Kaia J.

My lovely golden just became a mama and the high quality of your food is perfect for her during this time. Her increased need for high quality nutrition is being met by your Coastal Catch!! Thank you for providing everything she needs!!

Jamie L.

I've been feeding my black Lab the Ocean Fusion formula for about 2 1/2 years and the difference it has made in the beauty of her coat is amazing. It has also increased her energy levels and stamina. She loves duck hunting as much as I do and thanks to your amazing product I'm sure we will have many more memorable seasons together. Thanks Earthborn!!

Danielle K.

10 year old Seuss has been staying healthy while enjoying Earthborn Holistic for more than 5 years. Currently, he's happy to indulge in Adult Vantage.

Jenille M.

Rigby, ID

I feed Meadow Feast exclusively to my 2 Shar Pei and 1 American Bulldog. They are healthy, happy, and none have trouble with allergic reactions, coat issues or digestion trouble. One Shar Pei has been fed Earthborn Holistic since birth so I attribute his beautiful brush coat mainly to diet. Thank you for offering the wide variety of food, food with "real" ingredients, and types with ingredients that my dogs enjoy. CeeCee, Thor and Gary say "Nom!"


Alvarado, MN

We had been feeding our 3 year old Flame Point Siamese rescue, Rumpus, an adult and grain-free food since we brought him home from a local shelter. He was doing fine on it but had been suffering from reoccurring respiratory infections. My daughter brought home 2 kittens a few months later and we decided to put all 3 of our boys on an all life stages food and decided on the Primitive Feline formula since the ingredients looked good and the protein levels were higher. I'm so happy with our choice. All 3 of our cats absolutely love it! Our rescue wouldn't even touch his old food as we transitioned him to this. They have the softest fur, and less litter mess. I love how the bags are resealable although it doesn't stop our active boys from trying to get into the bag for more. Since making the switch our Rumpus has not had a single respiratory infection! I can't say enough about how wonderful this food is, thank you for such a wonderful product.

Maryanne P.

South Glens Falls, NY

My 1 year old Pit Bull, Nala, was having intestinal issues with her puppy food. She was always bloated and lacked energy. I looked up some suggested dog food brands that had natural ingredients and helped with her muscle mass. After switching her to your holistic grain-free Meadow Feast, she has not been bloated and has more energy now then ever. Her muscle tone is astonishing and we compliments on her all the time. She has no issues with it at all. I will never go back to another brand. I even recommended it to my family for their animals.

Carrie M.

Miami, OK

Thank you Earthborn Holistic! Our Shih Tzu "Buddy" was struggling with stomach upset until we found your Meadow Feast and now he is thriving! We so appreciate your great customer service, the coupons and your level of care! I have entered a new email address today...Thanks again!

Brandy B.

Summerville, SC

Thank you Earthborn for formulating such a superior product. We adopted an 8 week old puppy in May from a rescue. The pet store that was hosting the adoption event provided the rescue with some food for the animals so that is what we have kept feeding her. Earthborn Holistic Puppy Vantage has kept her beautiful chocolate brown coat shiny and smooth, her breath DOES NOT stink at all and overall she is so healthy. We love this food and will continue to use Earthborn.

Betsy S.

Oklahoma City, OK

When we adopted our beautiful black Lab, Ivy, six months ago we knew we needed to help her to become more healthy. She was 10 lbs. overweight, had a dull coat, dandruff, and seemed to have some gastrointestinal issues. Upon the advice of our local pet food supplier, A1 Pet Emporium, we started Ivy on Earthborn Coastal Catch. She has lost all of her weight and is down to a healthy size, her gastrointestinal issues have cleared up, and she has the most beautiful shiny black coat I have ever seen on any animal. Just last week we were asked seven times at the vet's office what we feed her. Every customer and veterinarian wanted to know how Ivy was so healthy and beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to make quality food for our precious furry friends. We are so cautious about what is in our own food, it is a relief to know that there are pet food manufacturers like Earthborn who are passionate about what we feed our pets. If only you could see how gorgeous Miss Ivy's coat is!

Karla J.

Kirksville, MO

I want to thank you for having Earthborn Meadow Feast available in Kirksville, MO. I have a large breed Pomeranian (20 lbs.) and a 100 lb. Bernese Mountain Dog. The Pom is allergic to corn, fish, and egg. (He refuses to eat a competitor's brand, the only other option with out either corn, egg or fish) Since feeding to both dogs Earthborn Meadow Feast, offering unlimited food, their coats are softer, their general condition is healthier and the senior Bernese has been complimented on his young appearance and excellent condition. He is maintaining weight and energy levels in spite of his being over 8 years old. Despite the higher expense of purchasing Earthborn, compared to other brands, the dogs are satisfied with less than your recommended cups of food per day per pound of dog and their waste has improved. I wanted the say thank you for a feed efficient corn, egg, fish-free dog food.

Jillian A.

When we switched to Earthborn dog food, our Bailey,a German Shepherd, was having a lot of skin issues! The edges of her ears were deteriorating, she had hot spots and was itchy all the time! Now with Earthborn she is healthier and happier than ever! Our other baby, Telly, loves it too! He's been the pickiest eater since we adopted him 6 years ago but he gets excited at meal time and doesn't hesitate to eat! Our pups LOVE your food!

Jan S.

Hudson, MI

I believe wholeheartedly in what you are doing on giving back and sustainability. My animals eat lots of your dog and cat food. I have collected lots of UPCs over the years, almost enough for a forest!!! Happy planting!! Our earth needs the trees.

Audrey F.

Westbury, NY

I love your cat formulas. I have had all 4 of my cats on it for some time now and it pretty much cured my 18 year old cat's diabetes. I know carbs are not good for pets and yours are the lowest carbs on the market. This is what cured my cat. I love Earthborn and tell everyone about it. I always recommend this product. THANK YOU!

Hayley G.

Today we took our American Bulldog, Petey, to a Woofstock event for the local shelter. While we were there someone stopped us and asked what we fed him because his coat looked amazing! Of course we told her that we feed him Earthborn Holistic. Since switching from another brand foods he has had no issues with hot spots or losing fur, has maintained a healthy weight, and his hip displysia has gotten so much better. He can actually run and bounce around like a pup again. He's a whole different dog. We will never go back!

Paula S.

Alma, MI

Hi, I just found out about your product today and went to the local pet supply store to check it out. I bought the Puppy Vantage formula and tested it out on my puppy. He likes it. So, I am getting rid of the other brand I started him on and am going back to get him the Earthborn Holistic treats tomorrow. I also like the idea that the UPC's/bag can be turned in to help plant trees and recycle! Just wanted you to know that my puppy and I are "happy campers" with your products. Thank you.

Courtney W.

Windsor, PA

I wanted to reach out to you and let you know how happy I am to have found Earthborn Holistic pet food. We have 3 dogs and 3 cats ranging from 1-8 years old on your grain free formulas. They have all experienced more energy, healthy weight loss, clearer skin, and shiny coats. Our oldest dog in particular has done a 180! He was diagnosed back in 2014 with mast cell cancer. He had a tumor removed from his rear end, and hasn't really been the playful pup he once was ever since. Once we started everyone on Earthborn Holistic's grain free, I noticed an immediate change. He's more up beat and he actually plays again! He also has hyperkeratosis on his nose which I'm noticing is slowly clearing up the longer he's on this diet. He actually salivates while I'm filling the bowls. I couldn't ask for a better food for my pets and I'm so appreciative of your company and the earth friendly approach you take to running your business.

Carrie C.

My boy Ryder is fed Earthborn Holistic Great Plains Feast. He has a healthy, shiny coat and is full of energy. He is currently in the AKC conformation show ring. Thank you Earthborn.

Tracey S.

Just wanted to show you how good my foster "fail" is now. We got her looking great by feeding Earthborn. I also have my two working dogs on Eartborn as well. Wyatt Earp competes in frisbee and Josie Earp dock dives. Thanks so much. They love to eat and their coats show how good they look.

Linda H.

I have been a pet groomer for over 35 years and have seen a lot of dog foods come and go. I started using Earthborn Holistic dog food when my Shih Tzu Stewart had some health issues and my rough collie Flynn had stomach issues. Earthborn was recommended to me buy a client; now I'm recommending Earthborn Holistic to MY clients. I'm a Mobile Groomer so I do not have room to sell Earthborn but I will still recommended it to my clientele. Thank you for helping me keep my pets and my client's pets happy and healthy. Linda of the Clip N Go mobile pet grooming

Pam C.

Noblesville, IN

We tried Earthborn because I heard it was great for dogs with allergies and I just wanted to let you all know how much we love this dog food. My daughter has a shepherd (Sheba) that lives with us because she can't have it where she lives and Sheba had ALOT of allergies and we have tried ALOT of different dog foods and found none that would help her until we tried Earthborn Holistic. She can only eat certain things so we only feed her Coastal Catch. She is a happier dog now! We love that we can return the bags to the pet store and help the environment at the same time. So, Thank you! from Sheba and her pet owners.