Dog Food Storage Ideas You’ll Love

If you’re a pet parent, you know how challenging it can be to find proper pet food storage methods. It’s essential to keep taste and freshness in prime condition. Improper dog food and treat storage can lead to health problems for your dog, and nobody wants that! The following tips and products aim to effectively implement dog food safety, so you can get the most out of your purchase and your dog can receive the quality nutrition they deserve.

How to Store Dog Food

First, before your dog food even makes it home with you, consider these actions during the purchasing process. The most important is examining the expiration date and food labels. You should browse the ingredients on the label, especially if your dog has any allergies. Along with this, it is important to examine the bag, can, or tub of food for any potential damage (i.e. product that looks ripped or tampered with in any way).

After buying your pet’s food, it’s vital to save the expiration date and lot code in case issues come up with the specific food that you purchased. If you ever need to contact the manufacturer of any pet food with questions, they will need the expiration date to identify your bag and solve any problems. 

Storing Wet Dog Food

Wet dog food typically requires a few more precautions than kibble. Canned dog food usually stores for a long time as long as it’s unopened. However, once it’s opened make sure to properly handle and store wet foods—do not let wet food set out for more than 2 hours. Once you’re done with it, you can store it in the refrigerator for up to four days using a can cover like one from ORE Pet to seal it. Freezing is another option to store wet dog food if your pet has leftovers. If this is the case, the wet food will need to be placed in freezer-friendly containers. 

TIP: Serving frozen food to your pet can be a perfect treat on hot summer days!

A dog puts his nose between a variety of wet dog food recipes

Storing Dry Dog Food

On the other hand, dry dog food is fairly easy to store. You may be wondering, can dog food get stale? Kibble, like many other foods, is perishable–but not to the same extent as wet dog food. Remember to take note of the expiration date on the bag so you know roughly how long you will be able to keep it before feeding your pup.

 Once a bag of kibble has been opened, it’s best to limit exposure to things like air, moisture, and temperatures that may affect it. This is why it’s highly recommended to get airtight storage containers. They can be plastic or stainless steel material; however, stainless steel is typically more durable and easier to clean. The ultimate goal of these containers is to ensure freshness of product, so your pup gets quality food. Most veterinarians recommend keeping the food in its original bag then inside of an airtight storage container for optimal results.

For extra freshness, you can seal the bag well before putting it into the airtight container with a clip like this Dexas Store KlipScoop. It’s dishwasher safe and easy to seal your pet food bag until your next use. Not to mention, the food scoop is a perfect measuring cup to help with portion control. 

Dog Food Storage Containers

The quality of the food you are feeding your dog should be just as significant as the storage containers used to ensure it. The following are some of our top picks for dog food and treat storage:

IRIS USA offers an airtight storage solution in multiple sizes, including 33 quart and 69 quart. For reference, the 33 quart capacity would fit a 25 pound bag of Earthborn Holistic dog food. This pet food container is made with BPA-free plastic and designed with a wide top for easy opening, scooping, and cleaning. This option is especially convenient because it has wheels enabling it to roll and transport easily. 

Another great dog food storage option is this elevated feeder with airtight storage from IRIS USA. This option is perfect for on-the-go or indoor use if you have limited space available. The snap-lock latch keeps dog food airtight to keep freshness in and pests out! There are three sizes and colors available to choose from, so you are able to find the right fit for your dog. The small size stores up to 5 lbs, medium stores up to 13 lbs, and large stores up to 47 lbs of food. The stainless steel dog bowl sizes increase according to the sizing as well, all of which are removable and easy to clean.

Dog Food Can Storage

It’s common to buy dog food cans in bulk, which means you’re most likely going to need a good dog food can organizer in your home. Simple Trending Store has this stackable can storage dispenser that works as a perfect dog food can dispenser. Space is not an issue with this product as it holds up to approximately 36 cans! It’s stable and stackable design consists of sturdy metal with chrome plating including rubber pads to prevent it from sliding or scratching any surfaces.

If your dog doesn’t finish all of their wet canned food, don’t worry. There are many dog food can storage options, like the ORE Pet can cover previously mentioned. This two-pack consists of dishwasher- and food-safe silicone for easy use and cleaning. They are intended to seal around pet food cans for optimum freshness and food preservation. Simply cover your open can with one of these guys and stick it in the fridge until next use!

A closeup of a person scooping kibble into a dog bowl

Dog Food and Water Bowls

We rounded up dog food and water bowls for additional feeding options. The first one is the Neater Feeder Express which features dishwasher-safe stainless steel dog bowls. There are models ranging in different sizes to accommodate different types of dogs, including a slow-feed bowl option. The slow feed bowl specifically is intended to slow rapid eating, reduce vomiting, decrease bloating, and improve overall digestion. You can save time cleaning with this essentially mess-proof product. It’s designed to separate and contain any spilled food at the top of the feeder, while any spilled water drains into the basin at the bottom of the feeder. No more *ruff* floors or walls after dinner time!

If you’re looking for a slow feeder with a bit more style, Zippy Paws has this adorable ice cream bowl that works as a slow feeder bowl as well. Able to hold four cups of your pet’s favorite food, this bowl comes with a non-slip base to keep dinner messes at bay. They also have other fun shapes like a donut, a slice of pizza, and a pineapple!

Additional Tips

  • Store dog food in a cool, dry place. Do not store it in a garage where it can overheat.
  • Wash food bowls and scoops with soap and water after each use. Make sure to dry them well to avoid development of bacteria. 
  • Don’t mix bags of food. Finish the bag entirely before refilling.
  • Consider portion feeding your pet. This will aim to promote a healthy lifestyle while decreasing chances of contamination.

Hopefully after reading about these tips and products, you feel confident in purchasing and storing the right food for your dog. Don’t forget to check out our assortment of Earthborn Holistic recipes to put your new storage skills to use. Good luck and happy feeding!