Love Your Planet

The Earthborn Pledge

We are committed to doing our part to protect the Earth. Environmental protection is a personal concern for us. Like you, we want to breathe clean air, drink safe water, and enjoy the beauty of our forests. Acting responsibly on behalf of the environment is factored into everything we do.

We don’t claim to be experts in the field of sustainability, but we are doing our part in every way possible to help take care of our planet.

Earthborn Holistic® packaging is made in North America using clean natural gas, versus crude oil, which means reduced dependency on foreign oil.
Lightweight and low
profile plastic
We’ve reduced the size and weight of our packaging. Our plastic packaging is lighter and takes up less space, so more packages fit in a truck and less fuel is used in the supply chain.
Renewable resources are used in the making of all Earthborn Holistic® VentureTM  packaging. Earthborn's PlantBag® contains up to 30% plant-based plastic, made from renewable and sustainable Brazilian sugarcane ethanol. The cultivation of sugarcane utilizes carbon dioxide and releases oxygen reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which gives our plant-based plastic a negative carbon footprint. Our PlantBag® is BPA-FREE!
The fabric of the aprons we use for marketing our products is made from plastic bottles, 100% post-consumer content.
The Earthborn Holistic® t-shirts we use to market our products are made from 69% pre-consumer, recycled cotton fabric.
Brochures about our products are printed with soy ink on Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified paper containing 100% post-consumer, recycled content.
recycled Earthborn
Holistic shelf talkers.
Our Earthborn Holistic®store shelf talkers are produced by an FSC-certified printer. They are printed with soy ink on FSC certified paper containing 100% post-consumer, recycled content.
Recycled soy-ink signs
for Earthborn Holistic.
Our signs that are made to hang in stores are printed with soy ink on paperboard containing 30% post-consumer, recycled content.
Earthborn Holistic® presentation folders used in meetings with interested retailers are produced by an FSC-certified printer. They are printed with soy ink on FSC-certified paper. The folder’s paper weight has been decreased nearly 70% compared to the previous folder used.
corrugated recycled
Our products are shipped to retailers in 39% post-consumer, corrugated, recycled cartons made from Sustainable Forestry Initiative®(SFI)-certified fiber.

With each new item we print or purchase, we pledge to look for better, earth-friendly ways to do it. That’s The Earthborn Pledge.