Keeping Your Dog Cool This Summer

Summer is approaching and you know what that means… Lots of sunshine and time spent outdoors! You will most likely find yourself in a pool or with a popsicle in hand to beat the summer heat, but what about your furry friend? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with tips and products to ensure your dog also keeps cool this summer.

Water… Lots of Water!

Hydration is always key and during the summer is no exception! In fact, it is even more essential to make sure your dog has enough access to clean drinking water. Ensuring plenty of water will prevent overheating and chances of heat stroke during these warmer months. According to the American Kennel Club, early signs of heat stroke include higher heart rate, panting, hyper-salivation, and dry mucous membranes. Proper cooling methods are needed as soon as possible once you notice these symptoms to avoid more serious health problems from developing. 

Consider keeping a water bottle on you while traveling, hiking, or engaging in other outdoor summer activities. This pet water bottle from Lesotc is perfect for on-the-go! It’s BPA free, lightweight, and easy to use. Its food-grade safety material includes a waterproof lock, hand strap, straw, and foldable water bow. Also, if your dog doesn’t want to join you in your pool this summer, you can provide a dog pool instead for them to cool off and splash in. Make sure to provide shade, limit time spent outside, and give your dog plenty of rest periods. 

If you’re looking for other cooling options, this rechargeable cooling pad is a summer must-have for your pup. This “green” pad uses a non-toxic gel formula to absorb body heat and reduce body temperature without water, electricity, or refrigeration. Its innovative design is pressure activated, so it starts working as soon as the weight of your pet’s paws hit the mat. Not to mention, the pad is flexible so it’s easy to store for traveling or storage purposes. This product is convenient and a great way to defeat the summer heat. Try using it alone or on top of your existing pet bed!

Another convenient option is these fun patterned cooling bandanas. They are made of a cooling technology fabric that is designed to resist heat and cool down. It is suggested to wet it and refrigerate it for a better effect. Otherwise, you can simply just wet it and they are ready for use! Don’t hesitate to cool your furry friends with this adorable summer pack from KOOLTAIL! 

Toys… Except Cooler

Dogs are notorious for playing fetch and where else better than the outdoors? Unfortunately summer brings unbearable heat, but your pups can still play comfortably with these fun dog toys! First, the Cool Pup Popsicle Cooling Toy is great for cooling off during the dog days of summer. It can be used as a regular thermoplastic rubber toy or frozen with water for a cooling toy. Your pup will be able to enjoy the cool water from the holes on the front of the toy once it defrosts. Teething puppies can also benefit from this colorful and fruit-scented toy! 

The West Paw Toppl is another great option available in two sizes (small and large) and a variety of colors to choose from. These puzzle toys are designed to trap treats with its inner ridges and tips over to keep dogs entertained and challenged. Zogoflex is recyclable, non-toxic, BPA free, and FDA compliant allowing for a safe and fun experience. For this one, we recommend freezing our wet dog food inside as a tasty treat for your pet to cool down with! You can easily sanitize after each use by simply placing it in your dishwasher. 

A closeup of a WestPaw Toppl toy filled with Earthborn Holistic K95. The can of K95 is held next to the toy.

Paw Protection

Rising temperatures call for hot surfaces. If we aren’t able to walk on pavement without shoes comfortably, there is a chance that dogs won’t be able to either. Dog paws are able to get burned in a similar manner to human feet, so paw protection is a significant concern during the summer. Try keeping your dog off sidewalks and sand at the beach for prolonged periods of time. Consider grass surfaces or getting cooling pads like the one mentioned above to help maintain the condition of your pet’s paws. 

Let’s be real… We still spend a lot of time outside in the summer, so it’s possible that–even if we’re being cautious–our dogs may experience cracked and chapped paws from the heat. Luckily, this Organic Paw Soother from Natural Dog Company can help with just that. This product is designed to soothe, moisturize, and protect dry and rough paws. It’s made with a vegan formula consisting of nourishing ingredients like calendula extract, jojoba oil, hemp seed oil, coconut oil, natural Vitamin E, and cocoa butter. Natural Dog Company’s balm will help alleviate the pain of cracked, irritated, itchy paws, as well as restore moisture. Their plant-based product is free of artificial preservatives and harmful ingredients, making it great for pets with sensitive skin and a must-have for summer paw protection.

Car Travel

Summer often involves a lot of traveling whether it be road trips, trips to the grocery store, ice cream runs, etc. It may sound like a good idea to have your dog tag along for these, but there is a huge risk that comes with leaving your dog alone in the car. Numerous dogs die every year from being left in hot vehicles. It’s important to note the inside of a vehicle can heat up to 100 degrees in minutes on a warm day, regardless of whether or not the windows are cracked. This is yet another example of why keeping your dog cool during the summer is essential. Remember to make sure you are going to pet-friendly places with appropriate temperatures and avoid leaving them in the car alone while traveling!

To make road trips in the summer easier for you and your pooch, consider keeping a collapsible dog bowl in your car. This two-pack from SLSON is available on Amazon in a small or large size with an assortment of colors to choose from. The collapsible design allows for ease of storage, which is perfect for traveling, hiking, camping, and other summer activities. These are portable, convenient, durable, and safe. The high quality silicone material is dishwasher safe and easy to clean (you can rinse or wipe after each use). This is another essential to ensure your pup stays hydrated all summer long!

Dog sits in bed of truck while being fed an EarthBar Mini

Grooming Regularly

Providing pets with regular grooming or ‘haircuts’ has many benefits, particularly during the summer. First, it will help keep the fur looking more clean and less bunched or knotted. This appears to be more visually appealing, but more importantly can make the summer heat more bearable. Fur is more likely to trap heat when it becomes matted. Whether you choose to groom at home or take your pup to a groomer, make sure you’re keeping up with their appointments to beat the summer heat. We recommend the Furminator Deshedding Tool if you decide to keep up with your pet’s grooming routine at home. This product features a stainless-steel edge that reaches beneath the short topcoat to help remove undercoat and loose hair. If used regularly, it can help to significantly reduce shedding. Their patented technologies are designed by a groomer to deliver professional results. 

Cool Breeze, Please!

Ideally, on hot summer days there’s nothing we want more than a nice, cool breeze. However, we can’t always count on the wind to be there. So what do we do? Resort to fans! There are even dog crate fans to help keep your dogs cool as well. This powerful two-speed five-inch fan from O2COOL offers quiet cooling for your pup. It fits most crates and is easy to install (simply hang on the door or side of the crate). The compact folding design allows for ease of transport and storage. 

Sunny days are ahead… What are you waiting for? The weather can be a struggle, but now that you’ve read these tips you should be set to tackle the summer heat. Whether it’s days spent poolside or road tripping, it’s time to go take on adventures with your BFF (best furry friend). We wish you and your pets a safe and fun-filled summer!