Our Favorite Travel Gear For Dogs

Just like people, dogs can benefit from the use of adventure gear during their outdoor expeditions and nowadays there’s certainly no shortage of options. Many brands have released various dog jackets, backpacks, harnesses, and protective gear. Being avid outdoor enthusiasts, we’ve had the opportunity to test a large portion of what’s available so we’d like to share some of our favorite pieces of dog gear we’ve discovered during our travels so your dog can dress their best for their next adventure!

Best Dog Jacket: Hurtta Extreme Warmer

A dog stands in the snow on his hind legs wearing googles and a red Hurtta Extreme Warmer

The Hurtta Extreme Warmer does exactly what its name says. It’s designed to keep your dog warm even in the coldest weather. The athletic cut doesn’t restrict movement so your dog can still run and jump through the snow. There’s reflective material inside to reflect body heat back to your dog and the water resistant outer layer ensures your dog stays dry and warm. Hurtta has a huge size range so there are options for dogs big and small.

Best Dog Rain Jacket: Hurtta Slush Combat Suit

A dog stands on a foggy lookout point wearing a Hurtta Slush Combat Suit

Our pick for best rain jacket isn’t really a jacket, but that’s what makes it perfect for wet weather. The Slush Combat Suit is designed for rain and wet weather. We live in the PNW where it rains almost weekly so the dogs practically live in this suit especially during the Spring. The Combat Suit is unique because it has leg coverage to keep mud from building up on the legs and the high collar keeps chest hair and mane dry. People often comment how Ego looks like an astronaut in his suit so that’s an added bonus!

Best Dog Backpack: Ruffwear Palisades Pack

A dog stands in a canyon wearing a red Ruffwear Palisades backpack

During longer trips it becomes a necessity for my dogs to help carry some of the load. The Palisades Pack is our pick because it has three contact points on the body ensuring the load is evenly distributed and the pack detaches from the harness so your dog can have a break. It’s important to note that your dog should never carry more than 25% of their weight if they’re in shape or 10% if they’re small or just starting out.

Best Dog Harness: Kurgo Journey Air Harness

A dog romps around in the sand wearing a Kurgo Journey Air Harness

Local hikes or shorter hikes don’t require heavy gear, but I still like to use a harness to ensure full control in case of an emergency. The Kurgo Journey Air is perfect because it has mesh material to allow air to pass through and there are clips on the front and back so you can change where you clip the leash. I found a lot of similar harnesses would slip forward because my dog has such a deep and narrow chest, but this one is cut and adjustable to fit all body shapes and sizes.

Best Dog Life Jacket: Hurtta Life Savior

A dog stands on the edge of a boat wearing a Hurtta Life Savior life jacket

We like to be responsible when we’re on the water so we all wear life jackets, even the dogs! The Life Savior is our favorite because it’s extremely durable with multiple adjustable straps for a snug fit. It also has a large handle on the top in case you need to pull your dog back to dry land.

Whether you’re adventuring close to home or traveling across the country, making sure your dog is comfortable and prepared is just as important as making sure you’re prepared yourself. Finding adventure gear that suits your travels and your dog is the first step in making sure everyone has a good time!