The Lifecycle of Recyclable Dog Food Bags

You know that Earthborn Holistic pet food is tasty and nutritious for your pet, but did you know it’s also environmentally friendly? All of our Earthborn Holistic dry dog and cat food and dog treat packaging is recyclable through our Earthborn ReBorn Program in partnership with TerraCycle. Learn more about the lifecycle of recyclable pet food packaging and how you can get involved to help save the planet one pet food or treat bag at a time!

1. Bring Home Some Earthborn Holistic

Step one is to head to your local retailer and buy some Earthborn Holistic. Whether it’s dry food or treats, both purchases will help save the planet if you recycle the bags when you’re done! Pick out your dog or cat’s favorite recipe and head on home to enjoy the deliciousness for the next few weeks.

Pet store employees stand next to a Earthborn ReBorn recycling bin
PetLife Store – South Portland, ME

2. Head Back to the Store

When it’s time to restock your pet’s food, make sure to bring the now empty bag with you! Before you head out, remember to cut out the UPC code on the bag. If you mail us these UPCs, we’ll plant a tree through our UPCs for Trees Program in partnership with Trees for the Future (saving the environment times two!).

When you head back to the store for a new bag of food, keep your eyes peeled for our Earthborn ReBorn box–this is where you drop off your empty food bags. Drop the bag in the slot (and your UPCs in the envelope if your store has one) and make your way back to the Earthborn Holistic section to start all over. Your work here is done, but the empty food bag still has a lot to do!

3. Bags Are Shipped to TerraCycle

Once the ReBorn boxes get full, the retailer ships all of the empty bags to TerraCycle, an innovative recycling and upcycling company. Once they receive them, the bags are then processed, melted down, and turned into raw pellets. These pellets are then melted, molded, and extruded or placed into the manufacturing supply chain and recycled as new products made from your recycled food and treat bags.

Over 1,000,000 Earthborn Holistic food and treat bags have already been recycled to make products like benches, frisbees, pet food bowls, and more!

Earthborn ReBorn logo

Sustainability is an essential ingredient in Earthborn Holistic, which is why our Love Your Pet, Love Your Planet initiatives are near and dear to our hearts. From plant-based, recyclable packaging to planting trees in deforested areas around the world, caring for the environment is baked into all we do and we want to share that with you. Learn more about our programs, get a retailer involved in the Earthborn ReBorn Program, and join us on the quest to make the earth a better place for our pets!