New Puppy Checklist

Have you recently gotten a puppy? Such an exciting, new adventure you have ahead! Here are some tips and tricks that I have learned along the way with my new puppy, Millie, a goldendoodle retriever. I hope my experience can help you!

Puppy Proofing

The first step before you get your new puppy is to puppy proof your home. This is very important as you don’t want your puppy getting into anything that could cause them harm or ruin your favorite rug. I picked a spot in my house that would be Millie’s own little corner. This area happens to be in my kitchen and it worked perfectly. I found a little three-tier cube organizer where I could place all of her supplies and essentials. Looking around my house, I made sure that I had any little items picked up off the floor as puppies love to stick everything in their mouth.

A variety of puppy supplies

What Do I Need for a New Puppy?

A new puppy requires a lot of up-front cost for supplies, but it’s definitely worth it. Depending on your preference and lifestyle, you may want to kennel train your new puppy. It teaches them that this area is safe and like their own little room. It also helps with potty training (we’ll get into that a little later). Other basic essentials would be bowls for puppy food and water, leash, collar, puppy-style toys, grooming brush, dog shampoo, washable kennel pad, and treats. Some toys that I found helpful were teething chews and the puppy Kong.

If you want a custom made collar tag, I designed my own on My husband is a huge Star Wars fan so we named our puppy after the Millenium Falcon, or Millie for short. Using this website was a great way to get something unique for our new puppy while also being an essential that she needed!

A closeup of a custom dog collar tag


My first challenge when I got Millie was to begin potty training her. I researched various methods of potty training, talked to a lot of friends and family who had potty trained their puppies before, and watched some YouTube videos (YouTube is your friend when training a new puppy!). I decided that the best method for our lifestyle would be to bell train her. This consisted of placing potty bells on the door that I always took her out, guiding her paw to the bell, hitting it, and saying the command “potty”. Immediately I would take her outside, repeat “potty” again, and she would go. I would reward her with EarthBites treats and we would repeat the process every 30 minutes. New puppy training is all about repetition–dogs are super smart creatures, but just need a little guidance!

As far as other basic training commands, I taught Millie to sit, come, down, and shake. Most of these I would YouTube and follow along while training her. It took about two weeks per command for her to get it down pat, but nonetheless she got them! Again, repetition and persistence is key. Try only taking a few moments at a time to work on training your puppy with commands or they eventually get “bored” and you lose their attention. Patience is key!

We didn’t personally have a dog before Millie, but Marta has plenty of tips to share on how to introduce a new puppy to your dog!

A closeup of bells used for potty training puppies

Having a new puppy can be stressful, challenging, and overwhelming, but that only lasts for a little while. These supplies, tricks, and training methods may not be exactly what work for you, but it’s a good starting point for those needing some advice. If you can push through those tough times, it is definitely rewarding. Millie has been the best decision we’ve ever made and fills our family with such joy. 

If you are interested in trying any of the Earthborn Holistic products that I mentioned, please send us a message! We’d love to help with your new puppy’s food and treat needs!