Dog Food with Pumpkin

Fall is here and pumpkin spice season is officially in full swing! While giving your pet a pumpkin spice latte probably isn’t the best idea, we’ve got you covered with a variety of fall-worthy pet recipes that include the much sought-after pumpkin addition. However, we’re not judging if you feed any of these delicious dinners year-round too!

Health Benefits of Pumpkin for Dogs and Cats 

If you’ve ever wondered if pumpkin is good for dogs, we have good news! Aside from its pumpkin spice powers, pumpkin is actually really good for your dog or cat. It’s chock full of fiber, which has many benefits for your pup’s digestion–from regulating their digestive system to helping maintain a healthy immune system. It has a similar effect for cats, aiding in digestion and even helping with hairball prevention because of its high fiber content. 

Pumpkin is also low in calories, making it a nice little snack for your pet and adding pumpkin to dog food is an easy add-on for some pet parents. However, Earthborn Holistic has many recipes with pumpkin in the ingredients list so your pet can get their pumpkin fix in every meal.

Earthborn Holistic Dog Food with Pumpkin

With the recent refresh, we have all sorts of Earthborn Holistic recipes that include pumpkin! From our Weight Control recipe to Primitive Natural, there’s options for all dogs to enjoy the benefits of this fall favorite. If you dog suffers with sensitive skin or stomach, our Meadow Feast recipe also includes pumpkin.

dog sniffs bag of dog food

UNREFINED Dog Food with Pumpkin

Our ancient grains & superfoods dog food recipes are popular for the long list of superfoods that can be found in the ingredients list, and pumpkin is one of the many superfoods in our Unrefined Roasted Rabbit and Unrefined Smoked Salmon recipes.

Pumpkin is the third ingredient in our Smoked Turkey recipe, so if you’re looking for some help regulating some tummy troubles your dog is experiencing this formula may be worth a shot. With fresh turkey as the first ingredient and cranberries also in the lineup, this recipe might as well be your pup’s new Thanksgiving dinner.

If your pup tends to lean more towards fishy foods, our Smoked Salmon recipe also contains pumpkin as the third ingredient and is filled with other superfoods for your dog as well. Fresh salmon is the first ingredient in this formula, so your dog can enjoy their pumpkin with their favorite underwater flavor.

Venture Dog Food with Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a super popular ingredient in our Venture line with all six recipes including pumpkin in the first five ingredients. From Rabbit Meal to Turkey Meal to Alaska Pollock Meal, these limited-ingredient recipes are packed with pumpkin to help any tummy troubles your pup may have, making them perfect solutions for dogs with allergies or food sensitivities. 

The carefully selected, vine-ripened pumpkins from California’s lush Central Valley are a great addition to these defined recipes and make them a pumpkin-spice-worthy food for your dog year-round. 

A bag of EarthBars sits on a group of pumpkins

Wet Dog Food with Pumpkin

If you’re looking to add a little variety to your pup’s meals, wet dog food is a great way to switch things up. Our moist tub dinners are a nutritious option on their own, or work well as toppers or mixers with your dog’s kibble. Pumpkin has made its way onto the ingredient list of all five of our moist tub dinners, so no matter which dinner you choose your pup will be ready for fall meals.

Wet Cat Food with Pumpkin

We can’t leave the kitties out, so rest assured that they have plenty of options to get their pumpkin fix as well.  If you’re looking for a cat food with pumpkin, our RanchHouse Stew and Chicken Fricatssee recipes both have pumpkin on the ingredients list. For moist pouches, have your cat try out our Autumn Tide pouch, a tuna and pumpkin dinner fit for every day of the new season.

A hand holds a tub of Earthborn Holistic Toby's Turkey Dinner wet dog food

A Year-Round Favorite

While pumpkin spice may be seasonal, our Earthborn Holistic pumpkin recipes are here to please your pet all year long. From taming troubled tummies to handling hairballs, pumpkin is an ingredient that has many benefits for your furry friend and we’re proud to offer a variety to cater to every paw.

Have further questions about any of our pumpkin recipes? Send us a message!