VENTURE<sup>™</sup> & Unrefined<sup>™</sup> Sustainable Packaging

Earthborn Holistic® has taken another venture toward innovative sustainability by using renewable resources in the making of all VENTURE™ & UNREFINED™ packaging. Earthborn’s PlantBag® contains more than 40% plant-based plastic, made from renewable and sustainable Brazilian sugarcane ethanol. 

Polyethylene plastic traditionally used in pet food packaging is conventionally produced from fossil raw materials such as oil or natural gas. Green Polyethylene, what’s used in all VENTURE™ & UNREFINED™ packaging, is a bioplastic made from a renewable raw material, ethanol from Brazilian sugarcane. The cultivation of sugarcane utilizes carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which gives plant-based plastic a negative carbon footprint.

What is Green Polyethylene?

Green Polyethylene, a versatile plant-based plastic, is made in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, in the southern region of Brazil. Brazil is the world’s largest sugarcane producer and second-largest ethanol producer. Today Brazil has 330 million hectares of arable land, of which 52% is used for raising cattle, 26% remains idle and 22% is used for agriculture. Only 1.4% of all arable land in Brazil is dedicated to ethanol production, and the consumption of ethanol to produce plant-based plastic represents about 1.7% of the total production of ethanol, or 0.02% of Brazil’s arable land. The ethanol used to produce plant-based plastic is provided largely through contracts with major domestic producers in Brazil, governed by the Code of Conduct for Ethanol Suppliers.

Green Polyethylene exhibits the same characteristics as the petrochemical polyethylene, in application, performance and recyclability. Our PlantBag® is BPA-FREE and 100% recyclable through TerraCycle® and the Earthborn ReBorn™ program. Drop off your empty Earthborn Holistic® VENTURE™ bags at a participating retailer near you and join our journey to better the environment and support pets around the world.