Top Five Dog-Friendly Hikes in Arizona

Arizona has a beautiful array of landscapes to explore with your dog. From the true desert trails near the city to the iconic red rocks in Sedona, and even lush forests in Northern Arizona, there is so much to see.

What to Bring

Arizona, especially on desert trails, is obviously hot.  Always bring about double the amount of water you think you will need!

Pack some treats for your dog like some Earthborn Holistic soft chew treats! They’re perfect to break up and easy to give while on the move.

Have Fun!

If you or your dog are new to hiking, start small! Start with short, easy hikes and work your way up. Also, remember not to push your dog past their limit and keep an eye out for it. If they’re starting to lag or need more rests, stop and let them rest, turn around, and call it a day. And last, but most important, have fun! Enjoy the wonderful outdoors with your best friend; they will be loving it just as much as you!

Now to the fun part, here are some beautiful Arizona hikes!

Jacob’s Crosscut and Siphon Draw, Lost Dutchman State Park

Location: Located in the beautiful Superstition Mountains in East Mesa

Length: 2.4 mile loop

Difficulty level: Easy

Amazing views of the Superstitions. This hike is especially gorgeous at sunrise, you can see the sun come up behind the mountains.

Devil’s Bridge

Location: Sedona, AZ

Length: 4.2 mile out and back

Difficulty: Moderate

This hike is an iconic Sedona trail. You will get views of the Red Rock wilderness and there is the well known “Devil’s Bridge” that gives this trail its name.

A woman and her dog stand on Devil's Bridge in Arizona

West Fork Trail

Location: Sedona, AZ

Length: 7.2 miles out and back

Difficulty: Moderate

Although the trail itself is easy, the length of it and the number of water crossings are why we rated it is moderate. This trail gives you a completely different perspective of Sedona as you hike through a beautiful canyon. 

Mogollon Rim Interpretive Trail

Location: Payson, AZ

Length: 1 mile

Difficulty: Easy

This trail runs along the Mogollon Rim, where you will have never-ending views!

A smiling dog stands on the Mogollon Rim Interpretive Trail

Kendrick Peak Trail

Location: Flagstaff, AZ

Length 9.5 Miles

Difficulty: Hard

This hike is not for the lighthearted. With almost 3000 ft elevation gain and a max elevation of over 10,000 ft, it is hard! But it is so worth it whenever you are ready to tackle it. The views throughout the whole hike are absolutely amazing!

A dog stands looking into the distance at Kendrick Peak Trail in Arizona

If you’re heading to the southwest and are looking for some great hikes, Arizona is a great place to start!

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