Valentine’s Day Ideas for Pets

Valentine’s Day is almost here and while we’re all about showing some love to your fellow humans, your pet’s deserve some extra love on Valentine’s Day too! We’ve rounded up six fun ways to show your pet some love this Valentine’s Day weekend that will leave you two feeling closer than ever.

Spa Day

Make sure your pet is feeling great by treating them to a spa day! A trip to the groomer can knock out a bath, brushing, and nail trim all in one trip and is sure to make your pet feel better and ready for the rest of your Valentine’s Day festivities (make sure to ask for the cute bandana before you leave!).

New Toy Time

Christmas was almost two whole months ago, so clearly it’s time for some new toys. Break out the leash and take a trip to your local pet store this weekend to let your pet pick out their new favorite toy to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Let them wander the aisles until they find the perfect one and then head home to let the play time begin.

Favorite Activities

You don’t have to go super far out of your way to show your pet some love. If your dog loves going on walks, plan on spending some extra time walking around the neighborhood this weekend. If your cat loves napping in your lap while you watch tv, make sure to carve in some extra time to do some binging on the couch with your kitty. Some extra time doing your pet’s favorite activities will go a long way and show them how much you care.

Make a Barkcuterie Board

Who says your pet’s Valentine’s Day meals have to be like every other day? Instead, get creative and use different types of food and treats to make a festive snack board for your furry friend. We love this version using cookie cutters and all sorts of yummy Earthborn Holistic goodies!

Pro tip: If you’re using wet dog food, don’t be afraid to freeze it to get an easy-to-eat result!

Three heart shaped bowls lay between dogs paws with treats in them.

Tasty Treats

While you’re picking up those fun, new toys don’t forget some new treats! Our variety of soft and baked dog treats are the perfect gift for every pup and our wet cat food recipes make for some tasty frozen treats as well. Your pet will love the extra goodies and you’ll feel good about feeding them treats that are healthy and delicious.

Make a Pet Playlist

If you like listening to music, create a pet playlist that your pet will enjoy too! Spotify unveiled Spotify for Pets last year and it’s a great way to combine your and your pet’s music tastes. It uses your Spotify listening history and a quick quiz about your pet to create a custom pet playlist for both of you to enjoy. I made Banjo’s playlist when I started working from home last year and it was fun to think she enjoyed the music as well!

Make a Donation

Not all pets have an owner to pamper them this Valentine’s Day. If you’re feeling generous, consider making a donation to your local shelter or another organization you care about that helps pets who don’t have a family to love on them all the time. You can even make the donation in your pet’s name if you’d like!

We hope you have a great Valentine’s Day with your furry friends! If you take your pup out on any adventures, tag us (@earthbornholistic) in your Instagram stories and we might share yours!