Anita D

Georgetown, IN

I truly love Earthborn Primitive Natural dog food!! I rescue a lot of dogs and at this time I am feeding 11 dogs with this food. I have 3 Chihuahuas, 1 Papillon, 1 Italian Greyhound Mix, 1 Lab mix, 1 American Bulldog and 4 Pitbulls. My first pitbull, Walter, was a challenge. I rescued him in 11/2009; he had inconsistencies with his bowels. I began researching various dog foods and that is when I found Primitive Natural. Since then he has had no further problems. In August of 2010, I rescued a white pitbull. She had lesions on her face; we couldn't find out what was causing this problem. Within 2 months of starting her on Primitive, the lesions began to fade and were completely gone within 4 months. All of my dogs are happy, energetic and healthy with soft shiny coats. Thanks to this great dog food, I don't have a dog with any allergy or skin issues and never had a dog with so much as a cold. Thanks again for Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural; it is the best!

Jennifer Y

Brooklyn, Wisconsin

I have been meaning to write to your company for a while now. We have a 4 year old golden retriever. Ever since we got her (as a puppy) she has had terrible dander problems. Her skin would flake off and you could see flakes of skin all over in her fur. About eighteen months ago, I decided to switch her to a grain-free food to see if her skin condition would improve. We started her on Earthborn Primitive at that time. Within three months, the dandruff completely disappeared. She has a beautiful, shiny coat now. Thank you for making a great product for dogs. I have recommended your brand to many people.

Darin L.

Hammond, IN

In our 16 years of rescuing Beagles and Coonhounds we have tried a large variety of foods...probably more than a hundred brands. We typically have 4-6 dogs here with us (plus the rescue dogs throughout the foster home system) and finding a food that all of the dogs will eat and have no issues with has been an ongoing challenge. In our own home we have a Bluetick Coonhound with allergies, an English Coonhound who has some intolerance to protein levels and a Beagle with whom we struggle controlling her weight. In the past we were forced to feed separate foods. Add in the rescue dogs and feeding time has been a bit like a poorly controlled science experiment. We switched to Earthborn approximately 3 months ago. For the first time we have a food that we can feed to all of our dogs as well as distribute to our foster homes. Our dogs love it, we love it...we have FOUND A WINNER!

Jennifer M.

Sullivan, Maine

"I just had to write you to say what a great product you have. My Basset mix, Baxter started developing some redness and bumps under his front legs and groin area. We made the trip to the vet and determined he had an allergy to something. I could not afford the 600.00 allergy tests so we started changing food. I bought everything from the pet store to the local health food store to department stores. I tried many grain free products, to all natural people food products. Then the women I got Baxter from told me she started her dog, from the same litter, on your Earthborn Holistic® Primitive Natural, and his rash cleared up. By now I had Baxter on prednisone and antibiotics because he had licked the areas so they were infected. I slowly switched him to the Earthborn Holistic® Primitive Natural about four weeks ago and his rash has also cleared up. I am not sure to this day what he was allergic too, but your food either has what he needs, or all other food I tried had something he could not have, but it is working. I just wanted to say thank you!! My dogs are my babies and to see one of them suffer was a horrible feeling. I swear by your product and have educated my vet for future patients that might also have allergies to food. Keep up the good work, and again thank you for working a miracle for Baxter. I have inserted a picture of my goofy baby."

David S.

Deerfield, Wisconsin

My name is David, and I am from Deerfield, Wisconsin. I have been feeding my puppies your food since they came home, and I have been very happy with the result I have gotten. Their coats are great, their teeth are perfect and most of all they get the best health reports from my vet.

Sarah S.


I just wanted to say that I am glad that I found a food that all my dogs can eat. I feed the Ocean Fusion to my dogs. We have Chihuahuas all the way up to a Shepherd Mix who has a sensitive stomach. I work at a pet store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and I recommend Earthborn Holistic at least 5 times a day to customers. You have done a wonderful job with the food, the company and also the reps for the company. The reps that come to our store are awesome; they know their stuff and are so helpful to employees as well as customers. I can't wait until the cat food comes out because I am switching my cats over to Earthborn since my dogs are doing so well on it. Thanks again for doing an Awesome job!

jk scott

Just passing this along. My lab had pups...They will be 8 weeks old on Monday. Her last litter we had her on another leading brand. When her pups were 8 weeks old she looked BAD. She lost most of her coat. I didn't even want people to see her she looked so bad. This time on the Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural you can hardly tell she had pups. She is in great shape and her coat is beautiful. I put this all on the dog food. Just thought I'd pass this along.



“I am a new customer of Earthborn, there was a person in my feed store selling your product. After some initial research I decided to try the small breed food as I now have two small dogs. I must say I and they both like it and it has cut the amount they were pooping in half! I have tried quite a few high end dog foods but your small breed seems to work best for them. I also liked the plant a tree idea. Today I had some time to go to your website to research now that I have a few UPC codes collected. I also wanted to mention that I love the bags the dog food comes in. I buy the 14lb bag and that zip top works wonderfully, never breaks and zips up nice and tight. Again I am both pleased with the packaging and the contents! These are my first small breed dogs (always had big dogs)and I am glad that I found a reasonably priced well made food for them.”

Denise L.

The Pet Teacher

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love your grain-free food! As a dog caregiver, I want my dogs to have the best dry dog food available - without breaking the bank. As a dog trainer, I am constantly asked by my clients for recommendations on a quality and affordable dog food. So many of them shop at the warehouse stores and bring home huge bags of food full of corn, wheat, soy, BHT, BHA, Ethyoxquin, chicken parts, cellulose fillers. Or their veterinarians recommend brands that have the same "junk" in them. And they wonder why their dogs have behavior issues! There is little to no understanding about the link between nutrition and behavior. I feel comfortable recommending any of the foods in the Earthborn line, and even use the grain-free as rewards when I'm training. I know your grain-free food is safe for ALL dogs I'm working with, no matter their nutritional issues and needs." Thank you!

Dawn B.

Denver, Pennsylvania

"Hello my name is and I have 2 dogs, 3 cats, 2 rabbits, 2 birds, fish,1 rat, 2 chickens, alot of pets but they are all family and very much spoiled. What I am writing you about is your Primitive Natural dog food. I just switch from Evo to your dog food. Our one dog -grunt- has a lot of food allergies mostly grain and Evo was great for him but little too pricey. Don't get me wrong, I would pay what ever price I have to for him to not have any other health problems but I came across your grain free food a couple of months ago and I started him on it slowly mixing it with Evo. Now he is on just your Primitive Natural. He has been doing really good on it so far. I think this will work out, just don't change it like some other foods out there did. I just wanted to let you know h ow well we like your food. Thank you."


Robinson, MA

"Having researched and tried many dog foods I am happy to say that my dogs love Earthborn. I have a small breed and the small breed kibble is perfect for them."

John B

"We’ve had our sweet "Minit", our medium/large mixed breed dog, for 5 years, (actual age unknown), maybe as old as 8. For 4 1/2 yrs. from when we first got her till about 3 months ago… she had been scratching. Mostly with no noticeable skin or hair afflictions. After years of trying every other dog food, shampoos, snake oils, magic remedies, medications including veterinarian products… Vet consultations… tons of money… never a change. Sometimes things got worse and her skin and hair would become a mess… skin flaking or with hot spots and scabs, hair falling out… and of course… scratching… obsessive constant scratching. We felt so bad for her. We were persistant and I strongly believed, due to an experience with a previous dog in my history… that it was a food related dilemma… I also considered some genetic anomaly may be at the cause… but wasn’t ready to accept that without trying every quality natural dog food on the market and, maybe, as a last resort, some home recipes. Food trials take time. Sometimes there’s an immediate bad result and you can eliminate the product right away. Sometimes there is no effect but you feel obliged to give the product a reasonable amount of time and a chance to work… I would allow for up to 6 to 8 weeks depending on the product and it’s reviews, other factors etc… We finally came along to Earthborn and we were pretty confident that the fish based type dog foods were the way to go. We purchased the Ocean Fusion for testing. It took a little while to kick in completely. She responded very well after about a month… no scratching for about 2 1/2 weeks… then scratching again for about 2 1/2 weeks… …then It Ended! No More Scratching !!! …and what soon devloped… the most beautiful silky, thick, blue-black coat ever… not a single flake… no real shedding… never close to even a brush full of hair… she rarely needs a bath! It’s like she’s Self-Cleaning or Teflon! She’s never been so Beautiful… she’s happier, more energetic, more playful… seeing her blissfully running around, free, all happy faced with tongue flapping in the breeze… which is really her usual self… but now more so… and she’s not having to sop her fun activities for a sit and scratch session… It’s a True Joy to behold… it warms my heart so greatly just to think and write about it. …and for my wife and I, to not be woken up at night by her incessant scratching… that too is a joy!” I can’t thank Earthborn enough… and I pray they don’t ever change their recipe… whatever you’re doing Earhborn… please keep on doing it… please!"

Annette B.

"Our 6 month old puppy (she is a lab/spaniel mix) seemed to be a finicky eater. When I filled her bowl up with food, she would sniff it and walk away. I tried putting wet food in with the dry food, water or anything to get her to eat. I was trying many different brands and she would do the same thing every time I would put a new food in front of her. I was desperate to find a food she liked. I have access to a lot of different brands, but was getting worried that she would not like any foods Frontier carried. I decided to try the new Earthborn Holistic®. She loves the food; I think the kibble size has a lot to do with it too. After she eats the food, she sniffs around for more food, and sometimes barks for more. Tell your company that I said thank you for making a great product! I know you can sell this line with confidence that it is a superior food."

Skye B.

Eugene, Oregon

"Finally, my Scottish deerhound is eating thanks to your Earthborn Holistic® Primitive NaturalTM. I’m convinced that she is gluten sensitive. After she lost five pounds of her very, naturally skinny body, I got worried. Blood tests yielded nothing. So I began the slow food test/switch/bate game. it apparently has ended with Earthborn. I bet when I take her in for her checkup in another ten days to weigh, she will have gained a couple of pounds. In addition to her two meals a day, she’s coming to me in the evening and staring at me very pointedly. When I get up, she does not move toward the door, she moves toward the utility room where I feed her. Another two scoops, down the hatch. Good girl. Good Earthborn."

Patti L.

"I bought a large bag of Primitive Natural<sub>&trade;</sub> yesterday. My German Shepherd Dog is very fussy and has been turning her nose up at most of the premium 'ancestral' or holistic brands we have tried. I can't tell you how many brands we have been through only to have to give it or throw it away. She loves this new kibble."

Sally W.

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! for creating new Primitive Natural. I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that I will soon have more grain-free choices. I will let the folks at Pet Flow .com know as well so they can be on the lookout to order it. I like to keep my dog food suppliers up on the latest news so I, as a consumer, can always get my favorite products where I shop most. I am getting the best of condition with the chicken formula and know that the new ones will perform as I expect, too. I can't wait. Thanks."

Mike F.

Stratham, NH

"My three Labs love your Ocean Fusion. For example … One Lab … Kota … who has a skin allergy isn’t constantly biting and licking his paws since we started using your "Ocean Fusion" food. He still bites and licks his paws but usually just to clean … so the food works well from that standpoint. A vast improvement in quality over the grocery store brands … but more expensive."

Melissa C.

Binghamton, NY

"I just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with your dog food! My dogs mean the world to me and I have been having a hard time finding a food that they enjoy, that is also good for them. I have another brand for years now, but my latest Boxer was having some digestive issues on it, so I began searching for a more holistic style food with better digestibility. Since switching from the other brand, I have tried several other grain-free high end dog foods. Then I found your website and saw that Agway carried it, so I gave it a try. I have used the Primitive Natural on my young show bitch, who is picky and hard to keep weight on and am also using the whitefish formula with her and my other two dogs. They really seem to enjoy this food and it is agreeing with their digestive systems wonderfully! My show bitch isn't really gaining weight yet, but she is staying more consistent. She is a young Boxer, so I don't expect her to gain weight over night, being she is very active. Thanks again for making a great dog food, that I feel comfortable feeding my beloved dogs!"

Rebecca L.

Foley, Alabama

"Hi, we just purchased Ocean FusionTM for our dog who is a year old. She has been eating the cat’s food instead of her dry food & even canned DOG FOOD. So I started giving her table food, but she would still sneak and eat cat food. We went to the vet and the vet said it is very bad for dogs to eat cat food and she is 4 lbs. overweight. So one day we went to Petsense in Foley Tangier Mall, and I asked if they had any fish flavored food for dogs and they showed me your brand. I gave it a try, and guess what. My dog loves it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy knowing my dog is eating healthy now."

Kate S.

"I wanted to take a minute and let you know just how happy I am with Earthborn Holistic®. Guinness, our 2 1/2 year old black lab, has been eating it for about a month now. I’ve never seen him devour his food like he does now. His bad breath has disappeared, his coat has taken on a shine like never before, and he even sheds less. Thanks for creating such a wonderful product."