David H.

Hello! I just wanted to say that Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural dry dog food is amazing! My dog loves it; it's exactly what he needs. And the quality is right up there with the absolute best other brands! All of this on top of an unbeatable price just made Earthborn a standard in my home. In addition, the fact that Earthborn is environmentally conscious makes it that much above the rest. Don't lose those great qualities!

Linda G.

San Antonio, TX

A few weeks ago I went to Pet Supplies Plus on San Pedro in San Antonio. I walked in with a big ordeal, 6 dogs with 6 different allergies. I had tried every brand on the market that was holistic and grain free except Earthborn Holistic. When I walked into the store a very nice lady wearing an Earthborn apron asked if she could help me. I told her that would probably be impossible, then she told me about your brand. She took the time to listen to the problem with each dog and described how your product could help. Well that was 6 weeks ago and I want to report that all allergies are gone in all the dogs!!! I am sending you this email because I am totally amazed. The lady who helped me to be a loyal customer of your product was named Pam. Her advice paid off and my dogs are for once in their lives - truly happy! Thanks for your great product.

Aimee N.

Hello! My name is Aimee N. and I have been feeding your grain free foods to my Border Collie and Shetland Sheepdog show dogs. I'm so happy with the coat, body and energy they have. I put my very skinny 20 month old Shetland Sheepdog boy that I couldn't seem to get weight on on your food and he's finally gaining some weight. I use all 3 grain-free varieties mixed together and the dogs LOVE dinner time I've also got a little kitten and she's on your dry and canned grain-free cat food and she's sold on it too! Thank you very much for such a wonderful product!

Doreen D.

Indianapolis, IN

Earthborn Holistic saved Moses. I wanted to touch base with you - I put together an update video for Moses and wanted to share it with you. You can view it here:

Jennifer M.

Clearwater, FL

I recently visited the grand opening of Pet Supplies Plus in Clearwater, FL. At the event I was given two sample bags of your product. Apparently my foster pup loved it, because he couldn't help himself. He got it out of the food closet and carried it around the house until I finally gave him some. Couldn't help but snap a few photos of him first! A few nights later, he got the bag of Great Plains Feast and did the same! He loves all flavors! Thanks so much for such a great product!

Tamison R.

Tucson, AZ

I am a loyal customer that feeds Earthborn Holistic Grain-Free Great Plains Feast. I would like to tell you that my dogs are doing wonderful on your food. I show my Australian Shepherd in AKC and her coat is amazing and they have no issues on the food. Thanks for such a great dog food.

Laura F.

Albuquerque, NM

For 20 years I have raised/shown/bred varying breeds of canines. FINALLY I have found the food that suits ALL the breeds I have come in contact with! Currently, I show Chihuahuas and French Bulldogs. Your product is amazing. Nothing short of perfect. Their coats, eyes, (former) allergies, and taste buds are all happy and healthy. Trust me. I have tried some of the BEST of the BEST ln dog foods. Some would work for a few of the "furkids," but then the others didn't like it or got stomach upsets, or their coats would begin to lack luster. Earthborn has taken care of ALL of those former problems. I will continue to recommend your pet products to ALL my dog show friends/breeders/handlers. Thank you for your time, and your great canine and feline foods.

Alan D.

I entitled this "The Look of Love."

Kerry H.


I have a female Rottweiler that has had dry skin issues since I have had her. She is 22 months old and I purchased her when she was 18 months old. I have been at my wits end as what to do for her - my vet has just been saying that "Rottys have skin allergy problems." I had been feeding her another leading brand as I did my other dogs but it appeared not to be the right food for her. My pet store advised me to try Earthborn Holistic and a week ago I started her on your Grain-Free Primitive Natural. I am delighted to report that I can already see a change in her coat and skin and am absolutely thrilled with the results. She is a beautiful girl and it was terrible seeing her suffer with her skin issues.

Tony H.

East Stroudsburg, PA

I had been feeding my two cats Apollo and Anubus another leading grain-free cat food. Anubus has always been a fat cat. I saw some improvement in his weight when I switched to the grain-free food. I continued to use the product and Anubus put the weight back on. I believe that my animals should have access to food at all times. To make a long story short. I moved to an area that did not offer the grain-free food. I was forced to find a grain-free substitute. As fate would have it, there was an Earthborn rep in the pet store. She told me all about the company and showed me a few different flavors. It has been two months since I made the switch. Anubus has really slimmed down. He now looks years younger and has really become the active cat he used to be. I love the results I see and my cats love the food.

Charidy M.

Springfield, OH

For a few months now I've been purchasing your Wild Sea Catch dry kibble as well as cases of your large cans of cat food for my senior tabby "Chloe" and my 2 Maine Coons "Frank" and "Beans." Chloe is diabetic and has done exceptionally well on her Earthborn diet. It's also the only wet food my cats will eat after it's been refrigerated. I simply love your product.Thanks.

Ashley and Nic S.

For 7 years, I've had two dogs - one who would eat everything and one who could care less if he ever ate. Then last year, we acquired a miniature dachshund who was having some major skin and ear issues. After allergy testing him, we found out he was very allergic to just about everything in most dog foods such as poultry, corn, grains and potatoes to name a few. After trying different diets, we tried Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast. Within a month, his skin issues were almost resolved and the hair was growing back on his ears. After months and months of treating his condition (he was miserable), he was finally better and is doing wonderful! Also, since switching, our finicky eater eats very meal! He used to be an avid "once a day eater," if that, and we would often have to mix things with his food or hand feed him. Now, when it's dinner time, he loves to eat. And last but not least. We also acquired a 9 year old Greyhound who was very underweight (65 lbs.) and underwent a major surgery of having his leg amputated. He was very thin before surgery, so we knew it would be work to get him to gain weight after the surgery. It seemed like every food he was on prior to coming to us just couldn't get him to gain weight. After using a food that is very high in calories (used for working breeds), he finally started to gain some weight. Then we slowly switched him over to Earthborn and he continued to gain. Now, he is very happy at 83 lbs. and is staying steady! Not to mention, he LOVES this food. He was always trying to eat it out of our other dog's bowls! And because Greyhounds have naturally high metabolism, they need a quality diet. And because he continues to keep his weight healthy and even gain a little, I know that his food is quality stuff. Thank you SO much for making such a quality pet food. Seeing the physical changes in our pets is proof that what you feed your pet DOES COUNT! This food has helped us in so many ways, and having 4 dogs, we needed a simple solution such as Earthborn Holistic dog food. Also, we have since started collecting the UPCs to send in to help plant trees (we go through a lot of dog food). So again, many thanks!

Ellen B.


I just wanted wanted to let you know that your dog food saved our dog's life. We have a red bone coon hound named Murphy. When Murphy turned a year old she got very ill. She was constantly throwing up and suffering from diarrhea. We took her to the vet and had every test known to man run - X-rays, blood work, ultra sounds, tests for parasites, urine samples, etc......they could not find anything wrong with her. Murphy was so sick - she went from 47 pounds to 36 pounds and nothing was helping her. She was skin and bones and could hardly stand. lFinally the vet suggested putting her down. We didn't want to do that, so we started researching different diets trying to get her to eat. We tried several different dog foods (all of which made her very sick) - and finally started making her food out of chicken breasts and oatmeal. She could keep that down and started putting on a bit of weight. That was getting expensive and was time consuming. We then started researching dog foods and came across your website. We started with a small bag of the Primitive Natural and she kept it down. At first we thought it was a flute, but we kept feeding it to her and it still stayed down! Now, two months later, Murphy is up to 45 pounds, playing and full of life again! I can't explain how happy we are that she has gotten her spunk back. She's running and playing and is happy and healthy again. So, I just wanted to take a minute and let you know that we appreciate your dog food. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Rick C.

South Paris, ME

I want to tell you that I love your food. My wife and I strongly believe quality food makes a huge difference in the quality of the dog's life. We used to feed (another leading brand) until we heard the company had been purchased by Proctor and Gamble. We have zero confidence that they will keep the formula the same, so we decided to try Earthborn Puppy Vantage. Ella is an 11 month old Pit Bull/German Shepherd mix that has never been healthier and her coat has never been more luxurious and soft. Tommy is a 10 year old Boxer/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix whose energy has never been higher and is eager for breakfast and dinner despite being an EXTREMELY picky eater. Thank you.

Markie R.

College Station, TX

My Name is Markie R. and I'm a senior at Texas A & M majoring in Animal Science. My passion is dogs, especially canine nutrition, and am looking forward to graduating and hopefully working in the pet food industry. About 2 months ago I started feeding Earthborn Holistic Coastal Catch (switched from another Grain-Free brand) and we are loving it! My border collie refuses to eat most raw foods, so I'm so excited that I found a great food that does her just as good My bull terrier still gets raw most nights, but with the new food I'm seeing a BIG difference in coat and activity. Bull terriers can have issues with their skin and allergies, but we aren't seeing any of that here! Thanks.

Damaris J.

Just wanted to thank you for the sample and quick response. I received the Primitive Feline formula a few days ago, and my cat (Merlin) likes it (and he's very picky about his dry food). Since starting him on the Earthborn wet food (about two months ago), I've noticed that Merlin's coat is shinier and softer. I'll definitely be recommending Earthborn Holistic to all my cat owner friends. Thanks again.

Mike H.


My name is Mike H. and I am a dog owner from Colorado. I was looking for a grain free dog food about a year ago and came across your food at Pets n Stuff in Littleton, CO. Your ingredient list was very impressive, so my wife and I decided that we wanted to try your food. The grain free recipe does an amazing job of providing my dogs with the protein and proper supplements to keep them going strong. Nutrition is a very important issue in our house because I compete with all my dogs in Frisbee competitions all over the country. Your food gives them all of the protein they need to stay healthy, lean, and keep up the amazing conditioning required for the competition months. My dog, MaggEY, just won the Colorado and Texas state championships as well as the UFO World Frisbee Dog Championships for 2011. She is eating nothing but Earthborn Holistic Natural grain-free formulas. I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I think your food is an amazing product. Thank you so much such an awesome product and producing nothing but the best for our four-legged family members.

Susie M.

Scottsdale, Arizona

"Just switched to Earthborn Holistic® from another leading brand (despite being recommended and sold by my vet, I now know it is a low-grade product primarily of grain). Our 95 lb. Dalmation/Great Dane named Towdlie at 17 months had been experienceing runny stools with phlegm, more than occasional diarrhea (including three times in his kennel), and had been scratching and showing other signs of allergic response, as well as sometimes severe bloating. Earthborn Holistic® Primitive NaturalTM has appeared to solve all the above problems, has given him more energy, improved his coat and made him less irritable. Still in first week of using Earthborn Primitive, but stools are now firm with no noticeable objectionable smells (other foods produced odors of fermenting grain). Very pleased so far, particularly with the lack of grain in the product."

Janet K.

A few months ago I started my cat Peeps on your holistic wet and dry food. Initially there was a minor adjustment but overall during the past couple of months my cat has thrived unbelievably thanks to Earthborn. Her improvement is nothing less than phenomenal and my appreciation to you i overwhelming. A friend's cat has also benefited and thrived from Earthborn and that cat was very close to being put down due to it's sickness. I sing your praises ever chance I get!

Stacey B.

Mesa AZ

Hi, I am using your food with GREAT SUCCESS. I have a Standard Poodle who has horrible ears. She has been on so many different dog foods over the last 3 years. Now that she is on your grain-free gluten free food, both ears are now cleared up. I am soooo amazed! I have been a vet tech for 10 years and thought I would never win this battle, but I think we found a winner. Thanks so much. I also believe it's fantastic for Cockers who have a high incidence of food allergies. My one girl Selu look like a million bucks on this food!!! Thanks so much.