Using Stasher Bags as a Pet Parent

Do you use a lot of zip lock bags when it comes to your pet? According to, the average American family uses 500 ZipLoc bags every year. These plastic bags are created with a type of plastic film that are non-biodegradable, accumulating over 3 million tons in landfills. That’s a lot of sandwiches! Curious about what you can do to offset this zip lock bag footprint? We introduce to you Stasher bags! The endlessly reusable, resealable silicone storage bag that replaces single-use plastic.

Image by @laylathelovelyspangold on Instagram.

Why We Love Them

Stasher is a brand that started back in 2016 when a mom packing her kids’ lunch realized that she was using single-use plastic bags every day and it was a problem. When looking for an alternative, there was nothing in the market that was comparable to a zip lock bag. Kat Nouri began to brainstorm and created a unique, reusable product known as Stasher.

Since 2016, Stasher has sold millions of their reusable, silicone bags which has prevented over 1 billion single-use plastic bags from entering our oceans and landfills. With their Save What Matters movement, Stasher donates 1% of all sales to nonprofits each year. 

Ways to Use Stasher Bags

Packing For Travel

Do you travel with your pet often? If so, using Stasher bags can be a great, reusable way to pack kibble for your getaway. Storing the kibble in this tightly sealed bag can keep it fresh while you are on-the-go. There are a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors of these bags so you can choose what fits your pup’s needs the best. Need something to put their delicious EarthBites treats in? Try the Go Bag! Comes with a handy clip so you can attach it to your waste while on a walk with your furry friend.

Toys & Accessories

If you like to keep your dog’s toys and accessories organized, the Stand-Up bags are perfect for this. The flat bottom helps the bag stand up easier and the gallon storage allows for a variety of items to be placed inside!

Freezing Kibble

Proper storage of your dog’s dry kibble is the best way to keep it fresh. Once opened, any food can begin to go stale and become less enjoyable for your pet. We recommend that you purchase the bag size your dog will consume within about 4-6 weeks and properly seal the food between feedings to reduce exposure. If your pet can’t eat an entire bag of food within 4-6 weeks, consider using a Stasher bag to freeze the kibble until it’s needed (just make sure to defrost it first!). YES–all stasher bags are dishwasher safe and freezer friendly!

Pocket Storage

Does your dog need to take medicine daily? Or if you’re traveling, maybe your dog still needs to take their flea/tick chews. A Pocket Bag is great for small items such as pills or chews! These small pouches are also perfect for taking a few treats to the dog park and prevent you from having to take an entire treat bag across town. It comes in a wide variety of colors so you and your pet can store in style.

Refrigerating Wet Food

Dogs love our Earthborn Holistic wet foods! Sometimes they require refrigerating unused portions, though. A Stasher bag would be great for this! Simply pour the unused wet food into the silicone pouch and place into the refrigerator for easy access for the next feeding. If your bag is big enough, you could also just place the entire can or tub into a Stasher.

Earthborn Holistic is dedicated to helping the environment and the Earth we inhabit. Stasher bags is another great company whose goal is similar to ours! Making a conscious decision to use items such as Stasher can help our planet one step at a time.