Transportation & Emissions

Carbon dioxide is one of the biggest emission problems, as it is released into the environment most frequently and at the highest volumes. That’s why terms such as carbon footprint and carbon credit are pretty well-known. And it's not just transportation: factories, backyard trash burning... there are all sorts of ways that harmful substances being emitted into the air.

There are ways to offset the problem of harmful air emissions, and one is as simple as planting a tree. A typical tree can consume up to 1 ton of carbon dioxide in its lifetime. With deforestation constantly occurring, due to forest fires and the logging industry, planting trees is becoming more and more pertinent.

Learn more about carbon and other greenhouse gases and climate change, and find out how you can help offset these problems, at the links below.

UPCs for Trees

Find out how to turn UPCs from packages of Earthborn Holistic®Natural Food for Dogs into trees!

An organization leading the fight against global warming by making it easy for individuals, businesses, and organizations to eliminate their carbon footprints and hasten the change to a clean energy future

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Climate Change Site

Comprehensive information on the issue of climate change, in an accessible format that is meaningful to individuals, businesses, communities, and local and state governments

Carbon Footprint

Partners with businesses in environmental strategy, development, and management; a brand leader for consumer products and advice related to low-carbon lifestyles

Energy Information Administration

Defines greenhouse gases and their effects on climate change

Trees for the Future

An agroforestry resource center helping rural people in developing countries improve their livelihoods through environmentally sustainable land management projects including tree planting

Mother Nature Network

Tips, facts, links, and further reading about biking, buses, car-sharing, the car-free movement, commuting, electric bicycles, public transportation, trains, urban planning, and more


A nonprofit organization working with the public and private sectors nationally and internationally to develop advanced transportation technologies and companies related to clean transportation

Hybrid Cars

A one-stop source of information for everything dealing with hybrid cars

Educational information for consumers from the U.S. Department of Energy about fuel economy, gas prices, and hybrid and alternative-energy cars

U.S. EPA Green Vehicle Guide

Use this green guide to choose the cleanest and most fuel-efficient vehicle that meets your needs; the guide considers low emissions and good fuel economy, which are both important for the environment

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) Green Book

With green scores rating the environmental friendliness of every vehicle on the market, you can select the vehicle that is nicest to the planet while meeting your transportation needs

Global Stewards

Site offers multiple tips on different environmentally-friendly transportation options

Zero Air Pollution® (ZAP®)

A world leader in electric and advanced-technology vehicles, ZAP has delivered more than 100,000 vehicles in over 75 countries since 1994 as it supports the environment, social responsibility, and profitability