Frozen Cat Treats to Keep Your Cat Cool in Summer

The weather is heating up fast, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy a whole bunch of fancy new products to keep your cat cool in the summer heat. Sometimes a few things you have at home can make the perfect treat for your summer kitty.

The list of things you’ll need for these tasty frozen treats for cats is pretty short:

An overhead shot of a silicone tray, ziplock bag, permanent marker, scissors, and Earthborn Holistic cat food

Start out by opening up the pouch you want to use. In this specific tray, one pouch makes three treats, so grab a few pouches if you plan to make more than that. You can also get a smaller tray like this one that has smaller cubes so you can get more treats per pouch.

Simply squeeze out the pouch into the tray until the holes are full. For some extra flair, you can chop up some carrots, apples, or spinach into fine pieces and add to the tray as well. Continue until you have as many treats as you want, and then pop the tray into the freezer overnight.

An overhead shot of hands squeezing Earthborn Holistic cat food into a paw print tray while a cat sniffs at it

The next day, remove the tray from the freezer. Write the date you made the treats on the front of a plastic baggie–if you made more than one flavor of pouch, you may want to separate them and write the flavor on the front of the baggie as well. 

A frozen cat treat shaped like a paw on a plate

When feeding the treats to your cat, it’s best to put them in a bowl to avoid a melty mess on your floor. These treats are meant to be a fun bonus for your cat and are not meant to replace your cat’s everyday meals, but if your kitty likes the wet food you can always use our canned dinners or moist pouches as a tasty topper on their regular kibble for a treat as well! And if your cat really likes them, don’t be afraid to make these fun homemade treats for cats year-round!