Wet Dog Food for Summer

Two cans of Earthborn Holistic K95 dog food stacked next to an ice cream cone for dogs made with wet dog food

A Tasty Treat

How to make DIY ice cream cones for dogs:

  1. Start by emptying your can of K95 (or cans, depending on how much ice cream you want) into a mixing bowl. Slowly start to add the kefir to the wet food. The kefir is used to achieve the soft ice cream consistency.
  2. Once you mix in the kefir and have the consistency you want, add in your blueberries.
  3. Scoop the wet food mix into the ice cream scoop mold. If you’re wanting to have a stacked cone…

Shop Wet Dog Food

Our tasty wet dog food recipes are perfect for summer! Use them as a mixer or topper to spice up your dog’s kibble, feed them as a whole meal, or freeze them in a fun mold for a special treat your dog is sure to love.

A dog eats out of an ice cream shaped slow feeder with two cans of K95 canned dog food sitting next to it

How Much Wet Food Should I Feed My Dog?

If you’re someone who thinks plain kibble might be boring for your pet, you’re not alone. While kibble is a nutritional option for your cat or dog, it’s easy to wonder if your pet would like to switch it up a little sometimes.

Luckily, there’s an easy solution to ending food boredom: wet dog food! With multiple ways to use wet food, it’s easy to give your pet’s meals an occasional kick and keep them coming back for more. But how much wet food should you feed your dog? Well, it depends.

Looking for other fun ways to feed your dog wet food? Feeding your dog wet food as a whole meal is all fine and good, but there are many other ways to make mealtime more exciting for your pup!

In Slow Feeders

Putting your dog’s food in a fun slow feeder bowl can help slow down their dinner time while also giving them a fun challenge. This slow feeder shaped like an ice cream cone is perfect for summer and is great for wet dog food.

In Enrichment Toys

Whether it’s meal time or in the middle of the afternoon, enrichment toys can be used stimulate your dog’s brain. Put some wet food in a toy and give it to your dog as is, or freeze the food in the toy for a fun summer treat.

In Frozen Molds

If you’re looking for a cool-down treat, freezing your dog’s wet food into fun molds and shapes makes for a great addition to your dog’s kibble bowl or just a fun snack to help your dog beat the summer heat. Just plop some food into a mold, freeze, and enjoy!

More Wet Dog Food Options

On the go this summer? Our moist tub dinners make for the perfect travel companions! With resealable lids and perfect portions for your days of adventure, these wet food recipes are a summer staple for your dog.

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