Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Halloween is a spooky holiday, but that doesn’t mean your pets should be spooked for real by a potential accident. Have spine-chilling fun this Halloween for you and your furry friends with these pet safety tips.

Keep candy in a place your pets can’t get to it

Your pet finding the Halloween candy and deciding to treat themselves is never a good situation. Make sure when you come back from your trick-or-treating adventures you store any candy in a place where your pets can’t reach it to avoid any ghostly emergency vet visits.

Keep wires and cords for decorations out of Fido’s reach

Wires and cords are great for adding fancy Halloween decorations to your house, but they’re not so great if your dog or cat likes to chew on them. If your pet has a tendency to chew on things they’re not supposed to, make sure that when you’re decorating to keep any power cords or wires tucked away where your pet can’t get to them.

Two dogs sit dressed in costumes as one dog eats treats out of basket

Only dress up your pet if they like it — no stressed out furry ghouls here!

Dressing up your dog or cat can be a really stressful situation for them if they don’t like being dressed up. Avoid putting extra stress on your pet and don’t try to force them into a costume if they don’t want to be. 

Make sure your pet’s costume doesn’t impair hearing, vision, or movement 

If your pet is okay with entering the contest for best Halloween costume, make sure that their costume isn’t restrictive and that they can still easily see, hear, and move when they’re dressed up and on the move.

Three dogs sit dressed in costumes as once licks lips and another eats treats out of basket

If your pet isn’t social, make sure to put them in another room when trick-or-treaters stop by

If your dog or cat doesn’t normally like large groups of people or strangers, it’s best to keep them in a different room if you’re handing out candy to trick-or-treaters. By putting them in a calm environment where they aren’t in the middle of the trick-or-treating excitement, you’ll save them (and yourself!) some stress on Halloween night.

Place lit jack-o-lanterns in a place where your curious pet can’t get to it and potentially start a fire

Jack-o-lanterns are the staple Halloween decoration, but when they’re lit they are a potential fire hazard. Curious pets can knock over jack-o-lanterns and cause some real Halloween scares, so make sure that if you light your jack-o-lanterns that they’re placed somewhere out of your pet’s reach.

Spooked pets can run off. Make sure your pet has an ID collar and is microchipped

Many pets have a tendency to run if they’re scared. Make sure that your pets all have a collar with your contact information on it as well as a microchip so any spooked pets that run off in the midst of all of the excitement can be found safe and sound. 

Whether your pet is going out for trick-or-treating or staying back to provide the scares at home, Earthborn Holistic has plenty of treats to keep them on their toes this Halloween and keep them away from your own candy stash. If you’re ready to stock up, find your local retailer or shop online!