Turkey Dog Food Roundup

It’s turkey season! With Thanksgiving right around the corner, you might be dreaming of mashed potatoes, green beans, and delicious pumpkin pie, but your pet deserves to feast that day as well! While feeding your dog or cat turkey straight from the Thanksgiving table is a big no-no for several reasons, we have plenty of dog- and cat-friendly turkey options for your furry family members when the big feasting day arrives.

UNREFINED Recipes with Turkey

Our UNREFINED recipes are made with many tasty superfoods like pumpkin, cranberries, apples, and carrots, but the fresh turkey in our UNREFINED Smoked Turkey recipe makes it the perfect meal for your pup. We even added ancient grains to the mix to give your dog or puppy a great source of fiber.

Bag of dog food is spilt onto the floor

Venture Recipes with Turkey

Our Venture Smoked Turkey & Pumpkin limited ingredient dog food recipe is another turkey favorite for pups who have a hard time enjoying certain foods due to dog food and skin allergies. This recipe is made with fresh turkey from regional poultry sources in the Midwestern USA and its ingredient list also includes Thanksgiving favorites like pumpkin and butternut squash.

Earthborn Holistic Dog Food with Turkey

Our flagship Earthborn Holistic line’s Primitive Natural is packed with yummy turkey flavor. Our grain-free Primitive Natural recipe is a great high-protein option for all life stages. This recipe is packed with superfoods like pumpkin, apples, and carrots while also containing taurine and pre-, pro-, and postbiotics.

Dog looks up as they lay with bowl of food between paws and two bags of dog food in front of them

Wet Dog Food with Turkey

If you’re looking to add some variety to your pup’s Thanksgiving meal, wet dog food is a great way to switch things up. Our moist tub dinners and K95 cans are a nutritious option on their own, or work well as toppers or mixers with your dog’s kibble. 

Our K95 Turkey canned dinner is 95% turkey and also has other fall ingredients such as carrots, green beans, and cranberries. This single-protein dog food is a great option for pups with other protein allergies that are looking for something to spice up their Thanksgiving meal.

Turkey is the star of the show in our Toby’s Turkey Dinner in Gravy Moist Tub. Made with a tasty turkey broth and other Thanksgiving-worthy ingredients like carrots, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin, your dog won’t be missing table scraps one bit this holiday.

Dog lays next to a bowl of food that is knocked over and a bag of dog food

Cat Food with Turkey

We can’t leave the kitties out, so rest assured that they have options to get their turkey fix as well. Our Primitive Feline kibble recipe is made with turkey meal as the first ingredient and has delicious side ingredients like apples, carrots, and spinach. This high-protein, grain-free & gluten-free cat food is the purrfect dinner for both your adult cat or kitten.

A Year-Round Favorite

Thanksgiving may only happen once a year, but that doesn’t stop turkey from being a year-round favorite for your pet. Turkey is great for your Thanksgiving table and it’s a great meal for your dog or cat, too!

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