We’re convinced that Venture and Earthborn Holistic are among the best balanced, most fortified pet foods available. While taurine may be helpful in reducing issues associated with dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), most dogs don't have a need for supplemental taurine. Nevertheless, from the beginning, we fortified Venture and Earthborn Holistic with taurine to help support pets that had genetic predisposition to DCM. All Earthborn Holistic and Venture formulas are additionally fortified with L-carnitine and DL-methionine, amino acids which may help aid the production of taurine.  

Again, while supplemental taurine is not warranted for the great majority of dogs that can create sufficient taurine naturally, we believe it's prudent to fortify Venture and Earthborn Holistic formulas with taurine simply as a precaution.

Working in close cooperation with our board-certified nutritionist and the Pet Food Institute, we continue to make use of the latest scientific and nutrition advances for the benefit of pet parents and pets who put their trust in our products. To learn more, please click here!