Our Story

At Earthborn Holistic, we’ve been feeding pets for generations now. Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about family, pet companions, trust, and making high-quality, holistic pet food and dog treats.

Fourth-Generation, Family-Owned

Earthborn family owned USA kitchens map

Midwestern Pet Foods (now Earthborn Holistic) milling company in 1926

Nearly 100 Years

Midwestern Pet Foods, a family-owned and operated business, was founded in 1926 as a small milling company and is now in its 4th generation of family leadership. We specialize in producing nutritional dog and cat food recipes, oven-baked biscuits, and treats. We mix together the finest ingredients, years of knowledge, the latest technology, and lots of love to serve up the best meals for your pet.

We Only Believe in Real Ingredients

High-Quality Proteins

From duck, lamb, and turkey to chicken, beef, and a variety of seafoods, we only choose nature’s finest proteins to provide a strong foundation for your pet’s health and wellbeing.

Superfood Blend

A wholesome blend of superfoods such as pumpkin, apples, carrots, blueberries, and spinach help support pets with sensitive skin and stomach.

Ancient Grains

Our recipes include a variety of ancient grains such as oatmeal, flaxseed, and quinoa blended together with amino acids like Taurine, Methionine, and L-Carnitine for heart health and overall immune health.

Love Your Planet

We care not only about the nutritional needs of your pet but also about the environment and the earth we inhabit. Our goal is to produce delicious food for your pet and to create awareness about our environment, too.