2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Cats

The holidays are fast approaching and your pup will be upset if Santa forgets to visit them, too! We’ve put together this holiday gift guide to make your Christmas shopping for your canine a total breeze.

Cactus Scratching Post

A cat scratching on a FRISCO Cactus Scratching Post
Photo via chewy.com

Scratch posts are an essential for your cats and kittens, and this FRISCO Cactus Scratching Post is a super stylish option that will not only let your cat get all of their scratching in, but also isn’t a total eyesore in your home like a lot of other scratch posts.

Cat Grass

A cat nibbles on some indoor cat grass
Photo via Amazon.com

Gift your indoor cat a little bit of the outdoors with some cat grass this Christmas! Planting cat grass is super easy and if you’re growing it indoors you can grow it year-round. These PETLINKS Cat Grass Seeds are a great option if you’re wanting to get started and learn how to grow your kitty some grass to nibble on. 

Taco Truck Scratcher

A cat plays with a taco truck cat scratcher
Photo by @dunegiants

Standard cat scratchers are a thing of the past. Your cat needs a Taco Truck Cat Scratcher. If your kitty is being a little bah-humbug this holiday season, you might even consider this Double Decker Holiday Tree Cat Scratcher in an attempt to get them in the Christmas spirit.

Leather Cat Collar

A closeup of a pink cat collar with a calico kitten sitting in the background

New year, new style! These Customized Leather Cat Collars on Etsy are one of my favorite purchases for Banjo this year because they’re high-quality and I love that there is a name plate instead of a name tag like most collars. They come in so many different colors and you can personalize it with your cat’s name and your phone number. They also have a break-away clasp which is something a lot of pet parents look for in a collar.

Window Perch

A cat lays in a window-mounted cat bed
Photo via chewy.com

Treat your cat to a new lounging spot this Christmas with a new window perch. This EZ Mount Cat Window Perch is a cozy option that gives your cat a bed-like place to hang out and watch birds and people pass by. Add a small blanket for ultimate coziness for your kitty!

Robot Vacuum 

An overhead shot of an iRobot Roomba 675 with Earthborn Holistic dog treats and cat food scattered around

Cats can’t vacuum, but if they could we think they’d be a fan of robot vacuums (#Naps). The iRobot Roomba 675 robot vacuum is perfect for cleaning up your pet’s hair and other household messes. With sensors that help it navigate around furniture and other obstacles and a handy app that lets you schedule your daily cleanings, vacuuming becomes a chore of the past!

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