat, who was still pretty much litter box bound (out of choice, probably still afraid of new surroundings) started scratching off all the fur under his chin, to the point where the hair was all gone and the area developed a secondary bacterial infection. His diarrhea became much worse as well. After spending lots of money at my vet and ringworm ruled out, the results were inconclusive but the Vet said he's probably allergic to his food and that I should switch back to the original food I was feeding. I did this straight away and he did get better but it was mostly due to the antibiotics and cortisone (symptomatic) treatment. As soon as the course was finished all the scratching and diarrhea came back to the point where there was even blood in his poo.

A friend recommended that I buy your food from a shop down in Cape Town which is 1400km away from me. I had to wait a week for your food to arrive, which was torture as I took him off of the dry food straight away and had to try to get him to eat canned food, raw food, anything BUT the dry food, which he didn't want to do! After some research the sad truth is that most commercial cat food has "cat MSG" on it - it makes it tasty for them and they sort of get addicted to it. And all that marketing makes you believe this and that food is so good, meanwhile it's all crap.

Thankfully after eating your food for 3 weeks now his skin has healed, hair is growing back and poo is in a much better state. Your food is more expensive than what I was feeding but it's still much better than vet bills, a disastrous sandbox scenario and an unhappy unhealthy cat. I'm going to share this with my Vet as I'm sure others have is scenario. Thanks .

Jeanine J.
 South Africa

Our cat's name is Littlehead. When he was a kitten, my husband said "that cat is getting fat" and my daughter said, "he's not fat, he just has a little head." And that's how our cat had his nickname become his permanent one.

Littlehead is at the end of his life now. Our daughter is painstakingly giving him medications to keep his heart pumping and his kidneys from failing. He is barely eating anything anymore. We have tried the best and most expensive foods and our own blend of just about anything to keep our beloved cat nourished. He was barely eating more than a couple tablespoons of food. We tried a couple flavors of your cat food this week and it is unbelievable. I wish you could hear the sound of him lapping up every speck of that can of food!! He is still hanging on…it may be a short time longer that he is here, but he is eating your food so thank you for giving us another day or week or month with our precious friend.

Suzanne S.
 New York

Our dog Grapple, a very happy puppy with beautiful skin and coat.

I have an awesome great pyrennees/akbash/german shepherd mix who has the most amazing coat. We were feeding her what seemed like a very good food but we noticed her coat getting very scraggly and coarse.

I have to say that within days of switching to your Meadow Feast grain-free food our beloved puppy is all soft and beautiful again, a huge thank you for an awesome blend.

Roger C.

I'm writing you today to thank you for all that you do. I have been a big fan of Earthborn Holistic dog food for a few years now and have loved everything about it. I love the fact that you use premium ingredients without any questionable additives and that you keep the health of dogs and cats in mind with your recipes. Also, I trust your food to never be tainted with salmonella since you haven't had any recalls unlke other brands of "high quality" food. And I also totally dig your UPCs for Trees program. I get really excited when I mail in my UPCs - it's nice to find a company that not only does their best to help pets and pet parents but cares about the planet as well.

Last Spring I adopted my best friend from my local animal shelter. He was in pretty bad shape. He was severely underweight, loosing fur, had dandruff and was getting sick a lot. The shelter told me when I adopted him that he seemed to have allergies to regular food and that grain-free food seemed to help a little, but he was still having issues acclimating to the grain-free food they had. For years before that, my mother fed her dogs Earthborn and I remembered how healthy they were when they ate it. So I went to my local pet shop and asked them if Earthborn would be a good food to feed my poor little buddy. They said it was a great food and that it would probably do the trick. And sure enough, he started putting on weight, growing fur with luster and shine. His eyes got brighter and he was 100% more energetic, even for a 9 year old! I know a lot of effort was put into making my Baxter the happy, healthy little guy he is now, but I can't help but feel that a lot of that was due to your amazing food!

Anyway, I don't usually take time to write fan letters like this, but these praises had to be sung! I'm always telling my friends that they should try Earthborn Holistic for their pets! A new pet shop has opened up next door to where I work and I've noticed that they carry Earthborn Holistic too! Thank you for all that you do and keep up the good work!

Ka Trina R.

Gray Dawn has a great thick shiny coat thanks to Earthborn Holistic!

I switched my 9 year old Long Coat German Shepherd Dog, Gray Dawn, to your product about 4 months ago. I wanted a grain free alternative that a picky Shepherd would eat and that would provide enough omegas to help his mobility. We chose the Coastal Catch fish based formula. Not only is he getting around better, with less joint creakiness, his coat has become softer, smoother and more luxurious. We supplement this formula with either the buffalo or lamb based grain free formulas for a tid-bit like snack. He is looking great and feeling Great! Thanks for developing a superior, premium dog food and for helping the earth with your program for tree planting. It is refreshing to see a company that thinks about the bigger picture.

Juanita F.

Good morning. I hope all is well with you.

We were in Charlotte, NC the past weekend to compete in two different events. One was a one day only event on the long dock/long pool in which Storie set a new personal best with a jump of 28'10". This is just 3" shy of the all-time Ultimate Air Dogs record of 29'1". Storie, powered by Earthborn Primitive Natural, is really jumping almost in a class by her self now.

We also participated in a short dock/short pool event that covered three days. This is a 20' dock with a 30' pool and is used due to space limitations. The regular dock and pool is a 40' dock and a 40' to 45' pool. Jumping short dock will produce shorter jumps in almost all cases as it takes a minimum of 25' to 30' of run for a dog to get to full speed. The all-time record on this setup was 23'2". Storie blasted through this 3 different times with jumps of 23'4", 23'6" and a final jump of 23'10"! Because of the measurement being at the base of the tail, Storie's body length puts her head around 27' when entering the pool. This will very likely be our last jump on the short dock. It was discussed and agreed with the owners of Ultimate Air Dogs that the combination of Storie's ability and the length of the pool are at a point that it could be unsafe for her and the dog's safety is the number 1 priority. This jump of 23'10 will likely never be approached in the future and it was thought the 23'2' previous record was almost untouchable.

Thanks again for your continued support. We continue to get asked about Earthborn products and continue to promote it. I received a message just prior to leaving for Charlotte, asking which variety we fed. Another person converted to Earthborn!

Thank you.

J.D. and Ronalee M.

I just wanted to write and say Thank You for making your Wonderful Dog Food! My dog Dozer had skin allergies and he kept breaking out with sores all over his body. The vet said it was probably food allergies and to cut chicken and beef out of his diet. So, I did this and was using some very good grain free food but he still broke out.

Well, since he's been on Earthborn Holistic Dog Food his skin has cleared up and he actually likes your food. I had to add things like pieces of dried sweet potatoes or carrots to the other food before he would even eat it. Also, the cost of taking him to the vet trying to find out what was wrong with him was so expensive.

Thank you so much and I'll let my vet know about you food.

Margie B.
Ballwin,  MO

My name is Terry A. and I have a 9 year old princess named Missy. I found her out on the dock at work; she had been there for about 2 weeks. We all were feeding her chicken from our lunchroom and someone even bought dry cat food for her. It was fall and getting colder, so a friend of mine had a live trap and we caught her and I took her home with me. I took her to the vet for a check-up and that's when we found out she had feline leukemia. The vet said she probably would not live past 2 years. So we brought her home and decided she would have the best life possible while she was with us. About 3 years ago she developed cantankerous horns on all the pads on her feed, which is very common with cats that have this disease. About a year ago they were getting so big I had to carry her everywhere she needed to go including the litter-box. Then one day in November of 2013 one of the regional distributors came into where I work in Bloomington, MN, and we got to talking about our animals and he said he had a very good dry and wet cat food that had a lot of vitamins and things she might need. He then gave me a coupon for a 14lb. bag of Earthborn Holistic grain-free dry food. About a week later I picked it up at my pet food shop. I started to feed her this and that is the only change I have done with her. She started losing the horns about a month after starting to use this magnificent food and today April 19, 2004, she has only one small one left and that's about to fall off too. She now does all the things she used to do like jumping up in the window sill to watch the bunnies and the birds. She is totally our little princess able to run, walk and jump just like she could before developing the horns. She has so much more energy. This is a MIRACLE WORKING cat food as far as I am concerned and I just wanted to say Thank You so very much. I tell all my friends and family to change their cat and dog food to Earthborn Holisitc. You have a customer for life.

Terry A.
Bloomington,  MN

Thank you soooo much. Moses loves your food. In fact he is waiting as I write this. I know when I feed him Coastal Catch he is getting quality food. This is VERY important to me and my husband.

Barb J.

Hello. My husband Tyler and I have 4 beautiful 1 year and 8 month old Pitbull Mixtures. Two females, Dixie and Lexis, and two males, Kane and Duke. Three are litter mates and one, Lexis, was rescued in Virginia while my husband was out of state working.

We started feeding our dogs another brand of pet food. It was giving them major dry skin. So we did some research and found Earthborn Holistic. Tyler said that the first four ingredients were the best from the Primitive Natural. Let me just say, their coats have softened up and the dry skin is gone. Their coats are shiny and smooth. We also started buying the Great Plains Feast to mix together with the Primitive Natural and they love it even more. They do not eat a lot like they used to eat with the other brand of food.

I just wanted to say thank you for your brand of dog food. I don't think we will ever go to a different brand again.

Tyler & Pamela B.
Cincinnatus,  NY

Good Morning.

Storie, powered by Earthborn jumped her way to a 3rd place finish in Atlanta this past weekend. Her best jump (measured to the nose) was 30' even. She missed 1st place by 8 inches and 2nd by just 3 inches. It was a very competitive and talented field. Last year at the Eastern Regional 30' would have won the event.

I take full blame for Storie not finishing higher. She has a tendency to turn her head and/or body to track the dummy I throw. We have been working on longer throws to keep her stretched out and between nerves and the shifting wind conditions from practice day and the actual event, my throws were all short. This cost valuable distance and probably cost her a 32' jump. Oh well, she had a blast and so did we but we left distance on the dock and that is something we did not want to do.

A Canadian record setting Lab (Taz) with Dock Dogs was there as was the 2-time Eastern Region winner (Baxter a Malinois) and runner-up from the Purina Championship last year. Both had high praise for Storie. Not only for her ability but her physical structure and appearance. Both of these dogs are fed a raw diet and both owners were surprised Storie was not on a raw diet. I think she had some impact on their thoughts about dry food.

Thanks again for your support.

J.D. and Ronalee M.

I cannot thank you enough for making this food, especially the moist food. I have a 14 year old cat who absolutely hates moist food. I have tried them all. She was recently diagnosed with kidney disease and will not allow the fluid injections. She also went on a hunger strike and would not eat the prescription food either. I went to the local pet store that has samples and put down all of the samples I could find for my cat to try. She picked yours. Since she needed more moisture in her diet I once again tried every single moist food out there. She once again picked yours!!! With no fuss she is now eating nothing but your moist food. it must be some kind of wonderful as she is even this picky with her treats. It still amazes me how she loves your moist food. After trying everything out there, it is your food she loves. Thank you so very much.

P.S. She loves it so much I am about to switch my dog to your brand too.

Skyler O.

I just thought I'd write you a note. Our 12 year old Jack Russell had been on another brand for all his life. We decided after consulting with our vet to change his food to a natural brand. We visited a number of pet stores and came home with samples of seven brands. The samples were all together in a bag. Our Russell went over to the bag and tore it open. He then picked out the Earthborn Holistic samples, ripped it open and at the entire bag. He made the choice and now eats Earthborn every day!

Barry G.
Framingham,  MA

Bosco & Duchess in the snow.

Bosco (Golden Retriever) 10 year old and my Duchess (German Shepherd) 6 years old both want to thank Earthborn Holistic for making such an awesome food. "We ABSOLUTELY" love your food!!!

Maureen G.

Collage of Destiny when first rescued and then after being on Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch.

Hi there!

I don't know why it's taken me this long, but I wanted to write to you and thank you for making such great food. I began feeding Coastal Catch a couple of years ago to my personal dogs because my Boxer mix had terrible skin issues. His skin would get dry, become flaky and then he would scratch himself which made matters even worse. My female had joint issues which caused her to walk with a limp and our vet had her on prescription strength joint supplements. What was really hard to think about at the time was that she was just over a year old. I had no idea how we were going to alleviate her pain as she grow older since she was already on such strong medication.

Within the first month on being on Coastal Catch, my dog Capone's dry, flaky skin had been replaced by a gorgeous, shiny coat. He also didn't have the horrendous gas that all of us suffered through during some of my other attempts to find him a suitable food. At two months into feeding Coastal Catch, my other dog (Bella) ran out of joint medication and due to my schedule, it was nearly two weeks before I could make it to the vet to pick up more. What we could not believe was that after running out of meds for a week, she was running around outside playing and she never limped. I then let her go without meds for even longer to see if her improvement would last and it did! Two years later, she is still eating Coastal Catch and has no joint issues. I thought her story was pretty awesome and wanted to share.

In 2011, I founded a dog rescue here in TN that works to save dogs scheduled for euthanasia. Sadly there are many of them, but we do the best we can to save as many as possible and offer them for adoption. I wanted to share with you a horrible case of neglect and cruelty that we took in last November. Her name is Destiny and she slowly starved to death at the end of a chain at her home over a long period of time. Finally a meter reader reported her abuse one day on his trip through her neighborhood and animal control called us to assist. When we took Destiny, she was covered in pressure sores, the canine equivalent to human bed sores and some were at stage 4. We have seen a lot of shocking things here, but this poor little dog's condition was very upsetting. I took her home to foster and had to carry her outside to use the bathroom because she was too weak to stand. Her recovery was nothing short of a miracle and our followers were in awe of it when I posted updates. Many wanted to know what she was eating and you should be proud to know that it was Coastal Catch :)

I'm attaching a collage of Destiny and if you'd like to see her journey, you can view her album on our FB page:

We refer our adopters to your food because we simply love it! I wish we could afford to feed it to all of our rescue dogs but our budget just doesn't allow it. Maybe in the future that will be a reality

Jamie, Tennessee Death Row Dogs H.
Spring Hill,  TN

I want to let you know that our West Highland White Terrier had terrible skin allergies the last few years of her life. After many expensive visits to the vet, as well as having her on prescription dog food and drugs, I finally wondered if she was simply allergic to gluten as so many people are.

I went to our local Agway and found your grain-free dog food. After a few months strictly on your food, her allergies cleared up, and her skin became much better and softer. I was able to take her off of the medication. I am so happy to say that she lived her last months in comfort, alert and off of the medications, which made her gain weight and were not good for her liver.

I told a friend of mine about your dog food; her mother has a Bichon, going through the same thing. My friend called yesterday and said that after switching to your dog food, the Bichon also experienced relief from the skin allergies.

I told my vet, and also emailed a vet who writes a column in our local paper, about my experience. The first vet tried to downplay my experience and the second one never answered my email.

I just want you to know that I think your dog food could help a lot of suffering animals and their owners. I wish veterinarians would take this simple diet change seriously and let owners know that allergies do not have to be a lifelong sentence as I was let to believe.

Elaine S.
Beaver,  PA

If you need a picture of a healthy puppy, Sandy fits the bill!

I just switched from another leading brand to Earthborn Holistic Puppy Vantage and my little puppy Sandy loves it. I believe in natural herbal and organic food for myself, so why not for my dog. Here's a picture of him running towards me with a snowball in his mouth.

Gary B.

My name is Kraig B. and I wanted to let you know how much I love your products as well as your recycling efforts. Both of those are extremely important to me and I was thrilled to find out about your company. Recycling is a HUGE part of my business, Garage Brothers. We have implemented many of them in the local community and I'm happy to say that I have the number one show on the DIY Network called "Garage Gold", and that is helping me to recycle more and more. I'm always ecstatic to find out about other individuals/companies that are showing how important it is to take care of our planet by recycling. Plus, it doesn't hurt that my dove LOVES your food. So from both of us, we thank you:) If you get a chance, tune in tot he show, it's on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. on the DIY Network. Thanks again and keep up the great work!

Kraig B.

We wanted to let you know that we are extremely pleased with your brand of dog food. We have a 15 month old Chesapeake Bay Retriever named otis. His coat was starting to get real brittle and the color was not as shiny and soft as it should be. We were originally adding salmon oil to his coat which was terribly expensive and wasn't doing much. We switched to your Ocean Fusion and within 5 days his coat looked like a new dog. It was shiny, soft and his rich brown color was coming through. We were just truly amazed at this. He did not have any digestive problems whatsoever when we switched him over. We also love your entire concept of earth and holistic aspect. We were turned onto this food by a worker at Pet World Warehouse and couldn't thank her enough. Otis thanks her too!!! Overall on a scale of 1-10, we would give your product a 15!!!! We sent in a UPC code in the name of Otis for a tree as well!!!

Amy P.

I have a two year old Australian Labradoodle who after many food tries he enjoys and tolerates your grain free food best. It took a lot to get here but he has been on it a year now and I am so happy.
My daughter has a one year old Portugese Water dog who has suffered diarrhea since birth. The vet had him on prescription food mixed with other high quality dog foods, but he still continued with diarrhea and was not growing as he should. I told her how well our dog does on Earthborn so she tried it. It was a success! No more diarrhea and he seems to be filling out, finally. She now has both her dogs on your grain free bison, Great Plains Feast. Thank you.

Karen K.

Just want to thank you for your large breed grain free formula! Our golden retriever "Morgan" has been in need of a new premium dog food ever since her first food was discontinued. I did the research of course and I finally got it down to two options. Earthborn Large Breed won easily, with the perfect ingredients, and guaranteed analysis that would help her. Her old food had only 22% protein. The vet was concerned that Morgan might gain too much weight with a higher protein content, due to my wife, Morgan's Mom, giving her too many treats! But Dad believes that more exercise is need for this problem!
Morgie knows very well she has a good food at the ready. She's been standing by the pantry door closet where we keep the dog food. And so far, she hasn't been switched over to 50% yet! Dad thinks this is a very good sign! More exercise-better food, for a happy dog and family!
Just for your information, Earthborn easily beat out other grain free top leading brands. Your large breed formula containing 26% protein, instead of 38% and life source bits, won hands down. All we ask is to keep up the good work for our beloved golden retriever.

David W.

We have to tell you how switching to Earthborn Holistic has changed our dogs' lives!!! We have three Great Danes. Two of them suffered from severe grass allergies from the age of 2, and they are now 7. They would chew their paws open for 5 months each year to alleviate the allergies. We tried everything for years! We are so fortunate that the manager of Pet Valu at Kendig Square in Lancaster, PA, told us to try your food. Within 2 weeks, the allergies were almost totally cured. Within two months, there were no signs of the allergies. Plus, the energy level of our dogs has increased dramatically! They play like puppies, and they had never done that before! There coats are so silky too! Thank you a million! We have told everyone we work with and all of our family to switch to your brand. Thank you so much! You have changed our lives and our dog's lives!!!

Sheila S.
Lancaster,  PA

Just wanted to let you now how thrilled I am with the quality of your grain free dry cat food. We have two princesses who have been on Primitive Feline ever since we got them. They are glossy, soft, smell sweet, hardly shed and are so full of energy they do reo's off the walls when they are playing.

I first bought the food from a local pet store without any help, just because I like the grain free and the sound of the ingredients. I have recently found a new supplier, Pet Stock, Coorparoo, who is much more helpful and I discussed the different grain free products with him and he said your food is the top of the tree in terms of health and production value. He recommended it over all others.

Thanks for producing the product - we love our girls and they are so much healthier and happier than any of the friend's cats.


Ann B.
Tarragindi,  Queensland, Australia

We just wanted to write you and thank you for your product. It literally probably saved the life of our dog, Bella.

We adopted Bella, a Husky-Red Heeler mix, in April 2012 from the Puppies’ Voice program here in Fort Collins, CO. They had her on a competing product, and for a while she did OK. By the summer she began to itch and developed pus pockets on her belly. We took her to the vet recommended by Puppies’ Voice who told us she was allergic to grass, which was very bad news considering how much she likes to play outside. We were told she would probably need allergy shots which are fairly expensive and out of our budget. We then decided to go out on our own and see if we could find a solution by researching on the internet. Our research led us to believe she is allergic to grains, not grass. We tried different grain-free foods and creams & pills with varying degrees of success, but the poor dog was still itching all over and chewing her paws, which began to bleed and smelled bad. She also lost whole patches of fur off of her back from scratching. We did what we could to keep her comfortable but the poor dog was visibly miserable. Finally, in September of this year, we went to a small holistic pet food store just minutes from our home looking for the brand of food we were using at the time. They were out of the brand & type we used, but recommended we try your Coastal Catch. We purchased a 5 lb bag with little hope it would help, and within two days use we noticed an improvement in Bella’s energy level and overall disposition. Where before she was very lethargic and just looked miserable, now she had the sparkle back in her eyes, was getting up to play and we actually had to keep her indoors and resting because her paws were still pretty raw. Needless to say, we were ecstatic! Even though Bella still looked rough, the change told us we were on to something. The pet store told us there is a money-back guarantee if there is at least ½ a bag left, but we didn’t need it. We purchased a larger bag, and over the course of the next several weeks, she improved to the point where we could take her on short walks. Her fur grew back and her paws quit smelling bad and continued to heal. Today we have a happy, healthy, energetic pet who we adore. It broke our hearts to see her as sick as she was, but we didn’t know what else to do. At her worst, we were afraid if we didn’t find a solution soon that she would die; even though it broke our hearts, we considered either adopting her out to a family with the means to buy the treatments she needed, or just put her to sleep. We couldn’t bear to see her suffer. Thanks to your Coastal Catch, we did neither. Today we have living testimony that food makes all the difference in the health & well-being of a pet. An interesting side-effect is that we know if Bella has been naughty and eats something she shouldn’t; she starts itching again, but thankfully it doesn’t last long. Thanks again for a great product!

Kelly A.
Fort Collins,  CO

My handsome Vizsla Finn.

Dear Earthborn,
Attached is a picture of my 2 year old male Vizsla, Finn. Without a doubt he is the best looking dog I have ever had and I credit that to your Great Plains Feast recipe. His coat is extremely soft and shiny and he's in incredible physical shape. I have fed him Earthborn since he was a puppy and can see the clear difference in his coat vs. the coats of every Vizsla I've had before him. He is the perfect model if you want to demonstrate what good, quality food can do for your dog. Thank you.

Michelle C.

Before and after pictures after just two months on Earthborn Holistic.

I've adopted a Pekingese from a former grooming client of mine. He has only a few teeth and I could tell he was obviously not properly taken care of. He had very very sparse hair, severe allergies and skin/ear infections. Now after owning him for 2 months and feeding him exclusively Earthborn Holistic grain free dry and mixing wet....he's in amazing shape! Thank you sooooo much for making an amazing product! I've enclose before and after picture...hope to spread the good word!

Samantha M.

Here is a photo of Athena at 3 months old.

Hello to those of the Earthborn company.
My name is Javi and I recently bought my blue nose bully Athena in September. She is about five months old. I have been using your food the entire time watching her progression and not only am I impressed, but so is everyone she comes in contact with. I have been giving her Primitive Natural but I'm going to get the Coastal Catch and Great Plain Feast as well and see how she likes them. She is my service dog and I like to keep her at her top performance. Thank you for creating such an awesome formula.Here is a photo of Athena at 3 months old.

Javi M.

I took my daughter to the pet store just to play with puppies and thought I'd pick up some dog food for my chihuahua. He has recently had dry itchy skin, and a dull coat so instead of the normal grocery store food a lady there recommended your small breed dog food. It has been 2 days and my dog hasn't itched once. He is also super energetic and his stool is much more firm. Unbelievable! You have a great product. I never really gave it much thought but I will never feed him anything else again! He can also be a little picky but he loves this stuff. Thank you!

Laura B.
Indianapolis,  IN

We have a 9 year old Daschund dog, who had severe back problems. He was grumpy and in pain. He would put himself to bed at 4 p.m. and not get up again until mid morning. He was miserable.
The vet said that we should stop him from climbing up stairs and onto couches as this would just aggravate his condition. I changed his diet to Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch and 6 months later, I have a happy, healthy, energetic dog. His coat is shiny and no longer smells. He acts like a puppy again, rolls on his back, chases balls, jumps on and off couches and happily runs up and down the stairs all day. He has lost his grumpiness. He is a new dog!!! We are so grateful to Earthborn for providing this wonderful dog food.

Debi L.
North West Province,  South Africa

I have been purchasing Earthborn Holistic formula for cats since February 2013. I started my kitten on (another leading brand) grain free formula for kittens. My mother had a puppy at the time, a yellow lab. She started him on Earthborn due to a recommendation from her breeder. Her dog’s coat was beautiful, so I made the decision to switch my kitten to Earthborn as well. My vet was unhappy with my choice however, she stated that it did not have the proper nutrients for a kitten and suggested that an “all life stages” food is really geared towards adults only. She suggested (another leading brand). I kindly informed her that I would never feed my cat that brand and would do so over my dead body!
When I first rescued my kitten Mia, she was feral. She is a gray and buff calico with other orange and white tones. She had worms, fleas, and was not very soft. She also had an injury to her mouth that required antibiotics. Mia has become a domesticated, loving, and beautiful cat. She weighs 6.5 lbs at 12 months old. Although she is a small cat, she is very active, healthy, and happy. Mia is so soft, smells nice, and has a beautiful coat. Since we first rescued Mia she has gained two sisters, Ellie who is 8 years old, and Kimbra who is now 6 months old.
Ellie was the first sister to join our family. She came from a home and a shelter that fed a poor quality food. After 2 weeks of just eating enough to keep from starving, we switched from the “Primitive Feline” to the “Wild Sea Catch.” Ellie seemed to go nuts for this specific formula. She ended her strike and began to enjoy feeding time. Now we buy both formulas and mix the two. Kimbra is our biggest challenge. She is very shy and reserved. Feeding time is our time to build trust. Kimbra absolutely loves both formulas and all canned recipes.
In conclusion, I am very proud to say that I made the switch to Earthborn. It feels good to ensure that my cats are happy, healthy, and enjoy their food. I purchase my Earthborn from “Sooper Dogs” in Biddeford Maine, where I live. The staff there is kind, friendly, and suggests Earthborn to any customer looking for a new food. At their store, they have a customer card where after you purchase 10 bags, you get one for free. I really enjoy this system. Feeding a healthy food isn’t cheap, but it does save money on future health issues caused by (some other leading brands). I checked the prices on and Sooper Dogs prices are better than Amazon! I also enjoy the UPC for trees idea. It feels good to give back to the planet Earth.
Thank you for reading my story and taking the time to understand my appreciation for your product. Enjoy your day!

Amanda P.
Biddeford ,  ME

Here is a picture of our dog Lis - he sends you his best wishes!

My dog really likes this meal! He had a terrible allergy with previous brand, and we decided to switch to Ocean Fusion. Now everything is perfect and his fur is shining!

Helena S.

Here is a picture of my guide recently taken at the Palace of The Lost City (first dog ever to be permitted on the Sun City grounds as a guest where we received once again numerous compliments.

I would just like to compliment you on your product. I am a legally blind woman with a Labrador guide dog. I started using Earthborn Holistic in July; my guide's coat is shinier, less hair falls out and his general health is excellent. Being a guide dog, he is in the public eye at all times so his appearance and health are of utmost importance. I cannot tell you how many times I have been approached by the members of the public complimenting me on how wonderful my guide looks and how soft his coat is. Due to Titan, my guide, we have converted quite a few dog owners to your product and praise your product constantly to members of the public complimenting Titan,

Thank you once again for putting this magnificent top quality product on the mark in South Africa.

Carol M.
 South Africa

Here is a picture of Squig loving life.

I can not thank Earthborn Holistic Natural Pet Food enough. This food has quite literally given my 18 month old Pup anther shot at life. My dog has been diagnosed with epilepsy since she was 9 months old, just 1 week after I adopted her when her previous owner was taking her to the pound. The longest break we had between seizures was 136 days, during this time was was eating your Primitive Natural dog food.

Recently my vet advised me to put her on a prescription diet to assist her with feeling full (medication makes them feel hungry constantly). Well, the seizures came back with a vengeance and 3 weeks ago she had 4 seizures that week. I thought that was the end for my girl but wanted to give her one last chance so I put her back on your Primitive Natural and we have not had a seizure since! It is my belief that it is the lack of preservatives and chemicals in your food that makes all the difference! Thank you! Thank you so much!

Mandy S.

A very happy Goliath.

My dog Goliath loves your food! We are collecting UPC codes to send in for the tree planting project, which is a fantastic, love, love it!

Michelle G.
Hermosa Beach,  CA

11 Month old Ambrican Isador pictured with breeders/handlers/owners, Randy, Penny and Rachel Frederiksen.

Ambrican Isadora at 11-months winning it all as "Winners Bitch" from the 9-12 Puppy Class at the 2013 BHCA National specialty show under breeder-judge, Mrs. Carla LaFave. WOW.....what a win for this Earthborn-fed young female at her very first show.

Randy F.
New Braunfels,  TX

Casey & Kelly love Earthborn Holistic

I am writing to you on behalf of both my dogs, (Casey & Kelly - Labrador Retrievers, brother & sister - same litter) as well as my own as they just absolutely LOVE your Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch Natural Dog Food! Both of them are on a very strict diet due to some fierce allergies (no chicken, no carrots, no alfalfa, no grains) so they are very limited in what they can actually have. So "Thank You" for making such a wonderful grain-free food!

Jennifer M.
Park Forest,  IL

I recently ordered 2 small bags of food from to try out on my 5 year old dog. He has been on the Ocean Fusion and Meadow Feast for about 3 weeks now. I mix the 2 of them together about 50/50 mix. He has lost 3/4 of a lb.; he needs to lose a little more and his coat and allergies are a lot better! He is barely itching at all!!! He used to chew and dig until he had open wounds. So I just ordered Puppy Vantage and Primitive Natural for my 1.75 year old dog and 7 month old puppy.

I can't wait to get them transitioned this week. The stools have been small and very firm also. So with 3 dogs that is a hug bonus. Thanks so much for a great product. I'm telling everyone about it. Very few people have heard of it but one of our trainers said that a breeder in California she got her puppy from used Earthborn Puppy Vantage. So thanks for an affordable product that is high quality!!!

Teresa H.

I thought I would pass along a bittersweet tale.

Both of my cats love Earthborn Holistic Chicken Catcciatori. My older cat has been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor, forcing removal of a hind leg. The report is the tumor will likely return, and she may have 6 months or less left with me. She is 17 years old and been with me since a kitten. She loves Earthborn and has been getting some, even spoon fed by me, daily during her current recuperation. I will continue giving her what she loves for the amount of time we have left together. For the moment she seems happy.

Don W.
Santa Cruz,  CA

I just have to tell you how amazing your food is. We have 2 cats. Nyx, a one year old short hair, and Shadow, a ten year old long hair. Shadow has had urinary tract issues so we've always fed a very high quality food. Lately we noticed that they weren't doing well. Their coats were dull and yucky feeling. They were shedding like crazy, had dandruff, itching their ears and they seemed a little grumpy. Also Shadow was getting such bad mats that we were about to have him shaved. I don't know if they changed the formula of the food they were on or what but we were worried he'd get sick. Earthborn was a new product being carried where we get our cat food. The ingredients looked great so we got a small bag to try and we're hooked! Within a week their coats were shiny, no dandruff or itching, hardly any shedding and we even noticed a difference in the litter box. Shadow was even able to work out all his mats with a little help from us of corse. They are happy healthy cats again. Thank you!

Jolie A.

Several months ago we switched our 2 year old silk terrier over to your Earthborn Holistic Grain Free wet food.

She has always been a very finicky eater. She has had a luxating patella since she was a baby and the doctor has recommended that we keep her at a healthy weight and on a grain free diet. We have also been trying to keep her away from chicken because they thought she could be allergic (although the jury is out on that). Therefore it has limited our choices.

Your product has been amazing...she loves it and eats with no problems for the first time in 2 years. The packaging has also made it very convenient.

Michele B.
Schererville,  IN

Gunnar's 's skin after being on Earthborn Holistic is clearing up!

I wanted to contact you today and tell you thank you for the wonderful dog food you have!!! We have Foxy, a 9 year old black lab and Gunnar a 2 year old Catahula Leopard dog. We came across your dog food at Pet Club here in Glendale, AZ, because Gunnar was having a very bad skin reaction. After a visit to the vet we found out it was a food allergy and needed to put him on a better no grain food. Well, we tried the Great Plains Feast bison dry food and Gunnar and Foxy loved it!! We are going on a month of them being on this food and really see a big difference in Gunnar's skin condition. I know if Gunnar could thank you he would with a big slobbery kiss! Again I wanted to just write you and thank your company for a great dog food.

Lisa L.
Glendale,  AZ

I can't thank you enough for creating the Coastal Catch holistic food for our dog Izabella. She is half JRT and half Miniature Schnauzer and has had numerous food allergies and environmental allergies of unknown etiology. As a former Vet Tech, I have always been interested in good nutrition. With Izzy's allergies, my Vet said she would do well with a nominal protein diet with no grains - gluten free. I have had to have our girl on Cortisone for some time and since having put her on this new food, I am seeing such changes in her in just 5 days that I had to write to you. First, she is way more satisfied with the Coastal Catch than she was with the former gluten free food we fed her that was similar in price point. Secondly, she is excited about eating her am and pm meals! (Not so with the other product.) Thirdly, she is more happy, calm and not trying to eat our cat's food as before. Finally, the change in her stool is a marked improvement as well. Trained to notice changes in animal behavior, I actually was wondering if I could be seeing improvements with her this soon! I will surely write in another month to report on her coat and skin condition which is the other reason I was seeking to change her food. Thank you for helping our little Izabella feel better!

Candace M.
Laconia,  NH

We'd rather fight than switch!

I switched to Earthborn Small Breed after a recall of my previous brand. My two Havanese dogs, Halle, who is 5 and Kody who is 6, absolutely love it. Kody has been a rather finicky eater most of his life, and often didn't eat his breakfast at all. That has not happened once in the three months I've been feeding Earthborn. In addition, both dogs, who are from different parents, had scaly patches on their rumps for the past couple of years. Amazingly, after feeding Earthborn for about a month, those patches disappeared. I will never switch back to my previous brand. Thank you so much for providing such a quality product for my best buddies.

Donna S.
Greeley,  CO

Bucket of kisses!

First, all four of my cairn terriers love your pet food, especially my tiny one Tink who had 20 inches of her intestine removed which is how I found your wonderful food. I really appreciate that your company is so earth friendly, Thank.

Lisa M.

Thank from Owen, Lionel and Deanna!

I have fed your Earthborn Holistic dog food to my two dogs every morning and every night for the last year and a half. They love it and so do I! Owen is four years old and has terrible stomach issues. It seems that the poor guy is allergic to most ingredients in common dog foods. I have tried other natural/holistic dog foods and nothing seemed to work for him. For three years I was trying every type of dog food I could find for him with no luck. A year and a half ago I adopted Lionel and came across your food. I started Lionel on your puppy formula and Owen on the Meadow Feast. Owen does extremely well on it and Lionel just chows it down. I have bought two bags of the 28 lbs. bags every month for these guys. We are very satisfied with your product!

Deanna L.

Here is our litter of Glen of Imaal Terriers at 4 weeks of age.

I recently (4 months ago) made the switch to Earthborn and I must say I have seen a huge difference in my dogs. We show in confirmation and performance around the country year round so our dogs must be in top shape. Our hard keepers are putting on weight, coats are shiny and energy levels are strong. This all started when you sponsored the Talent Content in Zanesville, Ohio, at We Luv Pets.

I am raising my first litter on this food. Thanks again for a great food.

Blake W.
Zanesville,  OH

My dogs love your food. My 5 month old puppy went nuts over the Coastal did my other 2! I love the fact that the grain free has L-Carnitine in it.My 5 year old is chunky but has allergies so its hard to keep him on grain free without any weight gain.

Teresa H.

It has not quite been 2 monthhs since our dogs have been on the Meadow Feast grain-free and they love it and are doing great. Neko is no longer constantly scratching and her skin infection bumps are gone!. I haven't had to give her medicine for over a month which she was previously getting daily. Diesel hasn't had any more skin infections from getting into food he isn't supposed to have and even sits by his food container and whines until he is fed. He has never done that before. They love it and most days scarf it down in a matter of minutes. Thank you for creating such a wholesome and delicious product for our four legged kids! Keep up the good work and amazing quality. Thanks again.

Emily H.

I'd just like to take a minute and give a review on your food. We were recently at a pet store and we were searching for a food that our German Shepherd could have; he was recently diagnosed with EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic insufficiency) which is where his pancreas doesn't produce enzymes to break down his food. With EPI he has to have a low fiber food, no more than 4%. A gentleman that was there representing Earthborn came and asked if we were looking for something special and we explained our problem. He showed us your food and after looking it over and checking out the ingredient we bought a small bag as a sample to see how our Shepherd would do.

He loves it! We were currently feed a high end bison diet and thankfully you had a bison formula of food. He is starting to put weight back on and since being on your food for just a week he's packed on almost 5 lbs. We were not able to accomplish this with the other brand. You have two very happy customers and one furry pawed guy that is eating and having a full tummy on your food.

I'm thankful for the time that the gentleman took in going over everything with us and helping us find the right food for our Shepherd. As long as he keeps eating, gaining and this food is working for him, we will continue to purchase your food. The one thing with EPI is finding the right food that they will do good on and my fingers are crossed that this is the one. We are very happy that it's in our price range! I belong to a forum for dogs with EPI and I will pass on the good word of your food! Thank you.

Mellanee S.

Rosie loves Earthborn Holistic.

Got samples of your food today and my dog Rosie LOVED every flavor. I think we have a new favorite dog food brand!

Elaina J.
Aurora,  IL

I just started feeding my 2 dogs (boxers) your Earthborn Holistic Ocean Fusion dry and moist dog food. My dogs love it. My youngest is a picky eater and now she cleans her bowl - not a crumb insight. I also love the containers that the canine moist food comes in.
I saw your food at Feeders Supply and one of the employees highly recommended your food. She has her own dog on the same food.
I just wanted to say that Earthborn Holistic is my favorite brand of dog food and my dogs are are all about it, especially the moist food!

Laura H.

I have switched my dogs from a leading grain free food based on a conversation with the owner of Dog, Cat, Bird and Fish Pet Store in Belverde, TX where I purchase food. I just want to say my dogs love it and they are doing very well on this food. Thank you for a great product and I must say a much better price than I was paying and your food is even better!

Sue W.
Bulverde,  TX

Lady Blaze, the painter.

This is Lady Blaze. She helps me paint my award winning dog portraits. She's a happy Earthborn dog!!

Diane S.

Wishing you a great 4th of July.

Robbie is an Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast pup and he is a top therapy dog in Minnesota. He does therapy and hospice 3 - 4 times a week without fail. He loves his job. His business card is PAWS for love.

Diane S.

Great advertisement for Earthborn Holistic!

LOVE the Earthborn food. My female German Shepherd does fantastic on it. She loves the Meadow Feast. Just take a look at her picture. She's great advertisement for Earthborn, don't you think?

Patty G.

I just wanted to let you know that my dogs LOVE Earthborn Holistic! My sheltie, Emily, passed away in October 2012 at the age of 12 1/2. She gobbled the Earthborn! My APBT, Max, is now 2 1/2 and he loves Earthborn. A few months ago I switched him to the grain free because it was lower in protein (he was getting a little helfty!) Max has been eating Earthborn since I adopted him 04/17/2011 when he was 8 weeks old. And he loves the wet food too! And I like that the wet food comes in nice plastic containers with a lid so I don't have to find a cover for it.

I foster for a few rescues and for my local shelter. Back in November 2012 we fostered four 3 month old pit bull mix puppies that all had Demodex mange. They were already behind the eight ball medically speaking so I decided that they needed to have the best food and put them right on Earthborn Puppy Vantage. They thrived on this food! Yes, they had to take a daily dose of Ivermectin and had nightly baths to soothe their skin and 4 bedding changes a day but I truly believe that giving them a high quality food helped them. In addition to Earthborn they got all natural treats from Three Dog Bakery and fresh vegetables and fresh fruit and....Popsicles. One was Demodex free in less than a month. The second and third ones were Demodex free in 2 months and the fourth one which had it so bad that when we got them her face and head were hairless, dry, cracked, and bleeding. Her little face was swollen. She had patches of hair on her back and sides and bumps all over her little body. She had to have been in such pain but she was the happiest up of them all. And what a cuddlebug! She loved to be held. It took 3 1/2 months for her Demodex to clear up. When they were adopted out I made sure to give their new parents enough Earthborn to last 3 days so they could keep them on the same high quality food. The last litter we fostered were 5 (out of littler of 9) and they also had Earthborn since the time they could eat! (Their original foster mommy fostered them and their momma since they were 3 days old. She adopted the momma and one of the babies!). By the time they were 7 weeks old they were driving their foster insane...9 active puppies, momma dog and cats! So, we took 5 to foster. They were happy, healthy and oh so chubby! They were adopted out 2 weeks after I got them and again their new parents got Earthborn for them.

I look for high quality food that have no recalls and I certainly found that in Earthborn. Thank you for having a high quality food and ner having a recall!!

Selena A.
Bethlehem,  PA

Finn just waiting for more Earthborn Holistic!

I have been feeding my rescued 2 year old Springer Spaniel your Great Plains Feast for over 6 months, and he is doing great on the food. His weight came up to a healthy level and his coat is shining! I chose your Holistic Great Plains Feast based on the excellent review I read about on Finn just loves the food and we often use it for treats as well w hen walking him. I don't want to dilute the good nutrition we're providing him with too many lesser quality treats. I've shared some with two friends to try out their dog, and the reaction was the same - they loved it. Thanks for a great food!

Susan T.
Delmar,  NY

Good Morning.

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how happy I am to have found you and your cat food. I recently moved to a farm here in Indiana (yay! you're local!) and one by one, have made friends with the barn cats. One of the more feral cats decided to friend me and have her litter of kittens in our closet this past January. We saved all of them and had all seven neutered about 3 weeks ago in Ft. Wayne. It's a 40 minute drive for us, so we stayed in the city and discovered Pet Supplies Plus and your food. The ingredients impressed me and I like the fact that it was one food for adults and kitten, so I purchased a large bag.

I did the unthinkable....I'd been feeding one of the other grain free foods, and forgot to let my fiance know to mix the foods in the transition to Earthborn. Now having 8 cats, you'd think that one of them might have second thoughts about a new food but NONE of them did...Everyone loves it. They will sit and stare at the mason jar I keep their food in and they cry for more.

Thanks for being who you are, natural, affordable and wholesome. We appreciate it!

Kimberly D.

Thank you for such a great product! Chutley's coat is magnificent and his energy levels excellent on your food. I had been on "another leading brand," but it made him a little constipated. Earthborn is perfect and it is even more affordable! We both thank you very much. Chutley lives to play fetch and he is cuter than anything!!

Chris D.

I want to let you know that we are extremely happy with your grain free food. We used "other leading grain-free foods" for several years but after several months of using your products we saw amazing results on my 12 goldens. I had 3 that couldn't keep a healthy weight; they exercise a lot and they were too skinny. Now they look beautiful and their coat is amazing. All of the families that adopted from us over the last 12 months are using your grain free food, and they are absolutely happy. I was able to help other families from my previous litters switch to your products too. We also love the program that you have to plant trees.

Claudia C.
Brooksville,  FL

I actually have never taken the time to contact a manufacturer of a product before, even when I love it. I do want to comment and compliment though on your company's product that I give to my dog. My wife and I recently adopted a 10 month old Rat Terrier from a rescue group. We put her on the Earthborn Small Breed Natural Food for Dogs after talking with your company rep who was displaying it at Feeder's Supply in Clarksville, IN.

I just wanted to let your company know how our dog seems to be thriving on it. She has maintained a very nice weight that our vet said is literally perfect for her. She has a shiny, healthy coat and skin. Her eyes shine and glisten and she seems to be in picture perfect health. We are really very happy with the quality of the food and she seems to love it.

Thank you for making such a nice product and providing it at what I think is a fair price and good value for my dollar.

Larry W.
Henryville,  IN

I want to thank you for your Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch dog food. I have 3 cocker spaniels with bad allergies to food and this has worked wonders for them!!! Thank you so much!

Mylissa H.

Breakfast of Champions - Earthborn Holistic - Monterey Medley.

Our blind cat, Tria Maria, is enjoying her morning Earthborn Holisitc Monterey Medley. She is the subject of a children's book entitled The Cat with No Eyes.

Haunani W.

I feed all of pets Earthborn Holistic. I have 3 dogs and 1 cat. My cat, Sammy is very picky and before I found Earthborn Holistic she would hardly eat canned food. Now, she begs me for her canned Earthborn Holisitc and gobbles it up immediately! I stressed so much over her lack of canned food and it is wonderful to know she gets the nutrition she needs now.

My dogs also love Earthborn. I only feed them grain free. Lucy Belle, my Boston Terrier, is allergic to chicken and beef, so it is so nice to have the options of your fish or lamb formula. I also have a Chihuahua named Paco and a Chi/Rat Terrier mix named Sally. All of them love their Earthborn!

I just wanted to thank you for making a quality, affordable food that my pets love and I enjoy feeding them.

Danielle B.

Zach and Storm competing in Dock Diving.

My Chocolate Lab, Storm is a dock dog competitor. I've been searching for something non-raw to feed, as I prefer the ease of kibble and the knowledge that his teeth are being worked as they should. We have FOUND our new food!!!
Storm and his brother, Simon, compete in the sport of Dock Diving (Simon is the 2011 Novice National Big Air Champion and Storm placed top 10 in the world in the Speed Retrieve Discipline this year in Iowa). Zachary, our 10-year-ld also received an invitation with Storm in the youth division event.
They both have begun to compete in agility and have risen FOUR (out of 6) levels just this year, showing lots of promise in the area as well. All of my dogs LOVE your food, and I LOVE the price for the value?

Kim V.
Elkton,  MD

I just wanted you to know that I have a boxer. He is 6 years old and is allergic to corn and chicken and also suffers from allergies. Along with that, he also has trouble drinking water. But since i have been feeding him Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch, he loves water! I love him just as I love my kids so you can understand why I am writing this email today. Thank you so much for putting this brand on the market.

Lisa W.
Burlington,  NC

Before and after photo of Lucy after being on Earthborn Holistic for 6 months. Her coat has changed and eyes are bright.

Here is the before and after pics of our rescued Jask Russell mix on Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast bison for 6-months.

Diane P.

My name is Ihosvany G. and my dog is named Tasha. She is a red nosed APBT 5 years of age.Tasha is like family to me. When her allergies and skin/ear complications got worse over time, I realized I had to consider changing her food. I realized that the grains she was consuming in ner lower quality dog food might be the problem. We came across your grain-free Earthborn Holistic at the local feed store here in Palm Bay, Florida. This is the best pet food we have tried by far concerning her allergy problems. The best part is that she loves it! Being able to feed her less grain filler has helped tremendously with her quality of life and mine as well. Thank you for making such a great product. you have a lifelong customer in me.

Ihosvany G.
Palm Bay,  FL

Thank you so much for a great product! Our little furry child (Jack Russell) suddenly started getting dry skin and could not stop scratching. After two cortisone shots (which I hated to give) the symptoms kept on coming back.

I read up about natural remedies and came across your food. Within a week on Earthborn grain-free food her skin is completely healed and beautiful like before!!

Thanks so much!!!

Sulani L.
 South Africa

My beautiful kitty with Earthborn Holistic.

Just wanted to share this pic of how cute my kitty looks next to your food! The color of the bag makes his colors pop! Thanks for a great healthy food and I really am glad you do UPCs for Trees.

Theresa C.

I wanted to thank you for creating great products. I have tried feeding my 2 cats all kinds of dry and wet food and I have finally settled on your brand for all of their feeding needs. I especially love that your food is grain-free and you have not had any recent recalls. Your wet food looks like real food and not some mess of processed parts. It also smells like real food. I could not stand the smell of cat food from the other brands but this stuff looks and smells appetizing. Also, my cats are able to maintain a healthy weight on your products and their fur is soft and shiny.

Thank you.

Yana T.
Milwaukee,  WI

After years of what my husband and I thought was feeding good cat food to our loved feline family, we started noticing and reading about all the "bad" stuff in it. For years we fed "a leading brand" to the cats, however we stated noticing how they were shedding year round. Ugh. A few years ago, we rescued "again" a couple of abandoned kitties by their momma. A couple years ago we noticed the little female was constantly throwing up her dry food and she started aggressively grooming herself to the point that her belly was bald along with her hind legs. She then started on her front legs. Panic mode set in; we began wondering what was wrong with her. I decided that she must have a food allergy, particularly to grain. We had tried SO MANY different "high quality" dry foods and she wasn't getting any better. Then one of my barn kittys disappeared and the remaining one was so traumatized that she became an instant house kitty. She was also throwing up the dry food almost daily. Se we switched to another leading brand thinking that would way and they didn't like it. We tried two other "leading brands" and were getting so upset with no changes occurring.

Then one day while at the pet store in Appleton, WI (Pet Supplies Plus) we talked extensively with the feline rep and she told us to try your Earthborn Holistic product...the grain free. So we bought a bag of the Earthborn Holistic Primitive Feline grain free. At first the cats were persnickety and sort of turned up their noses. They have been on it now for about 2 months.

No more vomiting! No more hairballs! No more horrible shedding! Their coats are glossy, less flakiness and poor over grooming kitty has stopped pulling all her hair out..oh ya she's still sort of bald but it's growing back so I know it took some time for their systems to start gaining the benefits of this great food. Hubby is picking up another bag today. We were able to order it in and have it delivered to our local store here in town. Thanks for a great food.

Carrie R.
Waupaca,  WI

Our family adopted a Guide Dog from the Southeastern Guide Dog Foundation in Florida. Bella is a bossy Aussie and had been eating another brand of food when we adopted her. I switched her to your wonderful food about 8 months ago and she is one happy puppy girl.

Thank you for a great product and a great company that is preserving our planet with your environmentally positive attitude. We will be mailing in all UPCs for trees that we have collected this week.

Really Happy in the Sunshine State.

Deanna F.

I am totally sold on your product. I work for Petsense in Logansport, IN, and had never heard about your product until I started working here. I have 7....yes 7 dogs. I rescue and rehabilitate dogs, cats and horses. The dogs I have kept either have serious behavioral or medical issues and could not be re-homed. I have several dogs that are highly allergic to specific grains and your grain free line is phenomenal Not only does it provide the lack of grains that I have been looking for, for YEARS, but it also has made a huge difference not only in my dogs overall health but has also, I believe, helped with some behavioral issues. All 7 of my dogs, ranging from a 3 pound Yorkie all the ay to a 90 punt Malamute, love and benefit from this food.

Heather R.
Rochester,  IN

First of all, I want to tell you that I love, love, LOVE your products! My 10 year old cat, Chloe, is diabetic and since she has been on your cat food, her blood sugar levels have stabilized and she is no longer on insulin. My two Maine Coons, Frank and Beans are doing great on your cat food as well (although Beans isn't thrilled with the veggies in Harbor Harvest and picks out the peas)! LOL!

Charidy M.
Springfield,  OH

I recently switched to your Wild Sea Catch cat food and am very pleased with it. My cats absolutely love it, and I am excited about giving them a healthier alternate. I am happy that it has a low magnesium level, as that is especially critical for one of my boys' urinary health. I appreciate your UPCs for Trees program very much.Thank you for providing a high quality product, and for all your efforts to make the earth healthier.

Deanne M.
Grand Rapids,  MI

My 9 year old German Shepherd Alley has EPI (a pancreatic disorder that if left untreated starves a dog to death). We have tried many different foods including leading brands with both grain and grain-free varieties but she could not tolerate them. About 6 months ago we switched to Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch and WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! We have hound our food for life :-). The food is expensive, but it's healthy. I'd do anything for my dog, that's why I feed her Earthborn; it's the best!

Stephanie R.
East Stroudsburg,  PA

I just wanted to write you real quickly to say thank you for your pet food. My dog had surgery yesterday to get a tumor removed and have his little teeth cleaned. The vet suggested I give him some wet food for a while just until his teeth are a little less sore (he normally eats dry food). I picked up your Pepper's Pot Roast for him and he was thrilled. That's the first thing he's acted even remotely happy about and I was happy to see him acting like he used to. Thanks again!

Katie B.

I would like to take this time to thank you for making a dog food that is great for all dogs! (And the UPCs for trees program)

My two dogs love your food; our little Shiba Inu is a very picky eater and has a mild grain allergy. She rejects most grain free dog foods but yours is the only one she will eat. Our Boxer/Hound mix could care less what he eats but it is good to know we are feeding him the right stuff. He is a very high energy dog, so naturally he would look underfed if not fed right. Your food keeps him going and he has even started to fill out very nicely with lean muscle. Both our dog's coats are very soft and look amazing. Thanks again for your outstanding product! I recommend your pet food to all my friends.

Ericka S.

Hello, just wanted to let you now how great your dog food is!!! I have 2 beagles...a while ago I rescued one...he was abused and slowly dying from 2 tick born diseases. Since I have been feeding him your food, his fur is shiny and soft, he has lots of energy and is very happy. I even was complimented by a beagle breeder on how healthy and muscular he was! (He didn't even how his past). So Buddy the beagle thanks you for helping him get better and Rosie loves it too!

Christine M.

We purchased a sample sized bag of your small breed dog food at a promotional table at our local ski resort for our 5 month old Havanese puppy named Stanley. When we offered it to him after skiing that day, he loved it so much that he began to refuse his original food. If we mixed the original food with your product, he would find a way to sift through his bowl, eat your food only and leave the old food sitting in his bowl. We have since purchased one small bag of Small Breed and just yesterday, one large bag of the Puppy Vantage. Thank you for making an irresistible product for our dog! We are first time dog owners.

Sara and Deuce W.
Crested Butte,  CO

I have three Golden Retrievers ages 11, 6 and 4 (all rescued, 2 with health issues) and we couldn't be happier with your product line. Rascal is 6 and afraid of everything except playing ball and dinner time with Great Plains Feast! Jack came to live with us over the summer at he whopping weight of 57 pounds for a full-grown male....simply a bag of bones with straw-like fur. Eating Great Plains Feast, Jack has gained 10 pounds and has such soft fur that he is always getting petted! Lillie came to us at the age of 8 with so many allergies. We had her tested; she is allergic to almost everything, including herself but she does fine with your Meadow Feast formula. She sometimes goes 3 weeks without an allergy shot. She was diagnosed last week with bone cancer and I strongly feel she made it as long as she has because of your great product. Even sick she has bursts of energy and is still silky soft. Thank you for helping me be a better dog mom.

Debbie K.
Peshtigo,  WI

I have had Annie, my terrier, on Earthborn Holistic Meadow Feast now for over a month and she's doing very well, even gained a bit of weight. I've had her a little over a year and she's been a bit 'ribby' even though I give her plenty of food. Took her to the vet Monday and he proclaimed her in excellent health and wanted to know what food she was on. I introduced him to Earthborn and he said he would check it out. I told him you were one of the four pet food company in the country that hadn't had a recall and he seemed impressed.

So you see, I'm very happy with this dog food. Annie's coat looks wonderful and now my roommate is feeding it to her beagle and a client of mine is trying it on her Schnauzer. I'm a hairdresser so I talk to tons of people who have nothing but good to say about your dog food and your company. Thank you.

Pat D.

Short and sweet....I love your grain-free dog food. My dog has been thriving on it since I changed from another leading grain-free to your product. Dog park friends even notice the change. I recommend Earthborn to everyone who will listen. Thanks.

Maggie O.

Hi, I'm an owner, trainer, handler of NSTRA champion English Pointers and German Wirehaired Pointers. I started using Earthborn grain-free dog food about six months ago and see a huge difference in the performance of my dogs. The grain-free high protein Meadow Feast lamb formula is great during field trial season, and I plan to ease them on to the Salmon formula Coastal Catch later in the off trial season. My old dogs that were a little over weight have trimmed down and have more stamina in the field. Last month at the NSTRA Quail Invitational in Lake Wales, FL, my 10 year old English Pointer finished in the top 16 in a field of 128 of the toughest pointing dogs in the nation. I was pleased and wanted to thank you. I feel their food had a big part in that.

Capt. Charlie S.

I would like to express my pleasure in the quality of your dog food. Your chicken flavored food is the only food my dog will eat. She is a very picky eater and I cannot thank you enough for producing your dog food. There is really no other product out there that compare to yours. I often find myself recommending your products to others based on the satisfaction that you provide me every time. I want you to know that I am really pleased with the excellent quality of your products.

Tiffany D.
Flemington,  NJ

I rescued a domestic short-hair with a great personality about four years ago. Her name is Pinky Brown. She has a wonderful appetite but is picky. I have tried many different types of canned food as well as making meals for her myself. I have never been able to get her to eat vegetables. Your's canned food however, has her eating every morsel including the peas. Im amazed! It was no challenge at all with my dog, Kentucky...she dug right in to your chow and loves it! Thanks! A Thrilled customer.

Nanette W.
Atco,  NJ

I recently was in search of a new dog food to replace a brand that was difficult to find due to some production problems. I did plenty of research to try to find a good replacement and I was referred to your Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast during a visit to Pit Stop for Pets in Alpharetta. My 10 year old Lab has a few food allergies and I also have a one year old Malinois full of puppy energy. I have been extremely pleased with your product and my dogs love your food. We have had great results and very happy dogs! I am so happy I found your food for my dogs. Thank you.

Kimberlee J.
Alpharetta,  GA

WOW, all the money I wasted on inferior products for my son TOMMY!!! My feline companion absolutely loves your food. Continued success to all of you.

James Edward W.

Will is "head over heels" in love with Earthborn Holistic.

I have 4 dogs, a 19 year old Lab, a 7 year old Chihuahua and 2 Basset mixes (mom, 6 years old and son 5 years old). Will, the "Bassador" Basset/ Lab mix LOVES your food, as you can see in the photo. I purchase my food from locally owned Panhandle Pet Supply in Tallahassee, Florida. Thanks. My dogs LOVE the food and I know that I am giving them quality food!!!

Cathy E.
Tallahassee,  FL

I switched my dogs to your products a few weeks ago. I had been special ordering another leading brand for many years. I have three dogs, a 2 year old, a 4 year old and a 5 year old and they absolutely adore your food. They have always eaten food because they were hungry but they attack your food with gusto and are extremely excited at meal times. It's like they are getting a treat, not just food. They are so much happier overall, they have more energy and I can just see a difference in their play. I am very close to my animals and have noticed such a difference in their well being. It feels like I have just taken them off fast food and started feeding them a healthier food. I'm just so happy with your product and wanted to share my comments with you. We've tried the Meadow Feast and Coastal Catch and the dogs love both of them equally well and transitioned to the new food with no problems. I thought I was feeding the best but realize now that Earthborn Holistic is better.

Jeanette R.

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I'm so happy to have discovered this brand!
I recently switched (from *another leading brand*) when my pet store was out and am so pleased that I made the choice to buy the Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast. I have 2 dogs and they love it! I also appreciate that the 14lb. bag comes with a zipper top.

Karen Y.
Cincinnati,  Ohio

I have an 8 year old Staffordshire Terrier. When I got him I was told to feed him a certain dry food. For 8 years he has been constantly treated for dermatitis, rashes and various other skin problems, costing me a fortune at the vet and constant stress for him.

Four months ago, a pet store owner suggested I try your grain-free food. "Why not" I thought to myself, "It can't make him any worse.

I have NEVER seen him in better condition. His skin is perfect! He hasn't scratched since the first week he started eating it. He has lost weight, is fitter and looks a lot younger. He isn't half as anxious and nervous as he was and I think it has EVERYTHING to do with your food. I tell everyone how amazing it is....everyone, friends, workmates and even people in the petshop.

I'm just sorry for my boy that I didn't do this sooner; I won't be making the same mistake again. Thank you so much for such a great product.

With regards, One HAPPY Customer

Laren D.

Here's a photo of our happy cats Trouble Bear, the orange cat, and George, our Siamese.

We would like to say thanks. Our 20 year old Siamese cat George wouldn't eat his cat food, he wouldn't eat fresh tuna or fresh chicken. We were very concerned. We spoke to a woman who was at our pet store and she recommended the wet Earthborn Holistic canned food. Since trying the new food for the first time, George already looks much better and is no longer making messes on the carpet from undigested hard food. He seems to like the Harbor Harvest and Monterey Medley the best because he gobbles them up before the two younger cats have a chance to sneak some. We feed it to him twice a day. We couldn't be happier with the new food and we thank the representative from your company who we spoke to.

Trista G.

Hello Earthborn!

I switched a few months ago from another leading brand for my cats and dog. I have 2 cats and also foster other cats and socialize kittens to make them more adoptable. Kittens come to me through a rescue organization. They are usually strays and always ill--wormy, half-starved and with respiratory infections. They get the medication, food and care they need from us. I have found that they turn around faster on Earthborn Primitive Feline than anything else I have tried and I have tried them all! They gain the weight they need and their coats become silky soft and super shiny. The person that organizes the foster program was so impressed that she switched all of her cats to Earthborn Holistic too! And we have been recommending it to all our adopters.

My dog, an Australian Shepherd with a touch of OCD, sometimes chews bare spots onto his body and has to go in the e-collar until the fur grows back. His recovery has also been faster while on Earthborn and we are hoping that the nutrients will help him feel less itchy and less likely to repeat the harmful behavior. So far, so good.

So, thank you, Earthborn. You are making the lives of many pets better and better. God bless you for what you do and in what you do!

Nancy D.
West Lafayette,  IN

I run a not for profit animal rescue in upstate New York. In our search for what we think is the best to feed our dogs while they are in our care, we have found Earthborn Holistic. Our dogs really thrive on it and it meets our demands for a quality pet food. We truly believe that feeding your animal a quality food can not only benefit their overall digestive health but also helps with their overall mental health as well. The dogs all have their favorite flavors but I think the Coastal Catch and the Meadow Feast top the list by far.

Jennifer F.

Phineas is a VERY large dane at a lean 170 pounds. From withers (shoulders) to the ground he is just shy of 39". Add in his giraffe neck and giant head, he gives kisses without you having to bend down. LOL I"m 5'2" and the top of his head is level with my chest.

A while back, we moved Phineas and our other dog to Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast. He is a dane with a lot of allergies including food allergies. Prior to that, Phin had been eating another high quality grain free lamb food. Then he started boycotting his meals. It was bland, no real smell and he was just so uninterested in it. He was hungry, he just didn't want to eat THAT food.

After his desire not to eat his food, the search was on for a food that had the right nutritional levels for a great dane and one that didn't mess with his allergies. A raw feeder friend of mine suggested Earthborn and he went WILD for the Great Plains Feast. I'm talking tail going a mile a minute, the faucet mouth drooling, the whole body wiggling with excitement when he hears the food hit the bowl kind of WILD. He gobbles up every single piece with extreme enthusiasm.

Thanks for making a great product. Oh...and the zipper at the top of the bag is a HUGE hit here. Phineas has storage mite allergies and the closure at the top get big points from me. And lastly, I bow down to y'all too for a dog food company to FINALLY make kibble a decent size. Even most giant breed specific dog food has tiny little kibble that was inhaled and never chewed. Phineas actually CHEWS the Earthborn. It's funny how little things make you so excited. LOL

Troy-Leigh F.
Hobe Sound,  FL

Thank, thank you, thank you!!!! Your cat food gave me 6 extra months with my 12 year old fur baby who was diagnosed with cancer (Beazley was given only 3 months to live). This all natural food was happily accepted when all others failed (even baby food). He was happier, had more energy, his fur was lush and velvety and his eyes were brighter! He acted like he was a kitten again till the day he passed on. Since then I have changed all of my fur babies food to Earthborn Holistic. Gracie, Beazley's sister, had a bit of a weight issue and was diagnosed with mega colon. Since switching to Earthborn, she has lost weight, and like Beazley, has more energy, bright eyes and beautiful fur. Her issue with constipation and digestion has disappeared. I know it's going to sound a bit odd but your product has been the miracle in a can I have been looking for. The Chicken Catcciatori looks and smells so good, it's hard to believe it's cat food!!!
Thank you agaln for producing an amazing food my fur babies love to devour!!!

Lisa C.
Fairfield,  CT

I own two English Mastiffs, my female who is 2 years old had awful skin allergies. She had bald spots o nher back and hind quarters from rubbing them against everything. Her skin was always red. We tried several other brands and then came across Earthborn Holistic. I figured she might have a grain allergy so we tried Primitive Natural first; they loved it, but at one point the store where we usually buy it was out and we tried Great Plains Feast. We now mix the two together and they love it. Since feeding Earthborn Holistic food for about 6 months, my female is much better, no frantic scratching, all of her hair has grown back and her sore spots are all healed. She is much calmer and seems all around more happy. My male who is 18 months old still has some growing to do, he is gaining steadily and bulking up nicely on this food. His coat is thick, soft and shiny. Also, a side bonus, is that my mastiffs no longer have a "gas" problem. The probiotics in your food have taken care of that extremely stinky issue. Thank you for making such a great quality food and at a great price much more reasonable than some of the other "high end" brands that have inferior ingredients compared to Earthborn Holistic.

Katie A.

My name is Rachel M., and my kittens absolutely love all four flavors of your canned cat food. I am a big believer in giving my animals the proper nourishment and I think your product are amazing!

Rachel M.

I want to thank you for being one of the only companies that provides a seafood product that is just that, seafood. All the other commercial pet store brands I find not only have chicken in it but it's also one of the main ingredients. I feel they should be labeling it Chicken & Salmon flavor since there is so much chicken in it (must be a cheap filler). I have an FIV cat that will not eat anything with poultry. Since he's FIV it's very important that I keep him well nourished. Since you're in the industry, I'm sure you know that finding food that does not contain poultry is a very hard feat. Your salmon and whitefish is his all time favorite.

Thanks again! I don't know what Gucci & I would do without your product.

Sharon S.

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful dog food! Our four year old English Springer, Bella, decided to stop eating her regular food about six months ago. I made a trip to our local pet supply store and as I was reading packages and looking for a new food, a man approached me and started to tell me about Earthborn Holistic products. I believe he was a rep from your company. After asking me about our pet and her health needs, size and habits, he explained (very simply) what your food is made of and the difference in your brand compared to some others. He did not pressure me into buying your brand which was the reason I ultimately did! We started with a sample size bag and she loved it! We have been buying your product ever since. The best part is that I am not scooping as many "piles' in the yard anymore as her body uses the natural and holistic components in the food, leading to less "yard waste!"
I am incredibly thankful for the "frequent purchase" card the pet supply store gave me and we are looking forward to our free bag very soon! Thank you again for your awesome dog food!

Nicole B.
Howell,  MI

Hello. My dog suffered from seizures for six years, he had up to 50 a year. Meds were not working, so 3 years ago i tried your Earthborn holistic dog food. He has been seizure free ever since!!!!

Tammy W.

Just a note to say thank you for your wonderful dog food. My dog Daisy has had endless intestinal problems for the four years of her life. She had exploratory surgery in May and was put on ZD prescription food. It stopped her vomiting, but did not do much for her poop. She also developed a severe skin allergy on this food. About a month ago I switched her to Earthborn and I am thrilled to say that she is a changed dog. It is an absolute miracle! Now when I take her out, she goes right away as compared to endless walks before to get her to poop. Her rash is going away. She is on the Meadow Feast and she LOVES it! Thanks again.

Myrna L.

I just want to say THANK YOU! I have a 10-month old English mastiff puppy who itched all the time. I was feeding her another leading brand because my 8 year old English bulldog was on it. I noticed the past few months that Chloe the mastiff itched and itched. The vet told me it was probably outside pollen allergies, so I just shrugged it off and gave her Benedryl as recommended. Benadryl gave no relief, but I as her caregiver I thought was doing the best I could do. I then noticed that she had reddened ears with tons of wax (a sign of allergies), had scratched her upper nose and it was bleeding and scabbed over and the one side of her cheek had lost hair and was also red. She just kept scratching at it and even at points rubbing it not the carpet and on the side of the couch. She did not have fleas nor mange. The vet told me to keep up with the Benadryl. I got so frustrated! I was putting Neosporin on the scabs and red areas. I am a RN and am naturally caring regardless of human/animal!). Nothing helped!

Finally, I was at my pet store and was soooo desperate. An associate at the store helped me and said it was probably a food allergy. I honestly had not thought of that, but hey, it was worth a shot! I was sooo hesitant to try a natural food and changing after 8 years of Georgie, my bulldog being on this other leading brand. Anyway, he showed me a couple of natural foods and then said that Earthborn was a new food that they had started selling at Pet Supplies Plus in Cheektowaga, NY. He showed me the grain free Great Plains Feast. So I grapped the largest bag and didn't really even care about the price. I cared more to see if it would help my dog's skin! I was impressed with the UPCs for trees program. Feeding time went great!!! I switched Georgie and Chloe to the new food. They ate like they were starving, it must taste good to them! They enjoyed it so much! And let me tell you, Chloe itched a bit that night, however it was way less! By the end of the week the marks on her face, some pimples on her back and the itching was gone! I can sleep and no longer feel guilty that I am hurting my puppy! As for 8 year old Georgie, she seems more energetic so that's a plus too!
Thank you so much! I am an Earthborn dog food buyer now! You got me because you helped!!

Jennifer P.
Cheektowaga,  NY

22-year old Ellie and Karma (my cat rescued from the mouth of a coyote) less than 24 hours before Ellie passed.

My 22 year old cat Ellie just passed away a week ago. She had been living on your Earthborn Holistic Chicken Catcciatori Canned Dinner for the last 5 months or so. When I discovered this food I was so excited because she would eat a full portion and not throw up which she did on most foods. She had kidney disease and was of course prescribed a low protein diet by the vet but those foods are of a very low quality and I have always wanted to give Ellie the best food I could find. Prior to her passing the vet found her kidneys to have stabilized, so the higher protein in the Earthborn was not affecting her kidneys negatively. In fact, I believe it was what prolonged her life. Two days before she passed, she ate her last Earthborn meal and ate practically the entire can. She couldn't stand so I would prop her up and put the plate right under her nose and she would just devour it.
Thank you for the high quality food, I am so grateful I discovered it. I have another cat that I rescued from a coyote about 5 months ago and she loves Earthborn also. I anticipate a long and healthy life for her too!

Lori S.

My Doberman girl Vesna, recently qualified to compete at the International Doberman Club (IDC) May 2013 trial in Italy. This prestigious event is attended by Dobermans from all over the world. It is a three phase event that requires a great deal of stamina, conditioning and training. Vesna has been eating Earthborn Coastal Catch and Earthborn Primitive Natural for over 2 years. I feel that her excellent health and ability to work is a direct result of your food and I tell everyone what she eats. We purchase 2-3 of the 28 pound bags each week at Pet Club in Casa Grande, AZ. I also recommend and send home a sample of Earthborn Puppy Vantage when someone gets a puppy from us.

We have trained for over 4 years to get to this level of competition. There are only 2 Dobermans that are going to Italy to represent the United States in 2013. It takes an excellent dog to be able to do this and Vesna is certainly that. Thanks for a great food.

Victoria H.
Coolidge,  AZ

WOOHOO! I am so glad I finally found a wet dog food that my dog will eat and one that I am satisfied in giving him. Thank you for your fast response and comprehensive answer about your food. My springer is 14 years old. He goes to a holistic veterinarian and I want him to get the best food and care he can get. I am happy to say that my dog will now be eating better than me. Thank you Earthborn Holistic pet food. He likes all of the varieties of the wet dog food packaged in the tubs. I will be trying your dry food on him as well. Thanks again and God Bless America!

Cynthia B.

I just purchased Earthborn Holistic Pepper's Pot Roast today and my very fussy dog LOVES IT. I am so pleased!! He never eats dry, but I'm going to try that next.

Sandra P.
Waterville,  ME

Aggie loves Chicken Catcciatori!

Just thought I would share how much my cat Auggie loves his cat food. Chicken is the one he loves to eat. Auggie is a rescue. He was severely abused. He had major surgery and beat the odds. His internal organs had to be placed where they belong. He is very loving. I wanted to find the best for him. As you can see, we did!

Connie M.

I was told by a friend of mine to try your dog food. The change in my dog's coats was amazing and I'm told by everyone who meets them how great they look. I show two of my dogs and try to get them "jobs" like modeling in magazines and such! So their appearance is important! I wanted to share a video of them that I just made, you can see their great personalities!! Thanks for keeping the dog food affordable and such a high quality!

Tanya H.

I have been trying to help a pet owner with a dog that had stool problems. This dog has not had firm stools most of its life. I researched dog foods and selected your Earthborn Holistic Meadow Feast formula to try. We started switching her over on Saturday. I just received a phone call with a very excited voice saying that she's cleaning up firm, well formed stools in the yard! Only another dog person can really appreciate this turn of events. Since I have reached "godly" status at the speed of light I felt it was only fair to share this status with you. Good job Earthborn! You are the unsung heroes of the poop world!

Stacy B.

I am a Wildlife Rehabilitation Professional in Florida. Our local pet store donates busted bags of both cat and dog food to us when they have them. Recently, this included your Great Plain Feast. Our wildlife went nuts for this flavor and it seems even the most difficult feeders suddenly ate easily and readily. We can't always afford to purchase your brand, but thank heavens whenever we have issues we have solutions on what to feed. You have saved many indigenous animals here at our facility. Thank you for a wonderful product.

Veronica (ACGS Wildlife) F.

My cat is allergic to most cat foods, and I mean bad allergic scabs everywhere! I switched him to the Earthborn Holistic Feline Wild Sea Catch and he cleared up with just one bag! Plus he loves the taste!!

Jemma F.
Houston,  TX

I just had to contact you and let you know how pleased I am with your product. I put my male GSD on your grain free Great Plains Feast. It has only been a little over a week, but what I am seeing is a great improvement overall. He had some allergy issues from the other food I was feeding him. I pinpointed it to the oatmeal. Although it was not severe, he still had itchy skin, dandruff and ear infections. Within the first two days of being on your product the itching stopped, his coat started to get this very nice sheen to it, and the stool volume is so much less!!! He is also not chewing at his backside like he was on the other food. Even though it was a good quality food, it was not grain free and the oatmeal was the problem.
I am hoping that he will continue to thrive on this formula. I like to see him at a healthy weight with nice lean muscle. He is a breeding male so keeping him at prime condition is my goal.I will tell you I have never seen him so excited to eat before. He loves the taste of your food and there is a sort of joy now at feeding time!!
I am patiently awaiting the introduction of a dog food for overweight dogs. I do hope you come out with that soon, because I also have a 3 legged Border Collie that needs weight control..
Thank you.

Annette K.

I'm writing to you from Bellville, South Africa. Five months ago we adopted a sweet and adorable 4 year old Jack Russell girl, Roxy, from the animal welfare After being with us for 2 weeks, I had to take her to the vet because she seemed miserable and uncomfortable and her eyes, ears and belly skin were red. The vet diagnosed her with atopic dermatitis due to allergies. He treated her with cortisone which improved her condition to such an extent that she's now on one tablet every second day. I was feeding her a high quality dog food suitable for sensitive skins. But she was still displaying allergy symptoms like sneezing, scratching, biting, paw-licking and face-rubbing. About a month ago I happened to speak to the lady who runs the Vetzcare Shop in the Tygervalley shopping centre in Bellville. I was complaining about Roxy's lack of appetite. She then showed me the Earthborn range and recommended that I try the Coastal Catch. After 2 weeks on Coastal Catch there was a noticeable change! Roxy's appetite increased, she loves the food, and most of her allergy symptoms seem to have disappeared. She's much happier and more comfortable. Her coat also feels different, much softer. What a blessing. I hope that the vet will take her off of the cortisone soon, as it has undesirable side-effects. Roxy's definitely sensitive to gluten, so I'm very grateful to have found food that agrees with her.

Thank you for a wonderful product and for improving Roxy's quality of life. I hope and pray that Earthborn will stay available in South Africa.

Cecile S.
Bellville,  South Africa

We started using Earthborn for our yellow labs early September - they love it! We are on our 2nd bag of Meadow Feast and would never go back to another brand again - thank you!

Mary Y.

I love your food, I am so glad I tried it for my dogs. I work in a pet store and saw it, I read the ingredients and through that it would be a great food for my dogs. Well, it is!!! I bought the Meadow Feast, and I have been mixing it with their old food. My dogs are picking your food out of the old. Thank you so much for making a great dog food!!

Sara H.

My dog loves your food. I have tried all of the grain free formulas except Meadow Feast because there wasn't a trial size bag at my Jacks. I used to feed my dog another leading grain free food. It was a 30 minute chore to get my dog to eat it. Since I switched to your food, she spins around in circles at feeding time and finishes her bowl in two minutes. I'm on my fourth 28 lb. bag of Great Plains Feast. Thanks for a great food.

Kyle Y.

I just want to say that my cats love your Feline Vantage and the Primitive Feline cat food.They are healthier, their coats shine and they are playful and alert. One of my cats (Mimi) was in the hospital with a bad urinary tract infection. I went to the pet store looking for new food and they recommended your Earthborn Holistic cat food. I could see the change almost immediately; they don't pass hairballs any more and their bowel movements are regular. Mimi loves it and I want to say thank you. I love my cats and t here is nothing better than to see them healthy and full of life and energy.

Frances S.
Hollywood,  FL

A very happy Beau

I love your products, and I'm so relieved that after a year of hitting dead ends, I finally found a food that works so well with Beau. He had issues with starches, glutens and poultry, which really made it hard to find a food that world works for him. I work at a feed store and had a lot of opportunities to talk to our different representatives about their brands and the only thing that came close to working for Beau was another leading brand rabbit formula. Alas....they use chicken fat as their preservative and that wouldn't cut it for Beau's intolerance to poultry. I was acquainted with our store's Earthborn representative and she told me about Great Plains Feast just before it was released. She showed me the ingredient list and I was blown actually looked like we may have found the perfect food for him, AND it had probiotics in it. Lo and behold-two years later, Beau's is still doing phenomenal on that formula and he still loves it! So thank you ever so much for making such a great and unique food and letting poor Beau's stomach finally have what it needed.

Allie S.

We just switched our dog to your Primitive Natural formula and are so happy with the results. She is a 4 month old puppy and since 7 weeks of age we have struggled to find a food she can eat without having diarrhea. We have done every test imaginable at our vet's office and finally decided to try your grain-free diet to see if that would help her. It did the trick! After switching to your food her diarrhea stopped, her ears are no longer red, and her coat is glossy and soft. She is a completely different dog. We could not be happier!

Tamara M.

Approximately one year ago I switched my two dogs onto Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural. The difference has been astounding. My pekingese now has the most long, beautiful silky coat and my 6 year old chihuahua has more life in her than she did when she was a puppy! My dogs are like family to me. I want you to know how grateful I am that you took the time and energy to develop what is, in my opinion, the best dog food on the market today. Even my vet agrees that my two little ones are some of the healthiest patients that she has.

Crisi D.
Findlay,  OH

I currently have a Pit Bull puppy who will turn a year old in November. I've been trying many dog food products to see which one she loves the best. I was recommended Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast so I started to feed her the product. With Earthborn she is gaining weight and looks a lot happier and healthier; she just loves the product. I would like to thank you for having such a great dog food product that I can give to my wonderful companion Beauty. Thank you.

Francisco B.

Holly showing her "stuff."

"Holly" is a six month old that has been on Earthborn Holistic Puppy Vantage since she began eating dry food. We show dogs and in this breed we are very concerned about growth platelets and how much protein is in the food. With the combination of protein sources in your puppy food, it has worked well and with the omegas, etc. her coat is so good looking that we can take her from the kennel to the ring with nothing but a quick bath. Great food.

Ambrican Basset Hounds R.F.
New Braunfels,  TX

I have two Chi's. My male Chi was abused before I got him. His ear was severed; he had scaring on his ear and a large scar on his head. I never thought that his ear would heal completely and stand up like his other ear. I took him to a local pet store and they recommended your dog food. His ear is completely healed now and he is a happy, healthy boy! I recommend your dog food to EVERYONE! I even use it for my cat and have seen a huge improvement in her weight, coat and hairball control. Thank you so much for all that you do. With all of the terrible things that companies put in pet food these days, i am thankful that there is a company out there that does it right!

Maegen D.

I have to say how wonderful your Earthborn Holisitc Primitive Feline cat food is! One of my two 9 year old Birmans has been sick for over 2 years now with diarrhea, vomiting and ripping his hair out and the other has had the usual problems that long haired cats have, specifically vomiting hairballs. The sick one's symptoms came on overnight and I've taken him to several vets for various diagnosis and treatments with no luck. I still find it hard to believe he just woke up one day and was allergic to everything. I switched both cats to your food about a month ago, found yet another vet and my cat is finally recovering while the other hasn't had a hairball (almost a daily occurrence) since they started on Earthborn. I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on treatments, tests, etc. I saw a marked change when trying your food in a short period of time so thank you very much.

Pamela R.

Good afternoon,
I just wanted to let you know that I have tried for more than 6 months to change my boston terrier's food from a product that changed its formula recently. They say the formula hasn't changed, but I have seen changes in my dog. However, it seems that EVERY attempt to change her food failed; she just was not having anything to do with any other brand other than the one she had been eating for the past 3 years! Anyway, I went to a newly opened pet store in my area (Dixi's Paws & Claws-Woodland) that carries your product and the owner suggested your food. OMG, I couldn't believe that my dog LOVED it! I am so very pleased. My dog loves the Great Plains Feast with bison meat. I let all of my friends and coworkers know what a great product you have!
I am a customer for life!

Rhonda O.
Woodland,  CA

My 5 year old before and after Earthborn Primitive Natural

This is my 5 year old female. The first photo is 1 year ago before Earthborn Primitive Natural. Look at the after picture 12 months later. WOW.

Brian R.

The photo on the left is Ava at 6 wks. The scars on her back legs are because she was a bait dog when we rescued her and the vet said the hair will not ever grow back. The photo on the right is Ava now!

I am the proud owner of three dogs, a border collie and two pit bulls. My youngest pit bull, Ava was rescued from a fighting ring by the pit bull resue I was VP of for three years. We rescued her and her litter mates at 6 weeks and they had the worst case of ringworm my vet had seen in his career of 30+ years. (I have enclosed a before and after picture). Because of her skin issues our vet said that she had to be put o a fish based diet not meat to get her protein...well we found your brand and started her on Ocean Fusion. As you can see 2 1/2 years later, my Ava is beautiful with a healthy shiny coat. My vet is pleased and even asked for the info from your food because he is going to start recommending it to his other patients with sklin issues. I ended up bringing him in an enmpty bag. Now my other two dogs are on your food as well and they are healthy as can be!

Lisa B.
Angola,  NY

I adopted my cat a little over a year ago from Cat's Cradle at the adoptions they hold at Pet Supplies Plus each Sunday. There was an Earthborn rep there that showed me your food. I'm pretty strict with my own diet...non-GMO, no red meat, occasional chicken/fish, no processed food, etc. and I absolutely wanted to stick to those same standards for my kitty...except for the meat part. The rep seemed very knowledgable on cat food, and made it clear Earthborn was one of the best choices out there and at the best price.
My cat will not eat any canned food except Earthborn! I won't even touch mainstream brands but definitely have tried a few holistic brands in the past. When I first adopted, I fed him another leading brand that he had been eating the shelter. I gradually switched him over to Earthborn. As soon as I switched over, we had ants allll over his Earthborn dry food. Good and Bad....bad is the ants, good is that the ants liked it. There were no ants in the other leading brand....hmmmm......Thankfully I now live in a 2nd floor condo where the ants don't bother kitty's food.
I want to thank you for having such a healthy food available at a reasonable price. Please keep up your standards.

Monica R.
Detroit,  MI

I have a 3 year old yellow lab and have been dealing with chronic ear infections for three years. I switched my dog to other grain-free brands, but still had minor ear problems. Two months ago, I switched my dog to Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast (bison) and his ears have improved greatly. Even with the humidity and swimming, his ears are infection free! Thank you so much for producing a great dog food! My dog trainer recommended trying your brand and I am so happy that I did.

Ellen & Radar C.

I currently have a dog and feed him Earthborn Holistic grain-free and we are getting a kitten soon and plan to start him on Earthborn grain-free as well. Our dog started having seizures with another leading brand that he had been on for his whole life. We switched to your grain-free food and he has been seizure free ever since. Our vet said the option for him would be medication but we decided to do our own research and went grain-free. Thanks!!

Angela M.

I would like to thank your company for such a fine product. I own two Labs, Jazz and Gabby. Their coats shine bright and are in excellent health. My dogs are hunt test and Earthborn Dog Food gives them that extra burst and the energy to sustain them.

Mike M.
Charleston,  TN

Good Day,
My dogs have been on Earthborn Holistic food for just over 6 months now and I can't thank you enough! We live in South Africa. We own 2 Scottish Terriers and 2 Irish Setters. The male Setter was diagnosed with gluten intolerance in October of 2011. Prior to this he couldn't eat anything or would become, what looked to us, constipated with severe (and I mean SEVERE) abdominal pain. The poor chap was only about 18 months old and he was constantly unhappy and in pain. We took him to a specialist who fortunately diagnosed him correctly. Because it is a genetic condition found only amonst Setters and is relatively rare, as is the breed, so many vets misdiagnosed him. He suggested that we put him on a gluten free diet and see how it goes.

We started off with raw chicken, veggies and rice....this worked okay for him but not for us....raw chicken defrosting in the kitchen sink each day was not really my idea of a clean kitchen! So we switched to minced beef mixed with veggies and rice. This was better for us, but not for Fiddich as he started to display the same symptoms again. At the end we concluded that he had to be allergic to the meat proteins.

We tried other brands of surpassingly "grain free" foods, but he had the same reaction each time.

Then one of my friends told me about Earthborn Holistic and I thought it was worth trying it (or it's back to chicken in the sink!) and found that it was much more economical than the other brands. The sales rep suggested we try Coastal Catch and to my amazement within a week all of his symptoms had disappeared and he was one goofy Setter once again!

We have since put all four dogs on Coastal Catch and they refuse to eat anything else! The female Setter has now gotten to the point where if we give her anything else she will start barking at us until we give her Coastal Catch!

Our oldest Scottie is now 13 and she is doing real well! The vet, parlour and people in the streets cannot believe that she is 13 and tell me that she looks around 9 or 10! I believe that a walk each day plus good dog food do pay off and Earthborn has proven this once again!

Thanks so much for the great product!!

Henriëtte vdZ
 South Africa

Cannon playing with Earthborn Meadow Feast bag.

Just wanted to share this picture with you. Our dog, Cannon a female golden retriever, really likes your dog food. She especially likes to play with the empty bag. We thought that you might enjoy this.

Darya P.

Hi, I foster for a couple of rescues and I feed my own dogs Earthborn Holistic. I have a 10 year old mutt that has had major skin issuers for 9 years. Nothing has worked. We switched to your food and her fur has come back in and her rash is clearing up. You would think a vet would have picked up on her food allergy long ago, but they swore it was a flea allergy and it may be both but she FINALLY has some comfort after all these years of being miserable. THANK YOU.

Rebelyna B.
St. Pete,  FL

Hello! My name is Diane and I am not a person who would ordinarily write a company to either complement or complain, but I HAD to send in a comment.

We rescued a mixed terrier puppy 3 years ago He had a rough start at life and was very sickly. As a family, we understand the importance of healthy food, and that would be the obvious way to go with our new pup. What we didn't anticipate is that our new dog would be allergic to wheat and CHICKEN! For three years, we tried every organic brand of food we could find. Each one would make his ears so itchy and then that would turn into an ear infection. To add insult, he didn't like ANY of the food, really. He would eat it half willingly. I would add plain yogurt, some wet dog food, etc. as soon as he'd see me put food in a bowl, he'd walk away 10 feet and put his little sweet head between his paws and it looked as if he was "pouting."

The last food we tried was somewhat better for him, but it was part of that big recall. At my wits end, I went down to a local feed and supply store and spoke with the manager there. He told me to give Earthborn Holistic a try. I was a little skeptical because I hadn't heard of the food before. I bought it knowing if my dog's ears became infected or he didn't like it, I could return it for a refund.

As soon as I brought it home and fed it to him he ate it IMMEDIATELY and looked up at me for more! I thought he was doing that because it was just a "different" food. It's now been 3 weeks, and I'm tearing up as I write this....but he is NOT allergic to it!!!!!!!!! After 3 years of vet bills, treatments, food modifications, stress.....he now LOVES this food and his ears have been perfectly white/light pink as they should be! I have now recommended it to my brother for his dog (who has different allergies), and his dog is doing much better too!

I will happily be Earthborn's unofficial spokesperson! I will recommend this food to everyone that asks. My dog is currently on Meadow Feast (I'm a tiny bit afraid to change it since we are doing so well), but I like to change proteins, so I will stick with this one for 4-6 months and then try the Coastal Catch fish formula.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Keep it up, because you are helping dogs (and their owners) with this food! I'm beyond grateful, this cloud of stress from finding a dog food for our dog is gone.

Diane S.
Palm Coast,  FL

A very happy and healthy German Shepherd in Wisconsin.

I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch dog food. I recently had to move off of a brand that was recalled and tried your brand. I have seen a noticeable change in my dog's energy and overall positive demeanor. Given this change, I have to believe it's the best choice for my two year old white GSD.

Carl M.
Whitefish Bay,  WI

We are so glad we found your products.

Our three cats are eating and enjoying our first try of your products, the Chicken Catcciatori. I'm visiting your website to see what else you have to offer and am impressed especially with the fish products. I stopped buying any fish products with the recent "bad press" about fish in pet food. Now that I see your food is processed in a human grade facility we will try your fish products. Thanks.

Mary Jo H.
Saddle River,  NJ

Here is a picture of part of our family.

We have a 1 1/2 year old french bulldog, her name is Zeggie. Zeggie was having problems with hives. We started her on your grain-free dog food. It was amazing, in just 4 days her hives disappeared. Zeggie has no more hives and she is a different dog. Now we are going to recommend your food to all of the French Bulldog puppies that we sell. We are Harold and Maleta W. from Paola, KS. We want to thank you for making this dog food. We are very happy that we found this food for her. We have 5 French Bulldogs and all will be on this food from now on.

Harold and Maleta W.
St. Paola,  KS

Thank you for your products! My cat Daisy loves your Chicken Catcciatori! I've finally gotten her off of another brand of canned cat food. Daisy loves turkey andI keep hoping you will come out with a turkey variety for cats.

Christine C.

We switched our cat to your product and he is a NEW cat....My cat (MONSTER) apparently is allergic to cheap food. For most of his life he has had scabs all over his body and would lose hair constantly. But since we switched to Earthborn he is the softest kitty and is plump and healthy. lThank you so much!!

Christy L.
Dayton,  OH

Would like to start by saying thank you for having your product on the market; you've saved my ten year old cat's life by having a gluten-free cat food. Thank you. I'm using both dry and wet food for her, I also have two other "senior" female cats that are enjoying your fine product. Keep the fine Earthborn pet food product out there. It means so much to me. Again, thanks for saving my cat's life.

Stanley V
Huron,  SD

I am writing today to tell you that I am glad I switched my dog to your brand of dog food. I had never truly noticed the difference in foods until the ingredients in the different brands were pointed out to me at our local pet food center. I truly love that your product and ingredients are easy to read and I know exactly what I am giving my dog. Thanks for a great food.

Ashley M.
Evansville,  IN

My dog loves your Earthborn Primitive Natural dry dog food. I actually planned to try a grain free food because all the other brands bothered my dog and gave him digestive problems but yours doesn't. I love it because it's grain and gluten free so I won't get sick feeding it to him. I also like the fact that you plant a tree when I buy your dog food. That makes me feel better about what I feed him.

Sara D.
Silver Creek,  NY

Our dogs love your grain-free food! We have two miniature dachshunds, Nellie & Coco. Nellie has always had a sensitive stomach and allergy symptoms. In 2010, both dogs had about six weeks of stomach problems and the vet suggested special kibble (at a special price!) Nothing helped and we were just resigned to Nellie having to vomit on a regular basis. A woman I work with suggested the brand she feeds her dogs (a limited ingredient product), but Nellie & Coco weren't enthusiastic about it. I found your sample-size bags at A & C Feed in Cheyenne and we tried every available flavor of grain-free kibble. Our tiny dogs really enjoy the Primitive Natural and the Great Plains Feast. We have been feeding your brand for over a year and Nellie does not have stomach problems like she used to. Your product changed our life and we are thankful for it!

Nancy & Tobin S.
Cheyenne,  WY

The great protector in the middle!

We switched to Earthborn this weekend, the bison version. The funniest thing happened. After my 3 dogs tasted it, my smaller one decided she needed to protect the bag. She slept near it all evening. I did not think anything about it until our cat walked by and rubbed himself on the bag. The dog jumped on the cat and a mini fight started between them. Turns out she loves the food so much she did not want to share it with him. None of the animals were injured in the process but we had a good laugh (The cat is bigger than her, but declawed.) We will definitely stick to this brand from now on. We might have to find a place which sells it for cats because he sure loved the dog food.

Ginette A.

A very happy and healthy Sascha.

This is my two year old German Shepherd named Sascha. She is full of energy and the most loyal dog I have ever had the pleasure of raising. Last year we started her exclusively on Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural and we couldn't be happier. I sing the praises of this food to anyone who will listen. When people pet my dog, they often comment on how "un-German Shepherd-like"her coat feels. Rather than stiff and rough, her coat is smooth and shiny. When I take her to the vet her health report is top notch and time and again my vet tells me that I "must be feeding her the right stuff."

None of the big box pet stores in my town carry Earthborn Holistic so I have to drive around thirty miles each way to get it (Shout out to Speck's Pet Supplies in Anderson, Indiana. Support your local small merchants!). I would travel a hundred miles for this stuff (and my energetic dog could probably pull me there. Simply put, you guys rock!

Steve S.

I know that this is a slightly long email but please take the time to read it.

We have a male 9 year old Border Collie (Sam) and live in Sydney, Australia. We have recently switched to your Coastal Catch grain-free dog food and would like to say a very big thank you for this product!

For the last 2-3 years Sam has been suffering from awful skin allergies that have been getting worse and worse. The symptoms included sores, hotspots, full on skin infections, ear infections, sore paws, impacted anal glands, smelly coat, etc. We tried everything to find the underlying cause, taking him to different vets, had blood tests, allergy tests and put him on a special vet diet that was meant to be allergy free but he continued to suffer! The vets never mentioned that it could be grain in his diet causing all of these problems, they just simply supplied us with more harmful drugs, antibiotics, sprays and creams to try and control it, told us that we would just have to live with it and sent us on our way. It has been an absolute nightmare, very frustrating and very costly.

We decided to try your product because we wanted to give him more of a fish based diet to try and help his skin. We tried him on your Ocean Fusion diet to start with but his condition continued. In desperation I went back to the store and asked for their advice. While there I saw your grain-free Coastal Catch product that wasn't on the shelf before. The shop assistant said that it could be grains causing all of the problems, so I decided to try the grain free formula. Amazingly, within 2-3 days all of his symptoms just completely disappeared! This can only mean that he is allergic to grains and at long last we found what was causing all of these problems!

It's been two weeks and so far he is very well and happy. He is a completely different dog! Sam is a very special and intelligent dog; we love him very much and just want the best for him! I can't believe this grain allergy has caused all of this suffering and despair; we even considered having him put down. That's how bad it got, glad we didn't!

Sam is our first dog; we are not canine experts or nutritionists and we are very concerned that qualified vets were not able to diagnose grain allergy as a possible cause. Our biggest concern is that other dogs may also be suffering needlessly. We have met other people who have the same issues with their dogs and they haven't been able to find the cause either. I guess we were just lucky that we came across your grain-free product. We will be recommending it to others!

Anyway, thanks again for a great product.

Paul P
Sydney,  Australia

I just wanted to write and say how much my dog loves your food. I have a nine year old Irish Wolfhound. He has had a sensitive stomach his whole life. As a result I have to be very careful what I feed him. I had been feeding him another brand of natural dog food when I heard there was a recall on that food. I was forced to change him over to your food with no warning or adjustment period. I was very afraid that his stomach would not handle the switch very well. Not only did he have no problems stitching but he absolutely loves your food. He has never been a big eater. Often he would let his food sit for a day or two before he would eat it. With your food he eats it as soon as it hits his bowl. I have never seen him react to any food the day he does with your Great Plains Feast formula. Thank you.

Jennifer K.
Syracuse,  NY

I just want to tell you what a great product you have. I have two Shih Tzus and an American Bull Dog. The bull dog has had terrible allergies for years causing blisters and open sores with oozing blood. I have tried every food and medication known to man and spent countless amounts of money trying to help my dog. Then I tried your Great Plains Feast bison formula and to everyone's surprise the sores are gone and I have a new dog with healthy skin and coat. My shih tzus love the food too. I can't thank you enough for making such a great food.

Annette S.

Hello. My name is Timothy H. I am a professional dog trainer with 29 years of experience. I love your dog food products. I have been feeding your line of dog food to my personal pet and working dogs for many years. I am also very active in the Schulzhund and Search and Rescue communities. I am the founder and training director of the O.G. Ohio Schutzhund & Working K-9 Club. Thanks for for a great food.

Timothy H.
Springfield,  OH

I'd like to thank you for making a quality pet food, and being conscious of our Earth as well.
I handle (and love!) a Bloodhound for the sheriff's office. Since we are on call 24/7/365, he HAS to be in the best health at all times. Lives depend upon it. Finn has been eating Earthborn for 2 years now, and is in great shape. He has a beautiful coat, solid muscles, pretty teeth and bright eyes....not to mention lots of healthy energy!
My other dogs, as well as my cats, are also doing well with this food. My 18 year old cat still has a reasonable amount of muscle mass for his age and still like to play.

Sue C.

I lost one of my 15 year old Calico sisters, Lizzie, to congenital kidney disease a month ago. Her sister, Katie, is on medication for hyperthyroidism, but I had not noticed how much weight she had lost, as I was absorbed in tending to Lizzie in her final two months. Katie has never been an aggressive eater, and with the depression and lack of competition following Lizzie's pass, it has been increasingly difficult to get her to eat well. Down to 9+ pounds and very bony, she wouldn't let me brush her long coat, so her lack of appetite was compounded by increased hair balls putting her off food. Although I prefer to feed her something with minimal additives, at this point, getting Katie to eat anything was the goal. My local Petco had closed and I went to check out a nearby Pets Plus. Four sales people asked it they could help me. Among other dry food and treats including hairball formulas, I was feeding Katie a high end canned food recommended by the vet during Lizzie's illness. Sometimes Katie would eat it, but I was also throwing a lot away. One of the sales people pointed me to two other canned foods, and I bought some of each brand to try. Katie would not touch the one, but has fallen in love with Earthborn. I have yet to try the Harbor Harvest, as the girls have never liked anything with salmon in it, but she loves the rest and is now eating over a can a day. Even with building hair balls, she still eats. Your brand has the best ingredient list, and I was amazed to see real chicken and fish, not a pate when I opened the cans. In just two weeks on Earthborn, I have noticed she is not as bony and her "I don't feel good" expression is gone. I am hoping Katie will continue to like her new food and not tire of it in a few months as she has with other brands, as it has the healthiest ingredient list I have seen. Thank you Earthborn.

Deborah W.
Lower Gwynedd,  PA

Hi, I just had to tell you. I have tried AT LEAST 15 different high end dog foods for my dog Opal, and she will not eat anything except your brand!!!! I was at a dog fair and they had a sample packet of your Coastal Catch and that is how I tried it. I am SO glad the woman told me to try the sample at the dog show. Opal would literally not eat anything but cooked chicken. I have tried SOOOO many brands. Thank yo SO much!!!

Jodi S.
Manasquan,  NJ

Hi, my name is Norman B. and I have recently switched from my old dog food brand to your Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch formula. My dock jumping labradors love the formula and I love their new energy levels. They last 2 - 3 times longer during training workouts. Plus my male dog doesn't have the gassy odor problem he used to have. My dogs compete in ultimate air games and have placed at many competitions. Thanks for making such a great product.

Norman B.

Hello, I just bought my first bag of Great Plains Feast. Your food was recommended by Coopers Animal Supply in Pittsburgh and my dogs love it! I love what you are doing with the UPCS for Trees among the other earth friendly things you do. I am actually excited to be using your product. I have three Great Danes and their food is very important to me, so thank you very much.

Julie S.
Pittsburgh,  PA

I have 3 dachshunds and they love the small breed formula of the dry food. The quality and freshness is awesome!!! A great product. Thanks.

Jackie T.

Just to let you know, my 15 year old Maine Coon cat has been diabetic since he was 3 years old. Seven weeks ago I started him on your food. He is on Lantus, Human Insulin at $127.00 a month. Once on your food, he went from testin 309 glucose level (very high), down to 65, almost normal, in the Vet's office. He lost weight and so did our other cat. They love the food. Thanks for saving him. His long fur is shiny; he is full of pep like a kitten. I am considering feeding it to my husband! Just kidding, almost!

Ursula Y.

Thank you for a wonderful product. My French Bulldogs, who are finicky, sure know the difference in taste and quality!

Karen J.
Klamath Falls,  OR

My husband and I are breeders of African Pygmy hedgehogs. We're located on Long Island, NY. For a long time we were using "another leading brand" of dry cat food to feed our hedges. Then we discovered Earthborn Holistic Primitive Feline at Pets Warehouse last year and decided to give it a try. Since the switch, we've noted a drastic increase in the size and health of the babies born to our females. I can't think of any reason for that, except for the change in their diet. Plus the hedgies adore it! The smaller kibble size makes it easier for them to chew, especially the weanlings and the older adults with tooth problems. We have to be careful not to overfeed, because they will gobble down as much of it as we give them! We love that it's all natural and grain free, and it's very economical too. It's got plenty of protein, and everything a hedgehog needs as a good solid base diet, and we're totally thrilled with it. We also use Feline Vantage for our Brazilian short-tailed opossums, and they love it too. They grab our hands and beg at suppertime!

I thought you might like to know that your product is greatly appreciated by a small but voracious herd of little hedgehogs and opossums and we plan to continue using it exclusively from now on. Thanks for making it!

Trisha K.
Long Island,  NY

Two very content dogs!

My two dogs Polly and Jack absolutely LOVE Primitive Natural. Thanks for a great product.

Marcy L.

A very happy and healthy Vinny

I want to thank you for giving me back my dog. I have an 8 year old cairn terrier who has had GI problems most of his life. In January of last year, it got so bad I had him scoped at my vet's suggestion. Following the procedure and a bout with aspirated pneumonia, Vinny was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. The vet said he would have to be put on a diet of hydrolyzed dog food for the rest of his life and that if that didn't work we'd need to supplement his treatment with steroids. The prescription food prescribed was expensive and Vinny wouldn't eat it. We switched him to another novel protein prescription canned food with no luck. Combine that with more meds each day than I care to count, the poor little guy lost three pounds in less than two weeks which is a whole lot when you only weight 20 pounds to begin with. The only thing we could finally get him to eat was a bland canned food we had often given him in the the past when he had his bouts of vomiting. It does the trick, short-term, but isn't very nutritious so we had to give him a supplement as well. Cost and the fact that I was tossing a can into our recycling bin every day didn't sit well with me so I tried transitioning him to less expensive canned foods without any luck. I was determined to get Vinny back on dry food and started investigating grain-free options. A young man at (their warehouse is nearby and locals can buy direct) was a great source of information about my various options and steered me to your Great Plains Feast. I held my breath as I started the transition last October. Days then weeks went by and no GI issues. Plus, Vinny couldn't wait for meal time. He loooooves it! We haven't had one incident of vomiting since. He also has more energy, his coat is shiny and full again like a cairn's coast should be. I won't ever buy any other dog food. Vinny and I thank you, thank you for a terrific product. And since we both love trees, I'll be sending in my UPC codes as well!

Sue C.
North Kingstown,  RI

This is just a short message to let you know how impressed I am with your food. We have 3 short haired jack russells. The one female jack russell had a problem with her skin. I changed to your brand about 3 months ago. Since then she has not scratched, and all the hair that she had rubbed away has grown back and grown back thicker. She even looks bulkier than before. We had to take her to our vet, because she had bruised her back while rubbing agains the base of the chair.

Our other jack russell had very pink and and a bit inflamed belly skin; his skin is now a healthy colour and he is not scratching as they were before.

Once again, thank you for a wonderful food, we will not be changing their food.

Linda M.
Cape Town,  South Africa

Hello, my name is Amanda and I began purchasing your grain free food for both my dogs and cats several months ago. My dogs shedding has been greatly reduced and it has also been compatible with their sensitive stomachs. My cat's coats are much healthier and I have not awakened to a single hair ball on my floor since about a week after switching them all over from another "grain free" diet. I refer everyone that I can to your food and have begun purchasing it for my mother's pets as well. I have 6 large dogs (cane corsos), a toy poodle and 5 cats. I plan on keeping them on your food; I purchase from Pet Depot, a small pet store in a strip mall close to my home. I am writing to thank your company for producing such a wonderful food.

Amanda C.

Hi, my name is Kassy S. I am a foster home for the Greene County Humane Society in NC. I get in the sickest of the sick when it comes to the pets. I am currently fostering 2 animals in need. One is a 2 yr. old Mini Long Haired Daschund named Dean. The other is an 8 yr. old cat named Bell. They both have severe food allergies. Dean was a puppy mill stud. When I got him he was a big huge SCAB. My father asked me how I even knew what kind of hair he has because he really has none visible. So I started baby oil baths, fish oil liquid and started feeding Earthborn Small Breed. Now he is starting to look better.

Bell on the other hand is only 4 lbs. She is allergic to almost everything. I have had her for a year. Bell came to me as 1 lb. of NOTHING. Her fur was missing in huge patches and she had huge scabs over her whole body. She hardly had a pad on one of her feet. She was so dehydrated. She was put on IV fluids for 3 weeks. She now runs around and plays with Dean like they are the best of friends. When we first got her home, she started throwing up and the vet said to try a new food so we switched and then her skin issues came back. So we tried prescription diet food. That worked for a week so I was talking to a friend who works at a sore that sells Earthborn Holistic. He convinced me to try it. Bell has been on it for 6 months now with no issues. I can ONLY feed her grain-free canned food and I do mix in some grain-free dry. If I wouldn't have found your food I am convinced that Bell would have died. The Vet had already lost hope on her but I have NOT and WILL not. I know she will be with me until her passing.

Thanks, you have a great product.

Kassy S.
Snow Hill,  NC

Kudos to you. Our Lab, Onyx loves Coastal Catch and Great Plains Feast. She consumes less product, produces less waste and often receives compliments on her beautiful shiny coat.

We recently adopted Chip, a now 3 month old wire-haired terrier mix. We tried Puppy Vantage with him, assuming we'd get the same great results. Regrettably, while he gobbled it up, Chip soon lost his appetite and developed diarrhea. We wondered if he might have some type of food allergy.

Based on comments on your Facebook page, we decided to try the grain-free Meadow Feast to address the problem. Chip now DEVOURS his food with gusto, and his digest upsets are completely gone.

Thank you for your fine products.

Angie F.
Anderson,  IN

I wanted to write you folks to let you know how much my kitties ABSOLUTELY LOVE your Monterey Medley wet food. Pookie's Bow Wow Boutique, my local pet food supplier, just recently started carrying your products. I have a multi-cat household and have rescued over 15+ kitties from a local colony. We have tried several other leading grain-free foods. Some love them, others are not so crazy about them. It is difficult to find good, wholesome and tasty food to feed my clowder that is amendable to all of the kitties' tastebuds. The Monterey Medley seems to have been that solution. In fact, I had a kitty who had an URI who had completely lost his appetite. He wouldn't eat anything. I introduced Monterey Medley. It was miraculous! He started eating and from then on would not eat anything else. It quite possibly saved his life as he was dramatically losing weight and was fading fast! So thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thank you for producing such a wholesome food. I am thrilled that there is a pet food company that is so concerned for our environment. It's quite a refreshing concept. Keep up the good work.

Samica C.
Orlando,  FL

I was at Petco last Saturday and one of your reps saw me picking up some of my usual brand of food for my dogs.

He talked to me about your formulas. I am quite picky about what I feed my dogs. Initially I was hesitant, I will admit, but after listening to him, I decided to give it a try. I couldn't decide between the Great Plains Feast and the Primitive Natural and ended up choosing Great Plains Feast.

Well, my dogs LOVE IT! I was thoroughly surprised and pleased. Thanks you so much for helping me keep my pups happy and healthy while helping to keep the planet green.

Zelda S.
Madison,  WI

Gillian, a walking testimonial to Earthborn Holistic.

I have been feeding Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural for six months and the dogs and I love the results--good taste for them and great conditioning and trainability. They are shown in obedience competition.My dog Gillian is a walking testament to Earthborn: she is lovely and no I am not prejudiced!

Connie G.
Fairfield,  OH

I've been feeding my four dogs, ranging in size from a 30 lb. Puggle to a 130 lb. Great Dane, the Adult Vantage formula for about five months now. Having been through a ridiculously wide array of holistic food, I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical for the first couple of months, but the food has surprisingly had positive results. The dogs' coats are shiny, extraordinarily soft and have never looked better and they absolutely love the taste! They didn't have that typical new-food hesitation when I offered it to them for the first time. The kibble is the perfect size for just about any size dog, except maybe a toy breed that would need tiny bites.

I will continue to feed the product as long as it maintains it's quality. Thank you for making an excellent product!

Tanya K.

Daisy digging for Earthborn.

My dog Daisy loves your food!

Marion M.

I have a 20 year old cat that had become very picky with his food. He was also having problems having a stool. He had lost three pounds over three months and we thought we were about to lose him. I stopped by the local pet store where I had always purchased his food and food for our dogs. They told me about your food. We started changing his food very slowly so as not to upset his system even more. That was two months ago and now his diet consists totally of Earthborn Harbor Harvest and Chicken Cattciatori (these are his favorites) He has gained back about one pound.

He is obsessed with his new food and eating. He will clean up one plate and wants another immediately.

Connie L.

My best friend Millie, a 2 year old bassett, was the runt of the litter and was lucky to have survived. She experienced a horrible case of colitis. I rushed her to the vet since she was passing blood. After that incident we changed foods. I tried several brands and her symptoms never got better. I then found your food at a local pet food store. Thanks to your food and commitment to a healthy diet for our furry friends she is healthy now. We've had no problems with her colitis ever since feeding her Earthborn Holistic. I personally wanted to thank your company for possibly saving my dogs life or at least improving her life.

Kelly B.
Mesa,  AZ

Hi! I just wanted to say that I am loyal customer and I think your products are AMAZING! I do rescues and help stray cats pretty often so it's not unusual for me to have up to 9 cats in my home. They ALL eat your products! I just wanted to let you know how much I love your brand.

Samantha C.
Louisville,  KY

Hello all at Earthborn!

MAS Rescue (Maryland Animal Sanctuary Rescue) loves your products! On top of that, we love that part of your mission includes taking care of our planet. Pets can lead to a bigger carbon footprint, so we should do as much as we can to prevent that (like feeding them natural food, using biodegradable litter, etc.), and also do what we can to counteract it! Awesome!

Krista C.

Just thought I would drop you a note to let you know that my cats LOVE your canned cat food. About 4 months ago, my 17 year old cat started having trouble holding down her food. I was advised to try Earthborn Holistic as well as a few other high-quality cat foods by my local vet. Long story short, I tried a bunch of different brands of these high-quality cat foods and Earthborn won hands down! Not only are your canned cat foods my cat's favorite for taste, by my 17 year old no longer has issues with vomiting and has actually put a little weight on her old, tiny frame. l cannot express how grateful I am for Earthborn Holistic!!!

Jenni S.

Thank you for providing chicken-free alternatives! After trying a variety of other holistic LID brands, your Catalina Catch, Monterey Medley and Harbor Harvest canned wet food receives the highest compliment from our 9-your-old cats. Their plates are licked clean! They have never ever done that before. Keep up the good work.

Marisa D.

My name is Kathie and I have a boxer named Isabelle. We got her as a puppy 2 1/2 years ago and once she was taken off her puppy formula we tried 4+ different dog food brands to find something that "agreed" with her. We tried different leading grain-free brands and then we found Earthborn Primitive Natural. We love it, she loves it and has been on it for over 18 months which is a major accomplishment for Isabelle. We will keep her on Earthborn as long as it agrees with her and as long as she likes it! Thank you!

Kathie M.
Milwaukee,  WI

Just wanted to drop a line and compliment you on your great feline products. I entered Monster Pets in Audubon, NJ, the week of Christmas with a problem with my 8 year old short hair. He had been eating grain-free food for ever two years. He developed an ear infection in November that required surgery to clean out his ear. He was then on an 8 week antibiotic regimen. Five weeks in, he stopped eating and I found he was having stomach issues from the antibiotic. After two days in the hospital I brought him home and he was eating the leading brand pushed by most vets. For whatever reason, when I tried to give him his grain-free he walked away. Not being happy with the brand he was eating I was searching the aisles in the store for an alternative. I was approached by a woman who asked if she could help me. I knew she wasn't a store employee. I explained the problem and she spent some time with me explaining your products. I bought a small bag of the regular and the grain-free to give them a try. My cat went crazy for both of them as I mixed them together with a tiny amount of the hospital food. I've got to be very honest when I say he grazed and rarely finished 3/4 of a cup in a day of his OLD food. I now have an empty bowl in the a.m. and a real excitement while I am refilling his bowl. THANKS.

Greg K.
Audubon,  NJ

Hi, my name is Dustin N., founder of Erie Bay Bullies, located in Sandusky, Ohio. I am a breeder and showman of very high quality American Bullies. I am a very reputable breeder and attend shows all across the country. About 6 months ago, I was approached by a representative of your company while in my local feed store. After a long discussion with her about ingredients and production of your product, I decided to give your food a shot. I have been using Earthborn ever since. I've found it works very well for sustaining weight and proper nutrition. I am constantly asked what I feed my dogs due to their muscular stature and appearance. Even though most of these characteristics are genetic, it takes a good quality feed to get your dogs to their full potential. Great product.

Dustin N.
Sandusky,  OH

Our dogs love Earthborn Holistic. There is much dancing and rejoicing at meal times, no small feat with four dogs ranging n size from 45 - 85 pounds! (Not to mention a small but determined cat muscling his way in for a munch himself daring the Shepherd-Doberman to stop him!)

N. A. O.

I just wanted to send you a note to let you know just how terrific your cat food is. I have a 13 year old cat that, for the last 3 years, suffered with an allergy that even the vet could not figure out. We tried flea medicine (although we knew it wasn't fleas, she never goes outside) and many, many different brands and types of food. I even bought a water filter just in case it was something in our water. A couple of months ago, she developed a horrible abscess from where she had scratched herself and the vet said to try freezing her food for 24 hours before giving it to her to kill any grain mites. Maybe that was the cause. It that didn't work, our only other option was allergy testing. I went to our local Feeder's Supply store a couple of weeks later and was looking for grain free food, thinking that might help. There was a gentleman standing there in front of the display writing on a clipboard. I assumed he worked there and he asked if he could help me. I explained my cat's problem and how frustrated I was and it turned out he was a sales rep for your company. He suggested the Earthborn Holistic Grain Free and I bought a bag of the Wild Sea Catch. Oh my gosh, you should see the difference in my cat. The scratching has stopped. She is actually playing again. She chases my other cat all around the house. Her ears are soft again instead of hard and crusty. I am not finding chunks of hair everywhere like before. She still obsessively grooms, causing bald patches, put I hope that will stop after a while and the hair will grow back. My daughter is a dog groomer and she had a customer come in a couple of weeks ago with a similar problem with his dog. She told him about our food line and he said he was going to give it a try too. I cannot thank you enough Missy, my cat, and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Deborah V.

Hello! I just wanted to say that Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural dry dog food is amazing! My dog loves it; it's exactly what he needs. And the quality is right up there with the absolute best other brands! All of this on top of an unbeatable price just made Earthborn a standard in my home. In addition, the fact that Earthborn is environmentally conscious makes it that much above the rest. Don't lose those great qualities!

David H.

A few weeks ago I went to Pet Supplies Plus on San Pedro in San Antonio. I walked in with a big ordeal, 6 dogs with 6 different allergies. I had tried every brand on the market that was holistic and grain free except Earthborn Holistic. When I walked into the store a very nice lady wearing an Earthborn apron asked if she could help me. I told her that would probably be impossible, then she told me about your brand. She took the time to listen to the problem with each dog and described how your product could help. Well that was 6 weeks ago and I want to report that all allergies are gone in all the dogs!!! I am sending you this email because I am totally amazed. The lady who helped me to be a loyal customer of your product was named Pam. Her advice paid off and my dogs are for once in their lives - truly happy! Thanks for your great product.

Linda G.
San Antonio,  TX

Hello! My name is Aimee N. and I have been feeding your grain free foods to my Border Collie and Shetland Sheepdog show dogs. I'm so happy with the coat, body and energy they have. I put my very skinny 20 month old Shetland Sheepdog boy that I couldn't seem to get weight on on your food and he's finally gaining some weight. I use all 3 grain-free varieties mixed together and the dogs LOVE dinner time I've also got a little kitten and she's on your dry and canned grain-free cat food and she's sold on it too! Thank you very much for such a wonderful product!

Aimee N.

Earthborn Holistic saved Moses. I wanted to touch base with you - I put together an update video for Moses and wanted to share it with you. You can view it here:

Doreen D.
Indianapolis,  IN

My pup gets Earthborn out of the food pantry begging for food.

I recently visited the grand opening of Pet Supplies Plus in Clearwater, FL. At the event I was given two sample bags of your product. Apparently my foster pup loved it, because he couldn't help himself. He got it out of the food closet and carried it around the house until I finally gave him some. Couldn't help but snap a few photos of him first! A few nights later, he got the bag of Great Plains Feast and did the same! He loves all flavors! Thanks so much for such a great product!

Jennifer M.
Clearwater,  FL

I am a loyal customer that feeds Earthborn Holistic Grain-Free Great Plains Feast. I would like to tell you that my dogs are doing wonderful on your food. I show my Australian Shepherd in AKC and her coat is amazing and they have no issues on the food. Thanks for such a great dog food.

Tamison R.
Tucson,  AZ

For 20 years I have raised/shown/bred varying breeds of canines. FINALLY I have found the food that suits ALL the breeds I have come in contact with! Currently, I show Chihuahuas and French Bulldogs. Your product is amazing. Nothing short of perfect. Their coats, eyes, (former) allergies, and taste buds are all happy and healthy. Trust me. I have tried some of the BEST of the BEST ln dog foods. Some would work for a few of the "furkids," but then the others didn't like it or got stomach upsets, or their coats would begin to lack luster.
Earthborn has taken care of ALL of those former problems.
I will continue to recommend your pet products to ALL my dog show friends/breeders/handlers. Thank you for your time, and your great canine and feline foods.

Laura F.
Albuquerque,  NM

The Look of Love

I entitled this "The Look of Love."

Alan D.

I have a female Rottweiler that has had dry skin issues since I have had her. She is 22 months old and I purchased her when she was 18 months old. I have been at my wits end as what to do for her - my vet has just been saying that "Rottys have skin allergy problems." I had been feeding her another leading brand as I did my other dogs but it appeared not to be the right food for her. My pet store advised me to try Earthborn Holistic and a week ago I started her on your Grain-Free Primitive Natural. I am delighted to report that I can already see a change in her coat and skin and am absolutely thrilled with the results. She is a beautiful girl and it was terrible seeing her suffer with her skin issues.

Kerry H.

I had been feeding my two cats Apollo and Anubus another leading grain-free cat food. Anubus has always been a fat cat. I saw some improvement in his weight when I switched to the grain-free food. I continued to use the product and Anubus put the weight back on. I believe that my animals should have access to food at all times. To make a long story short. I moved to an area that did not offer the grain-free food. I was forced to find a grain-free substitute. As fate would have it, there was an Earthborn rep in the pet store. She told me all about the company and showed me a few different flavors. It has been two months since I made the switch. Anubus has really slimmed down. He now looks years younger and has really become the active cat he used to be. I love the results I see and my cats love the food.

Tony H.
East Stroudsburg,  PA

For a few months now I've been purchasing your Wild Sea Catch dry kibble as well as cases of your large cans of cat food for my senior tabby "Chloe" and my 2 Maine Coons "Frank" and "Beans." Chloe is diabetic and has done exceptionally well on her Earthborn diet. It's also the only wet food my cats will eat after it's been refrigerated. I simply love your product.Thanks.

Charidy M.
Springfield,  OH

For 7 years, I've had two dogs - one who would eat everything and one who could care less if he ever ate. Then last year, we acquired a miniature dachshund who was having some major skin and ear issues. After allergy testing him, we found out he was very allergic to just about everything in most dog foods such as poultry, corn, grains and potatoes to name a few. After trying different diets, we tried Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast. Within a month, his skin issues were almost resolved and the hair was growing back on his ears. After months and months of treating his condition (he was miserable), he was finally better and is doing wonderful! Also, since switching, our finicky eater eats very meal! He used to be an avid "once a day eater," if that, and we would often have to mix things with his food or hand feed him. Now, when it's dinner time, he loves to eat. And last but not least. We also acquired a 9 year old Greyhound who was very underweight (65 lbs.) and underwent a major surgery of having his leg amputated. He was very thin before surgery, so we knew it would be work to get him to gain weight after the surgery. It seemed like every food he was on prior to coming to us just couldn't get him to gain weight. After using a food that is very high in calories (used for working breeds), he finally started to gain some weight. Then we slowly switched him over to Earthborn and he continued to gain. Now, he is very happy at 83 lbs. and is staying steady! Not to mention, he LOVES this food. He was always trying to eat it out of our other dog's bowls! And because Greyhounds have naturally high metabolism, they need a quality diet. And because he continues to keep his weight healthy and even gain a little, I know that his food is quality stuff. Thank you SO much for making such a quality pet food. Seeing the physical changes in our pets is proof that what you feed your pet DOES COUNT! This food has helped us in so many ways, and having 4 dogs, we needed a simple solution such as Earthborn Holistic dog food. Also, we have since started collecting the UPCs to send in to help plant trees (we go through a lot of dog food). So again, many thanks!

Ashley and Nic S.

I just wanted wanted to let you know that your dog food saved our dog's life. We have a red bone coon hound named Murphy. When Murphy turned a year old she got very ill. She was constantly throwing up and suffering from diarrhea. We took her to the vet and had every test known to man run - X-rays, blood work, ultra sounds, tests for parasites, urine samples, etc......they could not find anything wrong with her. Murphy was so sick - she went from 47 pounds to 36 pounds and nothing was helping her. She was skin and bones and could hardly stand. lFinally the vet suggested putting her down. We didn't want to do that, so we started researching different diets trying to get her to eat. We tried several different dog foods (all of which made her very sick) - and finally started making her food out of chicken breasts and oatmeal. She could keep that down and started putting on a bit of weight. That was getting expensive and was time consuming.

We then started researching dog foods and came across your website. We started with a small bag of the Primitive Natural and she kept it down. At first we thought it was a flute, but we kept feeding it to her and it still stayed down! Now, two months later, Murphy is up to 45 pounds, playing and full of life again! I can't explain how happy we are that she has gotten her spunk back. She's running and playing and is happy and healthy again.

So, I just wanted to take a minute and let you know that we appreciate your dog food. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Ellen B.

I want to tell you that I love your food. My wife and I strongly believe quality food makes a huge difference in the quality of the dog's life. We used to feed (another leading brand) until we heard the company had been purchased by Proctor and Gamble. We have zero confidence that they will keep the formula the same, so we decided to try Earthborn Puppy Vantage. Ella is an 11 month old Pit Bull/German Shepherd mix that has never been healthier and her coat has never been more luxurious and soft. Tommy is a 10 year old Boxer/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix whose energy has never been higher and is eager for breakfast and dinner despite being an EXTREMELY picky eater. Thank you.

Rick C.
South Paris,  ME

My Name is Markie R. and I'm a senior at Texas A & M majoring in Animal Science. My passion is dogs, especially canine nutrition, and am looking forward to graduating and hopefully working in the pet food industry. About 2 months ago I started feeding Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch (switched from another Grain-Free brand) and we are loving it! My border collie refuses to eat most raw foods, so I'm so excited that I found a great food that does her just as good My bull terrier still gets raw most nights, but with the new food I'm seeing a BIG difference in coat and activity. Bull terriers can have issues with their skin and allergies, but we aren't seeing any of that here! Thanks.

Markie R.
College Station,  TX

Just wanted to thank you for the sample and quick response. I received the Primitive Feline formula a few days ago, and my cat (Merlin) likes it (and he's very picky about his dry food). Since starting him on the Earthborn wet food (about two months ago), I've noticed that Merlin's coat is shinier and softer. I'll definitely be recommending Earthborn Holistic to all my cat owner friends. Thanks again.

Damaris J.

My name is Mike H. and I am a dog owner from Colorado. I was looking for a grain free dog food about a year ago and came across your food at Pets n Stuff in Littleton, CO. Your ingredient list was very impressive, so my wife and I decided that we wanted to try your food. The grain free recipe does an amazing job of providing my dogs with the protein and proper supplements to keep them going strong. Nutrition is a very important issue in our house because I compete with all my dogs in Frisbee competitions all over the country. Your food gives them all of the protein they need to stay healthy, lean, and keep up the amazing conditioning required for the competition months. My dog, MaggEY, just won the Colorado and Texas state championships as well as the UFO World Frisbee Dog Championships for 2011. She is eating nothing but Earthborn Holistic Natural grain-free formulas. I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I think your food is an amazing product. Thank you so much such an awesome product and producing nothing but the best for our four-legged family members.

Mike H.

A few months ago I started my cat Peeps on your holistic wet and dry food. Initially there was a minor adjustment but overall during the past couple of months my cat has thrived unbelievably thanks to Earthborn. Her improvement is nothing less than phenomenal and my appreciation to you i overwhelming.

A friend's cat has also benefited and thrived from Earthborn and that cat was very close to being put down due to it's sickness. I sing your praises ever chance I get!

Janet K.

Hi, I am using your food with GREAT SUCCESS. I have a Standard Poodle who has horrible ears. She has been on so many different dog foods over the last 3 years. Now that she is on your grain-free gluten free food, both ears are now cleared up. I am soooo amazed! I have been a vet tech for 10 years and thought I would never win this battle, but I think we found a winner. Thanks so much. I also believe it's fantastic for Cockers who have a high incidence of food allergies. My one girl Selu look like a million bucks on this food!!! Thanks so much.

Stacey B.
Mesa,  AZ

We have Basset Hounds and they are known for ear problems usually related to food allergies. We have tried the other natural foods but our dogs did not like the food after a period of time. Earthborn is different, they LOVE IT! They have more energy and are not pawing at their ears. I found out about your product at the Mountain State Fair in North Carolina and the rep was knowledgable about the food and gave us some samples and it was the best thing ever. Thank you a hundred times for such a great product and it is even made in America!

Rhonda B.

A very happy Winston and Bella

I have a 10 year old chocolate lab (Winston) and a new 10 week old black lab puppy (Bella). Since Winston's recent development of food allergies, we've found that Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch is the only brand for him, and believe me when I tell you we've tried them all by now I think) that he can tolerate and doesn't lead to a bad case of skin dermatitis. That being said, if this a healthy choice for Miss Bella as well? Just want to ensure she's getting all the nutrients she needs as a puppy. She loves it.
In any case, I trust your brand and really appreciate that there are companies out there that appear to care for our pets almost as much as we do. It's comforting to know I don't have to analyze every word in the ingredient list and spend hours comparison shopping on which food contains the least amount of additives! Since discovering Earthborn Holistic, I have passed the good word along to many of my fellow dog advocates here in my community, so it appears to be quite the popular brand of choice around it!

Kelli B.
Raleigh,  NC

Hi. My name is Carol and I'm from Ohio. I just wanted to write and tell you how wonderful the Small Breed dog food is for my 2 chihuahuas, Chico (8) and Scrappy (2). They were picky eaters until I got them a sample size of your dog food for their stockings last year. Now, they won't touch anything else. They are happier and more energetic now and Scrappy's coat is shiny and pretty now. Thanks again for making such an amazing dog food. My 2 boys love it!

Carol K.

Hi, my name is Christine from New Jersey. I have (2) shih-tzus, 6 months and 3 yrs. and (2) german shepherds, 4 yrs. and 2 yrs. old.For years, my two shepherds suffered from digestive and IBS problems. My 6 month old shih-tzu has terrible allergies and suffers from a collapsed trachea. After trying countless high-end dog foods out there and not seeing a difference in their symptoms, I was told to switch to Earthborn Holistic.

Shiloh, Nahla, Buddy, and KoKo have been on Primitive Natural Grain-Free kibble now for two weeks, and I CAN NOT believe the difference I see in all four of them. My shepherd, Nahla, actually had her first solid stool in 2 years. Their coats are super shiny and my 6 month old shih-tzu, Koko isn't itching like crazy anymore and actually looks forward to eating a "grain-free" diet. I CAN NOT THANK YOUR COMPANY ENOUGH for making such a great quality dog food.

Christine K.
Williamstown,  New Jersey

I just wanted to send you an email to let you know how grateful we are to have found your dog food. (And doubly happy to know you are in our Indiana neck of the woods!)

Last year we bought a large bag of dog food from a big box store. Within a week of feeding it to our 9 year old Newfie, he began to limp horribly. The vet said nothing was wrong. We fed him glucosamine and massaged his hip, but he continued to limp. I started to wonder about the timing; he began to limp a week after we bought the discount bag of food. We decided to experiment with a new food and roamed the dog food aisles at our local pet store, buying samples of things we thought looked good.

He loved the Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural, so we switched. And within a week, his limp was gone and we have our ol' pup back again. We have a little French Bulldog that loves it too.

Thanks for making such a great food for our pups!

Jan O.

Our 11 year old rat terrier was really slowing down and his joints were really achy. After only 2 weeks on Earthborn Holistic, he was as full of energy and ornery as he was as a pup. Our other two dogs demanded to have his "special" food as well. They love it, and jump up and down to be fed. We are switching our cat as well. This is truly a miracle food. Thank you!

Cheryl F.
Grand Junction,  CO

I am emailing to let you know I am extremely pleased with your line of cat food. I feed my cats the dry grain-free dry food and they absolutely love it! I am so glad I switched them to Earthborn when it came out because it has made a big difference. Thank you.

Heidi V.

We have 2 boxers; we switched them over to Earthborn Holistic two weeks ago. They love it. By the second week, we noticed their coats were so much shinier and the texture is much better. We love your product. Keep up the great work.

Mike L.
Long Island,  NY

It seems as though Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch is the only brand of dog food that my Husky/German Shepherd/Lab mix is not allergic to. THANK GOD. Several hundreds of dollars later we finally found a food he can eat. And with him being 10 years old it was so difficult. Thanks.

Michelle H.

I just want to take a moment and let you know that I have been raising Blue Heelers for awhile and I switched over from another leading brand to your brand when my female was getting close to her expected time to conceive. She ate Earthborn Holistic all thru her pregnancy and has had the best litter ever!!! The puppies had their check up at my vet and he was astonished at their health and weight. My puppies are now eating on their own (Earthborn) and are almost ready to go to their forever homes and will be sent home with your food as a samples. I can't tell you how much this food has made a difference in their stamina and coat and their overall health from eating this dog food.

Danielle C.
Cheyenne,  WY

Just a note to tell you my dogs are very happy with the Earthborn Great Plains Feast. I bought it at McGuckins in Boulder, Colorado. I will continue to purchase that food and will try the other formulas as well as the food for cats. I also look forward to trying the canned food.

Two of my dogs are extremely picky about their kibble. This is one of the very few that they will eagerly eat by itself. Nice job!

Alexis L.
Boulder,  CO

It has been about three months ago that I switched Argos, my finicky dog, to Earthborn and boy, we ain't looking back. He actually eats his food on his own, without anyone of us coaxing him.

I wanted to thank you very much for the sample you sent us because he wolfed it down when he was presented it and that was a huge signal for us. Now that he is done with the 14 lb. bag we bought back in June, we are going to try your grain-free Coastal Catch next.

You were right! He did go wild for the Primitive Natural.

Norma V.
Buena Park,  CA

My wife and I show and breed Newfoundlands. We currently have 1 male and 4 females. One of our females is the daughter of 2007 Westminster best in show Josh. Since we have discovered Earthborn Coastal Catch, that is all we feed, and will continue to feed. It is the top food for Newfs on the market in my opinion. Love your food.

Clint V.

I started my now 12 year old Shiba Inu on Earthborn Holistic food a year ago in July. My dog did not have problems with food or anything other than being a little finicky for the first 3 years that I had him. In 2002 I moved to a small rural community and starting the following summer around June, he developed an allergy to something outdoors. Every summer since, starting around June 1st all thru July, the poor animal was miserable, swollen eyes, sneezing, not playing, itching constantly to the point of his skin turning black and his toes swelling becoming very sore from biting. The first few years I tried Benedryl, then went to veterinarian prescriptions for allergies, pads to wipe his feet, vetericyn sprays, different shampoos, etc. Each year it got worse and worse. Last year he had a total of 3 shots, 1 every 2 weeks which would give him temporary short term relief but, the worst part was, he would drink lots and lots of water and pee a lot so I knew how hard this was on his kidneys and or liver and it scared me to put him through this.

A friend sent me a website that talked about and compared dog foods and told about the benefits of grain free dog food. I found a store that sold Earthborn and asked our vet if he thought it would help with both weight and allergies and maybe his excessive shedding. The vet said it might help but would take about 8 months to see any results.

At Christmas, my visiting children ALL suddenly noticed and commented on how soft my dog's hair was! My dog has always had somewhat coarse hair for a Shiba Inu. These are all people who don't pay much attention to my dog so I was surprised when they all commented on how soft he was. Then, about 3 weeks ago, it dawned on me when someone mentioned their allergies that my dog DID NOT HAVE ANY ALLERGY SYMPTOMS AT ALL THIS YEAR!!! Everyone else in the house with allergies did, just like clockwork, except for the dog!

I live in a rural area with lots of ragweed among other things.I believe your food has made a difference for my dog. Thank you so much! My dog is 12 this year, loves to play, and has had no miserable allergies or kidney-stopping shots and roll in joint pain. I am very happy that his health is soooo much better. What a blessing, Thank you.

Peggy L.
Charles City,  IA

I wanted to compliment you on your canned cat food. One of the rescue fosters at my house has been trying to recover from a bout of hepatic lipidosis, and it's very important that she eats, even if it means syringe feeding her. Earthborn Holistic's line of canned food has really helped her regain her health. It's both good for her and she readily eats it.

Thank you again from Denise and Asa!

Denise E.

My cat is in love!! I am totally amazed at the quality of the Earthborn canned cat food. I am concerned about feeding our cat as his twin passed away from kidney issues so I am constantly reading cat food labels and looking only for cat food which is wholesome and without added ingredients. When I stumbled across your brand at Theisen's and brought it home, our cat just went crazy!! We no longer have to worry about whether he will eat what we bring home or if he will get tired of it eventually. He likes the chunks of meat and also the amount of gravy inside each can. We call Earthborn "the good stuff" and Rocky dances around as we set down his bowl of food. He loves all four varieties and I make sure that I stock up so we don't run out. Thanks again for such a great product.

Sandy S
Cedar Rapids,  IA

Hello. I am a new user of Earthborn Holistic Cat Food. I should say my 2 cats are users, and they absolutely LOVE the Chicken Catcciatori wet food! They have been using it for about a month now, and my female long hair cat has NOT had a hair ball since eating this food. I have tried a multitude of other brands, and they will not eat anything BUT your Earthborn. Thank you so much!

Jill O.
Slinger,  WI

I wanted to let you know my dog Frank is a new admirer of your food. I have been purchasing another leading natural food for the past 5 years. However, I recently received a notice that the food I was purchasing for my dog isn't what they say it is. I was immediately annoyed and went to my pet food store and they gave me a few samples of food they recommend. Well, Frank loved yours best so I decided to read about the food and was impressed with your company. We purchased our first 28# bag a couple of days ago and Frank loves it.

Sue & Frank F.

Hello- I wanted to say thank you for such a great dog food. I have a 90 pound german shepherd that i just rescued and he won't eat anything but your dog food. When I got him he was beaten and abused and reluctant to eat at all. I have tried every single kind of food out there and he turns his nose up. I tried your food today and he ate the whole trial size bag and wanted more!

Sara S.
Maricopa,  AZ

I recently bought Earthborn for my 2 greyhounds and German shepherd and I have to tell you that it was extremely well received by all 3 dogs, even my 'picky eater.' I was attracted to try it because of the great ingredients! Thanks for putting out a wonder, premium food.

Sandra S.
Harrison City,  PA

I just wanted you to know that I love this dog food. I had a dog die from eating poisoned dog food a few years ago and switched to your Earthborn brand after that. I have 4 dogs and they just love it. My Liam loves it so much he sleeps on the bag and won't let any of the other dogs near it. He will drag the bag around the kitchen and walk on it till it's comfy and then takes a nap. It's the cutest thing; just thought I would share.

Melanie L.

I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful line of dog food. My one adopted pitbull was having some issues walking. We gave him prescription food from the vet even though we knew the ingredients were not great. We took the ingredient label to the pet store to compare after 2 months of eating this junk with little results. Your food was the only one that had the proper % of omega after an hour of searching. Titus is 7 and after 2 months of eating your Coastal Catch he is running, jumping and has a ton of energy again. We did not see this progress with the vet prescription food. Titus and I would like to thank you for creating this awesome line of food.

Christine B.

I have an 11 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier pup. He has had horrible gas problems for the past 6 months. I've tried every holistic premium dog food money can buy. I had him on (another leading brand) which is supposed to be a great kibble but the gas problem still continued. I decided to take him to the vet for a check up to make sure he hadn't eaten something that couldn't upset his digestive system. The vet said he had no worms and that he was in good health. They gave me some pills to give him. After the pills were gone he still had the same problems. The vet also recommended that I feed him (another leading brand). I didn't want to feed him (that leading brand). I contacted the breeder whom I purchased the pup from to ask his advice. He told me to feed him Earthborn Holistic. Within a month of switching his food to your brand, his gas was gone. His coat looks better than ever and he loves the food. He even sheds less since I started him on your product. All this in just 1 month. Thank you for such a wonderful product! I will never feed him anything else but Earthborn Holistic!

Otis E.
 North Carolina

Hi, I just wanted to shoot an email to you and thank you for making a dog food that my dogs actually like to eat! I have been feeding another leading grain-free, and they will eat it, but today I purchased one of your trail sizes and wow is all I can say! I have never seen them go for food like that before. I tried the Coastal Catch because it was grain free and they loved it I let them try it before mixing it in with the other food and they went nuts....thanks again for the food, I'm looking forward to switching their formula.

James L.

I just wanted to thank you for a great product. My English bulldog was suffering for over 8 months with bad allergies and had emergency shots for hives (over 100 on one leg). After switching to your product the hives are ALL gone. She used to look like a gun shot victim with blood all over her body from scratching. Thank you!!!!!!!

Linda S.
Kendall Park,  NJ

I thought you might like to know the changes I have noticed with Kujo while switching to your food. I have been adding 1 to 2 cups of the Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast in with his other food. Some german shepherds have sensitive stomachs and sometimes will have diarrhea for no reason at all. Kujo is one of them. But since adding this food in he has not (had stomach issues). His stools are smaller and always firm. He appears to be shedding less. He also loves the taste of it. Thanks.

Beth S.

I found a Jack Russell Terrier about 5 years ago. She is approximately 9 years old now. Ever since I first found her, her eyes have had a bulge from the sockets. This bulge miraculously disappeared soon after feeding her your dog food. They appear normal now.

Whatever is in your food has made a huge difference. She even acts differently now. Her eyes may have bothered her or maybe some other physical things were happening along with the bulging eyes that I was not aware of.

I tried to snap a picture of her to send you but she was gobbling down her food and I couldn't get her head up long enough to take it. Thanks. so much.

Doreen R.

I just wanted to say thank you for making such a great dog food. My pitbull has been eating the Great Plains Feast and she has never looked so good. Her coat is so shiny and soft as silk. Seems like she has also developed a few more muscles. I have fed my dog high quality name brands all her life, but none of those foods made my girl look as good as she does now eating Earthborn Holistic. Thank you so much.

Chuckie B.
 North Carolina

I have recently switched over to your Earthborn Holistic Puppy Vantage brand of dog food and have noticed immediate results in the condition of my puppy's coat. I am happy with the product.

Kandice C.

I recently changed the food I feed my dogs to your band and cannot be happier. The dogs all love it. I foster dogs for rescues as well as have my own two dogs. Thanks for a great food.

Ted T.
Winton,  CA

Brilliant, finally a worthwhile product!! My 10 month old Malamute "Ricochet" and his 7 week old Malamute girlfriend "Sako" show a noticeable interest in Primitive Natural and the Ocean Fusion. I am intending on staying with this food as long as you make it! Thanks.

Paul B.

I love your cat food. I used (another leading brand) before and it was so expensive. You guys offer the same ingredients for a much lower price. It's awesome! One of my cats with food allergies has been doing amazing since I switched to your food, and they love the taste! Thanks so much.

Laura S.

Thank you for your excellent cat foods. We have had cats for years and have two beautiful Abyssinians now. I did not believe there was such a thing as a finicky cat until we got our second Aby. Earthborn has changed our lives! Chicken Catcciatori night means clean plate club night around here. All four flavors are accepted with enthusiasm and we often mix your grain-free dry kibble with the canned food. Both the wet and dry foods provide the best nutrition for both of our fur kids.

Sue & Paul T.
Muscatine,  IA

Let me start by saying that I love your product. I recently heard about it when visiting a pet store called "Paws & Claws" in Sydney, Australia. The owner had nothing but praise about your product and even had switched his own dogs over to it. I'm the proud owner of a 14 week old red toy poodle named Elmo and feed him Earthborn Holistic Puppy Vantage. When my vet asked me what food I was feeding Elmo, I told her Earthborn Holistic. I explained to her that I had done my research and believed I had chosen the best dog food. Long story short, both Elmo and I are very satisfied with Earthborn Holistic.

Anita D.
Sydney,  Australia

I just wanted to say thanks. I have a cat with allergies so we tried the grain-free fish (Wild Sea Catch) and so far so good. Her coat is silky smooth and no allergic reaction! She loves the taste. Thanks.

Debbie S.

Just want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for being a spectacular company and having such an awesome product for cats. One week ago I purchased ten of the large grain free bags at Malabar Feed in Malabar, Florida. I had previously purchased two other bags several days before. I gave one to a friend who cannot believe the wonderful results in just 48 hours. I have 12 cats of my own and do take in fosters in our area. Earthborn cat food is doing wonderful for my cats of all ages. I was previously using another grain-free food but your product moves to the head of the class.

Stacy S
Malabar,  Florida

Just wanted to let you folks know that I have 3 labs, all field dogs, 2 of which are on the Great Plains Feast and one older guy who is on the Adult Vantage. All 3 of my dogs are doing excellent on this food. Just had them to my vet for their annual exams and he gave them a glowing report on their health. He asked what I was feeding and I told him it was Earthborn Holistic and they've been on it for the past 6 months. Their coats so so shiny, their vitality has definitely improved including my 12 year old boy and their stools are half the size they were before I put them on Earthborn. For the 2 younger dogs, their stamina has definitely increased. So kudos to you folks for making a truly EXCELLENT dog food that in all ways helps to improve the health of my dogs inside and outside their bodies.

Pat F.

A few weeks ago I met a demonstrator for your food in a pet store. I thought I would try it, because I have an elderly cat, who is around 18 and her stomach was growling most of the time. I had been feeding her commercial food, most of which I was throwing out because she never ate it. I bought a few small cans of your wet food. She ate your food as if she had never eaten before. She ate one can of chicken and wanted more, which I gave her and she ate. She has become a more loving cat since we have changed to your food. Thanks, and keep up the good work.

Susanne C.

About a year ago we took our 8 month old lab/pit bull mix Cali to the vet because she had a seizure. She stayed the night at the vet for observation but they were only able to tell us she is epileptic. Epilepsy turns out to be the scientific term for "we don't know why you have seizures, but you do."

So, we brought Cali home with some medication hoping we would never have to witness another one of those horrible seizures. But, we ended up witnessing one or two almost every day after. Not only were Cali's seizures grand mal but they were so frequent that sometimes she wouldn't recover from the first before she had the second. I found out later that these are called cluster seizures and can be extremely harmful. Watching your dog's body convulse while they foam out of the mouth and urinate all over themselves (sometimes losing their bowels as well) is scary and stressful all at the same time. So began our seizure routine...

Kenneling Cali wasn't an option because it proved to be harmful while she was unaware of her surrounding in a seizure. Every time she would have one, I made sure I handled the diaper she needed while my husband tried to talk her out of it. This became our routine every night between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. and we have been living like this since.

Recently, the cluster seizures seemed to be taking their toll on Cali. They would make her eye sight go away for a few days and it was hard for her to recognize us. She seemed to not know who we were sometimes and it was heart breaking to watch her run away from us like we were strangers.

I was angry and heart broken not only about where we were but where we would be in a year or two. I began feeling like I couldn't help her.

Then one day about a month ago I was on my way home from work and I stopped at a pet store I haver been in before. I purchased a bag of Earthborn Holistic Adult Vantage never imagining what could have happened next.

Since Cali started on the food, her seizures are about once every three weeks. I first noticed when it had been four days since her last one. I instantly racked my brain for possible reasons why. The only change in her lifestyle at that time was her food. So I tested it. I fed her another dog food for a week and watched her seizures come back full force, but when I switched back to Earthborn, they ceased.

Earthborn Holistic dog food has not only given my picky eaters food they enjoy, but it gave me back my puppy. She is how she used to be, before the seizures and we can't be more grateful!

Amanda and Trevor G.
Phoenix,  AZ

I have just switched our newest family member, Otis (rescued terrier-corgi-ewok mix) to Earthborn puppy food and we will happily keep him on Earthborn into his later years. I have always been a firm believer in feeding high quality pet food to our pets (3 cats and a dog). Additionally, I am passionate about sustainability issues and this I was happy to see that Earthborn is made right here in Indiana! That solidified the switch for me. To top it off, your UPCs for Trees program is also a testament to the type of company you are and the kind of company I like to support.

Sarah O, Ph.D.
Indianapolis,  IN

I truly love Earthborn Primitive Natural dog food!! I rescue a lot of dogs and at this time I am feeding 11 dogs with this food. I have 3 Chihuahuas, 1 Papillon, 1 Italian Greyhound Mix, 1 Lab mix, 1 American Bulldog and 4 Pitbulls. My first pitbull, Walter, was a challenge. I rescued him in 11/2009; he had inconsistencies with his bowels. I began researching various dog foods and that is when I found Primitive Natural. Since then he has had no further problems. In August of 2010, I rescued a white pitbull. She had lesions on her face; we couldn't find out what was causing this problem. Within 2 months of starting her on Primitive, the lesions began to fade and were completely gone within 4 months. All of my dogs are happy, energetic and healthy with soft shiny coats. Thanks to this great dog food, I don't have a dog with any allergy or skin issues and never had a dog with so much as a cold. Thanks again for Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural; it is the best!

Anita D
Georgetown,  IN

I have been meaning to write to your company for a while now. We have a 4 year old golden retriever. Ever since we got her (as a puppy) she has had terrible dander problems. Her skin would flake off and you could see flakes of skin all over in her fur. About eighteen months ago, I decided to switch her to a grain-free food to see if her skin condition would improve. We started her on Earthborn Primitive at that time. Within three months, the dandruff completely disappeared. She has a beautiful, shiny coat now. Thank you for making a great product for dogs. I have recommended your brand to many people.

Jennifer Y
Brooklyn,  Wisconsin

In our 16 years of rescuing Beagles and Coonhounds we have tried a large variety of foods...probably more than a hundred brands. We typically have 4-6 dogs here with us (plus the rescue dogs throughout the foster home system) and finding a food that all of the dogs will eat and have no issues with has been an ongoing challenge. In our own home we have a Bluetick Coonhound with allergies, an English Coonhound who has some intolerance to protein levels and a Beagle with whom we struggle controlling her weight. In the past we were forced to feed separate foods. Add in the rescue dogs and feeding time has been a bit like a poorly controlled science experiment.
We switched to Earthborn approximately 3 months ago. For the first time we have a food that we can feed to all of our dogs as well as distribute to our foster homes.
Our dogs love it, we love it...we have FOUND A WINNER!

Darin L.
Hammond,  IN

My name is David, and I am from Deerfield, Wisconsin. I have been feeding my puppies your food since they came home, and I have been very happy with the result I have gotten. Their coats are great, their teeth are perfect and most of all they get the best health reports from my vet.

David S.
Deerfield,  Wisconsin

I just wanted to say that I am glad that I found a food that all my dogs can eat. I feed the Ocean Fusion to my dogs. We have Chihuahuas all the way up to a Shepherd Mix who has a sensitive stomach. I work at a pet store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and I recommend Earthborn Holistic at least 5 times a day to customers. You have done a wonderful job with the food, the company and also the reps for the company. The reps that come to our store are awesome; they know their stuff and are so helpful to employees as well as customers. I can't wait until the cat food comes out because I am switching my cats over to Earthborn since my dogs are doing so well on it. Thanks again for doing an Awesome job!

Sarah S.

Just passing this along. My lab had pups...They will be 8 weeks old on Monday. Her last litter we had her on another leading brand. When her pups were 8 weeks old she looked BAD. She lost most of her coat. I didn't even want people to see her she looked so bad. This time on the Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural you can hardly tell she had pups. She is in great shape and her coat is beautiful. I put this all on the dog food. Just thought I'd pass this along.

jk scott

“I am a new customer of Earthborn, there was a person in my feed store selling your product. After some initial research I decided to try the small breed food as I now have two small dogs. I must say I and they both like it and it has cut the amount they were pooping in half! I have tried quite a few high end dog foods but your small breed seems to work best for them.

I also liked the plant a tree idea. Today I had some time to go to your website to research now that I have a few UPC codes collected. I also wanted to mention that I love the bags the dog food comes in. I buy the 14lb bag and that zip top works wonderfully, never breaks and zips up nice and tight.

Again I am both pleased with the packaging and the contents! These are my first small breed dogs (always had big dogs)and I am glad that I found a reasonably priced well made food for them.”


"I just wanted to tell you how much I love your grain-free food!

As a dog caregiver, I want my dogs to have the best dry dog food available - without breaking the bank.

As a dog trainer, I am constantly asked by my clients for recommendations on a quality and affordable dog food. So many of them shop at the warehouse stores and bring home huge bags of food full of corn, wheat, soy, BHT, BHA, Ethyoxquin, chicken parts, cellulose fillers. Or their veterinarians recommend brands that have the same "junk" in them. And they wonder why their dogs have behavior issues! There is little to no understanding about the link between nutrition and behavior. I feel comfortable recommending any of the foods in the Earthborn line, and even use the grain-free as rewards when I'm training. I know your grain-free food is safe for ALL dogs I'm working with, no matter their nutritional issues and needs." Thank you!

Denise L.
The Pet Teacher

"Having researched and tried many dog foods I am happy to say that my dogs love Earthborn. I have a small breed and the small breed kibble is perfect for them."

Robinson,  MA

"Hello my name is and I have 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 rabbits, 2 birds, fish,1 rat, 2 chickens, alot of pets but they are all family and very much spoiled. What I am writing you about is your Primitive Natural dog food. I just switch from Evo to your dog food. Our one dog -grunt- has a lot of food allergies mostly grain and Evo was great for him but little too pricey. Don't get me wrong, I would pay what ever price I have to for him to not have any other health problems but I came across your grain free food a couple of months ago and I started him on it slowly mixing it with Evo. Now he is on just your Primitive Natural. He has been doing really good on it so far. I think this will work out, just don't change it like some other foods out there did. I just wanted to let you know h ow well we like your food. Thank you."

Dawn B.
Denver,  Pennsylvania

"We’ve had our sweet "Minit", our medium/large mixed breed dog, for 5 years, (actual age unknown), maybe as old as 8. For 4 1/2 yrs. from when we first got her till about 3 months ago… she had been scratching. Mostly with no noticeable skin or hair afflictions. After years of trying every other dog food, shampoos, snake oils, magic remedies, medications including veterinarian products… Vet consultations… tons of money… never a change. Sometimes things got worse and her skin and hair would become a mess… skin flaking or with hot spots and scabs, hair falling out… and of course… scratching… obsessive constant scratching. We felt so bad for her.

We were persistant and I strongly believed, due to an experience with a previous dog in my history… that it was a food related dilemma… I also considered some genetic anomaly may be at the cause… but wasn’t ready to accept that without trying every quality natural dog food on the market and, maybe, as a last resort, some home recipes.

Food trials take time. Sometimes there’s an immediate bad result and you can eliminate the product right away. Sometimes there is no effect but you feel obliged to give the product a reasonable amount of time and a chance to work… I would allow for up to 6 to 8 weeks depending on the product and it’s reviews, other factors etc…

We finally came along to Earthborn and we were pretty confident that the fish based type dog foods were the way to go. We purchased the Ocean Fusion for testing. It took a little while to kick in completely. She responded very well after about a month… no scratching for about 2 1/2 weeks… then scratching again for about 2 1/2 weeks…

…then It Ended! No More Scratching !!! …and what soon devloped… the most beautiful silky, thick, blue-black coat ever… not a single flake… no real shedding… never close to even a brush full of hair… she rarely needs a bath! It’s like she’s Self-Cleaning or Teflon!

She’s never been so Beautiful… she’s happier, more energetic, more playful… seeing her blissfully running around, free, all happy faced with tongue flapping in the breeze… which is really her usual self… but now more so… and she’s not having to sop her fun activities for a sit and scratch session… It’s a True Joy to behold… it warms my heart so greatly just to think and write about it.

…and for my wife and I, to not be woken up at night by her incessant scratching… that too is a joy!”

I can’t thank Earthborn
enough… and I pray they don’t ever change their recipe… whatever you’re doing Earhborn… please keep on doing it… please!"

John B

"I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with your dog food! My dogs mean the world to me and I have been having a hard time finding a food that they enjoy, that is also good for them. I have another brand for years now, but my latest Boxer was having some digestive issues on it, so I began searching for a more holistic style food with better digestibility. Since switching from the other brand, I have tried several other grain-free high end dog foods. Then I found your website and saw that Agway carried it, so I gave it a try. I have used the Primitive Natural on my young show bitch, who is picky and hard to keep weight on and am also using the whitefish formula with her and my other two dogs. They really seem to enjoy this food and it is agreeing with their digestive systems wonderfully! My show bitch isn't really gaining weight yet, but she is staying more consistent. She is a young Boxer, so I don't expect her to gain weight over night, being she is very active. Thanks again for making a great dog food, that I feel comfortable feeding my beloved dogs!"

Melissa C.
Binghamton,  NY

"My three Labs love your Ocean Fusion. For example … One Lab … Kota … who has a skin allergy isn’t constantly biting and licking his paws since we started using your "Ocean Fusion" food. He still bites and licks his paws but usually just to clean … so the food works well from that standpoint. A vast improvement in quality over the grocery store brands … but more expensive."

Mike F.
Stratham,  NH

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! for creating new Primitive Natural. I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that I will soon have more grain-free choices. I will let the folks at Pet Flow .com know as well so they can be on the lookout to order it. I like to keep my dog food suppliers up on the latest news so I, as a consumer, can always get my favorite products where I shop most. I am getting the best of condition with the chicken formula and know that the new ones will perform as I expect, too. I can't wait. Thanks."

Sally W.

"I bought a large bag of Primitive Natural<sub>&trade;</sub> yesterday. My German Shepherd Dog is very fussy and has been turning her nose up at most of the premium 'ancestral' or holistic brands we have tried. I can't tell you how many brands we have been through only to have to give it or throw it away. She loves this new kibble."

Patti L.

"Finally, my Scottish deerhound is eating thanks to your Earthborn Holistic® Primitive NaturalTM. I’m convinced that she is gluten sensitive. After she lost five pounds of her very, naturally skinny body, I got worried. Blood tests yielded nothing. So I began the slow food test/switch/bate game. it apparently has ended with Earthborn. I bet when I take her in for her checkup in another ten days to weigh, she will have gained a couple of pounds. In addition to her two meals a day, she’s coming to me in the evening and staring at me very pointedly. When I get up, she does not move toward the door, she moves toward the utility room where I feed her. Another two scoops, down the hatch. Good girl. Good Earthborn."

Skye B.
Eugene,  Oregon

"Our 6 month old puppy (she is a lab/spaniel mix) seemed to be a finicky eater. When I filled her bowl up with food, she would sniff it and walk away. I tried putting wet food in with the dry food, water or anything to get her to eat. I was trying many different brands and she would do the same thing every time I would put a new food in front of her. I was desperate to find a food she liked. I have access to a lot of different brands, but was getting worried that she would not like any foods Frontier carried. I decided to try the new Earthborn Holistic®. She loves the food; I think the kibble size has a lot to do with it too. After she eats the food, she sniffs around for more food, and sometimes barks for more. Tell your company that I said thank you for making a great product! I know you can sell this line with confidence that it is a superior food."

Annette B.

"I wanted to take a minute and let you know just how happy I am with Earthborn Holistic®. Guinness, our 2 1/2 year old black lab, has been eating it for about a month now. I’ve never seen him devour his food like he does now. His bad breath has disappeared, his coat has taken on a shine like never before, and he even sheds less. Thanks for creating such a wonderful product."

Kate S.

"Hi, we just purchased Ocean FusionTM for our dog who is a year old. She has been eating the cat’s food instead of her dry food & even canned DOG FOOD. So I started giving her table food, but she would still sneak and eat cat food. We went to the vet and the vet said it is very bad for dogs to eat cat food and she is 4 lbs. overweight. So one day we went to Petsense in Foley Tangier Mall, and I asked if they had any fish flavored food for dogs and they showed me your brand. I gave it a try, and guess what. My dog loves it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy knowing my dog is eating healthy now."

Rebecca L.
Foley,  Alabama

"Just switched to Earthborn Holistic® from another leading brand (despite being recommended and sold by my vet, I now know it is a low-grade product primarily of grain). Our 95 lb. Dalmation/Great Dane named Towdlie at 17 months had been experienceing runny stools with phlegm, more than occasional diarrhea (including three times in his kennel), and had been scratching and showing other signs of allergic response, as well as sometimes severe bloating. Earthborn Holistic® Primitive NaturalTM has appeared to solve all the above problems, has given him more energy, improved his coat and made him less irritable. Still in first week of using Earthborn Primitive, but stools are now firm with no noticeable objectionable smells (other foods produced odors of fermenting grain). Very pleased so far, particularly with the lack of grain in the product."

Susie M.
Scottsdale,  Arizona

"Today I visited a new pet store, Corrado’s in Clifton, NJ. I spoke with a representative of your products and he explained your foods. I have a 14 lb. Lhasapoo and use Innova small bites that I mix with FreshPet food because he usually doesn’t eat just the dry food. He also doesn’t eat it all at one time - it takes hours for him to eat the whole bowl. To my surprise, when I served the Earthborn Holistic® Small Breed food he gobbled it down! Not only that, but we had my son’s Lhasapoo who would not eat for days and he also gobbled it down. I only bought a 1 lb. bag just to try it, but now I will need to buy the bigger package. It’s really great to have the $3 coupon on the package for a larger bag. Thank you for a very nice product that I feel is good for my little angel."

Diane B.
Clifton,  New Jersey

"I wanted to take a minute and thank you for your great product and more importantly the UPCs for Trees program. Our family has 2 Boxers that have food allergies. Our youngest Kahless is so bad that he has lost a lot of his fur. We have tried so many different foods for him. Yours has been the best. He has started to re-grow some of his hair!

When my 6-year-old Emma found out that we could send the UPCs from the bags in and your company would plant trees she was so EXCITED. She said Mommy they are doing something good for our dogs and something GREAT for our planet! She loves cutting out the UPCs and collecting them to mail in. We decided to send in 5 at a time. We just sent in our first 5 labels. Thanks again for a great product and program!"

Leigh B.
Maricopa,  Arizona

"I am so happy with your Puppy Vantage that I had to write in and thank you. My dog was on Iams Puppy food for about a month when he started getting serious itching problems. He would gnaw on his hindquarters for 15-20 minutes at a time trying to relieve the itch. After a bath in oatmeal shampoo didn't help, I called the vet & they gave me Revolution to apply topically and suggested Benedryl 3 times a day. I had him on this for a couple weeks & the itching got a little better, but not much. Since I hated seeing him so uncomfortable & I didn't want him to be on drugs for the rest of his life, I decided to price shop some dog foods I had seen on an "A" list chart because I had heard stories about dogs having wheat allergies and such. While I was at Mounds in Fitchburg, WI on Saturday, your sales rep started up a conversation with me. When I realized she was an in-store rep and not an employee, I immediately went into my "ugh, here we go" mode because I hate the spiels I get from reps. However, by that point, she had already heard my problem & immediately showed me your product. I was surprised how easily she won me over. With the coupons she had, the price was too good to pass up trying a small bag, plus I was pleased to see that the actual price of the food was comparable to others I had been looking at. I gradually introduced it to my dog and by Monday, he was eating it 100%. I decided to stop the Benedryl to see what happened. By the end of the 2nd day he was already done itching & hasn't had any problems at all. Instead of itching, he now uses that energy to find things to tear up in my apartment :) He is a much happier puppy."

Kelly S.

"First I must thank you for making such a fantastic product. I have 3 dogs (soon to be 4 with a puppy on the way) that absolutely DEVOUR your Primitive Natural food. And they are picky eaters! Excuse me...WERE!

Second, I must admit regretfully, that in the past few months, have I been doing my research on dog diets & food supplies. I have been so ignorant. I had no idea what I was pumping into them! I am a critical care nurse and over the years have come to appreciate the benefits a wholesome, raw food diet gives us humans, so I began my search, applying my focus on canines. Your product is spectacular! Better yet you are located right here in Indiana!! Finally, great quality...LOCALLY! You better believe I am promoting it amongst my pet-loving friends as well!"

Deb E.

"I happened to be in local Ace Hardware store and was glad to find your products...and our dogs devoured the 'Primitive Natural'.

We will continue to purchase it…now that we've found it! Thank you for making it available for our dogs!"

Robert H.

"Yes, the fact that the "old bat" will eat it [Primitive Natural] from start to finish means a lot in our books. She's turned down some good foods only to pick at them through out the night. Our youngest (2 years in may) Border Collie rolls after dinner if she really likes it. Rolls every time with your foods :)"

Julie H.
Phoenix,  Arizona

"I was in the pet store 3 weeks ago to purchase dog food. A very nice gentleman started telling me about your product. My dogs (3) have been on the same food all their lives. One dog had a skin problem and one had really bad breath. The gentleman told me your food would help both problems. I was nervous about changing. My dogs had no problems at all with the change no loose stools and they loved it. No more bad breath and no more constant itching. I have told several people to give your products a try."

Rebecca R.

"I just want to thank you for this wonderful product. My APBT, Kane, has many allergy problems. Since switching to Primitive Naturals, his skin looks better, and his eyes are brighter. We had tried some many dry foods that only led to him breaking out into hives. Keep it grain free!"

Robert W.

"I just want to say thank you for making the Primitive Natural line of food. My dog, Shakespeare, is a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix that I adopted from a local shelter in October 2008. Since the first month I brought him home, he has had seizures on a monthly basis. I started him on the Primitive Natural in January of this year and he has not had a seizure since. He is now starting his fourth month of being seizure free. He used to constantly gnaw on his feet, back and everywhere else. Sometimes, he would have patches of fur missing or spots that would bleed. Since starting this food, he barely scratches and we have no more issues with his skin allergies. He is really thriving and I just want to say thank you! You have no idea what this food means to me."

Tonya W.
Corydon,  Indiana

"My dog loves your primitive natural food and since feeding it to her she has lost weight and put on muscle. She also has skin problems that have completely cleared up."

Adam M.
Lancaster,  Pennsylvania

"I just had to write you to say what a great product you have. My Basset mix, Baxter started developing some redness and bumps under his front legs and groin area. We made the trip to the vet and determined he had an allergy to something. I could not afford the 600.00 allergy tests so we started changing food. I bought everything from the pet store to the local health food store to department stores. I tried many grain free products, to all natural people food products. Then the women I got Baxter from told me she started her dog, from the same litter, on your Earthborn Holistic® Primitive Natural, and his rash cleared up. By now I had Baxter on prednisone and antibiotics because he had licked the areas so they were infected. I slowly switched him to the Earthborn Holistic® Primitive Natural about four weeks ago and his rash has also cleared up. I am not sure to this day what he was allergic too, but your food either has what he needs, or all other food I tried had something he could not have, but it is working. I just wanted to say thank you!! My dogs are my babies and to see one of them suffer was a horrible feeling. I swear by your product and have educated my vet for future patients that might also have allergies to food. Keep up the good work, and again thank you for working a miracle for Baxter. I have inserted a picture of my goofy baby."

Jennifer M.
Sullivan,  Maine

"WOW!! My very picky 12-year-old Aussie Cattle dog chowed down on your Primitive Natural formula today. This is a dog that insists that her dry food has to have something added to it to for her to eat it. We bought the small bag just to "try it"; we're going back tomorrow to buy the big bag!!"


“I am writing you from Arizona. I just wanted to let your company know that I LOVE your product. I adopted 3 dogs from the Humane Society and they each have picky eating habits and do not seem to like any dog food I had tried to give them. My one dog loves the soft dog food, while the other likes to play with their food while eating, then finally I tried your product from a local pet and feed store after going through at least 10 different dog food products and they each adore it! I even tried a mini taste test with another dog food and they pick your product! Just wanted to let you know that this is a fantastic product!! Thank you!”

Amanda P.

"I have a 3 year old boxer that has the worst food allergies in the world. I have spent countless amounts of money on vets, tests, and a million different dog foods. We have tried every dog food on the market. I went into my local feed store Leos in Cedar Lake Indiana and talked to the owner and he highly recommended the ocean food. I gave it a try and the first time in 3 years Sadie is healthy she in not licking her paws as much and is back to her playful self again. You guys have given me my dog back and you have no idea how happy this has made me. Thank you guys so very much Sadie is back."

Sheri A.

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